New Jersey Aging Expert, Dr. Johanan Rand, Educates on Healthy Aging Practices

When I say, “hot flashes” what comes to mind? Well first, that this must be a woman and next, menopause. Those two things, woman and menopause seem to be inseparable. And that is not an assumption but a reality because women are the ones who face this problem and rather abruptly when it begins.

Women go through this when they hit pre-menopause and then go into overdrive when they hit menopause. Most women going through menopause will wake in night sweat others with racing heart rate and still others with leg cramps. There are many other symptoms which can occur as well depending on the individual and hormonal shift which is occurring. It is this time that most women develop diseases that they did not have before. This is referred to as the aging process of the body. With the shift of hormones, the body starts to attract many problems like heart disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer and similar disease. To counteract this aging process Dr. Johanan Rand uses bioidentical hormones to help the woman’s body transition healthier as she ages.

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that the body recognizes and there no side effects to these hormones. Unlike traditional hormone therapy which uses synthetically derived hormones like Premarin and Provera that have many side effects bioidentical drugs like Estradiol and natural progesterone have no side effects. These bioidentical drugs are an effective way to counter effects of menopause and aging.

Dr. Johanan Rand looks at the overall health of the individual and customizes a plan for that patient. He looks at hormonal health and prescribes that bioidentical hormones that patient would need to counter aging and the effects of menopause. He also looks at the whole patient and customizes a lifestyle plan so to minimize the effects of aging.

Dr. Johanan Rand is a role model for his patients since he practices what he preaches. He also takes the same regimen for his life as well. He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers in the New Jersey area.

Dr. Johanan Rand is also familiar with Andropause which occurs in men. It is the process of hormonal change in men with the drop of testosterone and increase of estrogen. Dr. Johanan Rand has the knowledge and expertise to devise an appropriate plan for the patient.



Chris Linkas Encourages the Young Generation to Invest

Chris Linkas has served as European Head of Credit since April 2003. He also served in London as the head of 20 persons European Credit group which is popularly known for principal investments in UK-Euro regions which includes Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and France among others countries. He also managed the commercial real estate area as the head of Credit and real estate Fund businesses, an organization that focuses on opportunistic debt and real estate investments specifically in North America.

Chris has a passion for the business world and encourages the young generation to invest in the business in their twenties. Chris says that many youths put off their investing plans until they are financially stable which he terms as a wrong idea. He shares some reasons why a young person should thrive and blossom in investments and entrepreneurship. Chris Linkas states that despite money being tight, the youths have a lot of time which is an advantage, and talks of compounding which is merely the ability to grow investment by reinvesting the earnings ( Compounding helps an investor to gain wealth over a period and only requires time and reinvestments.

Risk management is also a key factor while investing. Linkas expresses that age is a factor that influences the amount of risk one can withstand. Young people can afford to take more risky investments since they have more earnings ahead of them other than aged people. He also encourages young people that experience is the best teacher and hence they should learn by doing. Young investors are flexible and have time to learn from their successes and failures since investing has a lengthy learning curve.

The younger generation can study, research and apply more technology and online investing tips. They can learn from various online trading and investments platforms which provide fundamental and technical analysis. Finally, Linkas touches on human capital which can be referred to as the present value of future wages. Investing in oneself by learning advanced skills is a crucial and valuable investment which has strong returns and also is a way of saving for retirement.


Vijay Eswaran Teaches About Attaining Prosperity Through The Right Mindset

Vijay Eswaran’s greatest achievement wasn’t building the QI Group into a business juggernaut. His most impactful action is helping the masses to learn how to develop the mindset that leads them to accomplishments and prosperity. That is a very important part of his personal and business philosophy. It is also what enabled the QI Group’s independent sales representatives to be able to sell their products to millions of people even while Asia was going through an economic crisis. As part of their training and through his motivational speeches Eswaran taught them how to develop a mindset that leads to success.

In his articles, books and speeches Vijay Eswaran shared those same empowering messages with the masses. Through articles like The Stages Of Change, Two Minutes From The Abyss and 3 Ways Fear Drives Success, he teaches people how to use fear as a catalyst for positive change. He also offers people the tools they can use to create a productive mindset and make the necessary changes to improve their quality of life in his books 18 Stepping Stones, The Wings of Thought, In the Sphere of Silence, In The Thinking Zone and others. This is part of his enduring gift to people worldwide.

In going from a working-class background to becoming one of Asia’s richest people, Vijay Eswaran demonstrated just how effective having the right focus and frame of mind can be. When he co-founded the QI Group in 1998, he didn’t let Asia’s challenging economic condition stop him to pursuing and attaining his goal. Instead, he used his powerful, effective personal philosophy to attain success. That helped to give him the credibility and the platform to take his message to a receptive broader audience.

Building a network marketing company that generates hundreds of millions of dollars a year and employs over a million people is impressive. But sharing a philosophy that anyone in the world can use to improve their life is even more significant. Giving tens of millions to charity like Vijay Eswaran has done is commendable. However, teaching and demonstrating the power of positive thinking is greater.

Achieving your Financial Goals with Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is an American entrepreneur who is well known for his involvement with Wealth Solutions. This is a firm that specializes in advising people about how they should invest. Richard Blair is of the opinion that people should develop a comprehensive plan if they are to achieve their financial goals. This is the sole reason why Richard Blair has dedicated his life to helping people in his hometown to develop retirement plans. For starters, Richard Dwayne Blair is from Austin, Texas where he has built a reputation as the best wealth management specialist. He believes that everyone should have a financial roadmap if they are to succeed. In the 22 years that he has been in the wealth management business, he has managed to establish a Three Pillar Approach that is very effective in helping people achieve what they need. He says that he can only understand a client by looking into his retirement needs and current financial situation.

In the three Pillar Approach, the first pillar revolves around understanding and developing the financial roadmap of a client. This is the point where he looks into the opportunities for growth of the client’s plan, its risk tolerance as well as the strengths and the weakness of the plan that has been put in place by the client. He calls this the financial planning phase and this is the only way that he can be able to establish a long-lasting relationship with a client. Richard Dwayne Blair says that the only way that he can understand a client is listening to their concerns and goals at a personal level.

Richard Dwayne Blair says that the second pillar will revolve around coming up with a long-term investment strategy that should also be effective. This is the point where he emphasizes on liquidity needs of the clients and helps them develop a clear and a unique goal. The last pillar by Richard Dwayne Blair is coming up with the insurance needs of the client. He says that in this life, one must be prepared for the future as it can be very unpredictable.

The RealReal is the Real Deal

Retail is not dead, but it is suffering from an identity crisis. Brick and mortar stores and online retailers are looking for ways to balance consumer demands for both easy mobile buying options and value-added tactile shopping experiences. The RealReal, a premier online luxury consignor, is now taking it to the streets and showing everyone it can be done.

In 2011, Julie Wainright, entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer, honed in on a clear message from retail consumers. Once bargain-obsessed shoppers were fed up with cheap goods and fake merchandise and were embracing the idea that purchasing high quality items with more intrinsic worth could be more cost effective. Wainright saw her niche and knew she could open the luxury goods market to consumers hungry for value. The RealReal was born.

By eliminating sticker shock, The RealReal lures in customers by offering gently preowned designer fashions, jewelry, and home goods at prices much lower than full retail. Brand-familiar buyers can purchase a high-end handbag or diamond tennis bracelet on its website with complete confidence, knowing that each item is expertly authenticated. The same customers can then tap the resale value of the unused luxury items in their closet by consigning with The RealReal.

Looking to build on the success of the company’s on-line only platform, CEO Wainright wanted to entice the more hesitant buyer to the brand and knew only a complete luxury experience would be enough. The RealReal trialed its first pop-up shop in New York in 2016 and reportedly cashed in on over two million dollars in sales. It was a hit!

The RealReal cut the ribbon on its new, well-appointed SoHo store in November of 2017 and will take advantage of the burgeoning pop-up store concept to generate brand awareness in new markets across the US. Allison Sommer, the company’s marketing director believes 2018 will bring The RealReal a chance to impress consumers with the value it offers.

With seven million international members, The RealReal is proving to be the real deal.

OSI Industries Provides Unique Job Opportunity For Thousands Of Residents

An OSI diet has feed millions of families around the world. Thousands of customers have been a part of their diet by eating from their local eatery, grocer, or retail food chain.You have the opportunity to eat from a each diet that adheres to the tough guidelines set forth government and have avoided sanctions or fees for noncompliance. OSHA has said there has been a safe work environment with a low .11% percentage of work related injuries. They also offer full disclosure for their food products by visiting their online website.

OSI Leadership David McDonald Makes Business Headlines

David McDonald has made headlines behind making an effort to employee thousands of people in impoverished communities. Trust the benefits of knowing you have the opportunity to support your family. McDonald was able to add over 2,000+ jobs nationwide along with many overseas opportunities. He has long since initiated the effort among his team of executives for economic empowerment. He is also the 2017 honorees of the prestigious Global Visionary Awards. McDonald says, these are the best moments of what he does; when people are able to find sustainability in feeding their family. His stockholders at OSI are on board with his efforts.

OSI Industries Food Group

Based in Aurora, Illinois, OSI is simply known for their great food products worldwide. They process hot dogs, meat patties, pie fillings, sandwich fillings, desserts, organic vegetables, and frozen poultry. Among their EU food partner, they’re responsible for also processing restaurant condiments. OSI operates from 55 facilities worldwide in 16 countries. The Flagship Europe was worth an estimated $7,million dollars and has been as successful as their United States and Asia partnerships. OSI celebrated 20 years in China. Their food services is bow of their most requested services at OSI.

You should never have to question what’s in your diet or where it comes from with OSI. They continue to be the leaders in the food service industry for generations. Learn more about their career opportunities, food content, executives, and more. Join the popular OSI Industries food group and feed off the pioneers in the food network.

If you’re interested in a unique job opportunity, you’re invited to join their website. You can work in the states or overseas with plenty of room for advancement.visit the OSI Industries group to become a part of their proud service food group today.

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Malcolm CasSelle Says That the World of Gaming will ignite the Cryptocurrency Market

OPSkins is the top merchant of the bitcoin cryptocurrency in the world. It is also the number one company in selling in-game virtual assets in the world. Malcolm CasSelle serves as the company’s CIO. The company is in its prime when it comes to its worldwide following of users who make international micro-payments on a regular basis. It is also the epitome for a decentralized protocol business because it serves as a global leader in centralized marketplaces for virtual assets. However, there are limitations to the capabilities of any corporation when it comes to centralized technology.

This automatically makes the virtual assets decentralized marketplace the next step moving forward. The founders of OPSkins have launched a new blockchain technology platform for the trading of virtual assets popularly known as WAX or the Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX is built on a P2P marketplace for virtual assets trading built on blockchain technology foundation and smart contracts that are decentralized. Such a platform enables sellers and buyers to trade virtual assets efficiently with one another. WAX presents a solution to the two most significant problems in the virtual assets markets which include fraud and fragmentation.

WAX solves these issues using simple blockchain technology that has been enabled by a widget and allows the immediate purchase and sale of virtual goods. Currently, the virtual trading market is confronted by some problems. There is a hodgepodge of both regional and local marketplaces that are stuck from the onset as a result of security concerns, language, and payment processing. These issues present a limitation to their regions or countries. WAX is offering the blockchain technology which is currently the only solution that can solve the fragmented market problem. WAX Token is using blockchain application to eSports by the creation of a frictionless market. Such an exchange enables sellers and buyers to tokenize and efficiently sell their virtual assets.

WAX also ensures that the sale and purchase of these tokenized assets take place on a platform that is fraud-proof and powered by blockchain technology. The WAX platform allows its users to have their gaming assets tokenized.

7 Colour-Inspired Wainscoting Ideas for Your Home

There are many types of wainscoting styles available for you to choose from these days; from classic flat and raised panels to a modern contemporary design. Before you go rushing out to choose your ideal wainscoting design, let’s take a look at some wonderful coloured wainscoting ideas that will get your creative juices running wild:

Relaxing Grey Wainscoting

Add a touch of raised panel wainscoting to your bedroom for that slight rustic feel. Grey shades can seem sombre at times, but with the right touch of accessories and furnishings, you’ll be well on your way to a cool and comfortable space. To enhance the size of a smaller room, choose a lighter grey tone instead of a darker one.

Classic Brown Wainscoting

You can never really have too much wood. For an elegant and polished finish, select natural wooden panels in a preferred shade of brown. Not only will it match the rest of your wooden furniture and flooring, it’ll also provide your home with a boost of warmth. For extra display space, just increase the cap moulding at the top of your panels about 2 to 3 inches out.


Relaxing Green Wainscoting

It’s true that looking at something green helps to relax the eyes. Having green coloured elements in your home will definitely provide a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. When it comes to wainscoting, anything goes as long as it’s something you’ll enjoy. From furnitures to walls and even ceilings, you can always mix and match different types of wainscoting styles for best effect.

Dazzling White Wainscoting

The colour white has always been associated with pureness and brightness. Incorporating white flat panel wainscoting into a space will greatly enhance its size. Not only does it present an elegant and classic touch, it’s even more enhanced with white marble finishings and metallic accented lights and accessories.

Solid Blue Wainscoting

Who says bold colours should be used in moderation? In the case of this Prussian blue square-panel wainscoting, the effect is one of a cozy and compact space. Not only does this colour provide a soothing atmosphere, it’s also a great colour that can suit both warm and cold colour accents.


Elegant Black and White Wainscoting

This classic domino combination has been used time and time ago and never fails to impress. With the right touches, it can totally transform a space to an industrial concept or a modern one. Large granite tiles convey the depth of your space whereas white brick wainscoting proves to be a perfect backdrop of rough, natural texture and a natural canvas for gold accessories and lightings.

Dreamy Cream Wainscoting

Pastel and cream colours are a popular choice in the bedroom. Its muted, yet bright properties go a long way in ensuring that this space is relaxing to the mind and body. Classic flat panel and raised panel wainscoting is ideal for a more traditional feel. With the right placement of lights and windows, you’ll end up with a bright and airy space that just screams for attention.

Beach Turquoise Wainscoting

The colour turquoise has long been associated with a coastal or beach concept. Not only does it present a refreshing feel that invokes images of relaxing times, it works great with both cool and warm tones. If your kitchen furnishings is white, consider applying glossy turquoise tiles to serve as a backdrop. It’ll provide a magnificent contrast that’s sure to capture the eyes. 


Wine Red and Dark Brown Wainscoting

There’s nothing cosier than snuggling down into a plush and dark room. Wine red walls provide an elegant contrast to dark wood wainscoting panels. With the addition of warm lights and leather furniture, you’ll transform any space into an inviting addition.

Bright Yellow Wainscoting

Yellow is probably one of the happiest colours around and it’s suitable for any room in your home. This bathroom perfectly matches yellow beadboard wainscoting with yellow and green patterned wallpaper and the overall feel is both quirky and soothing. You can always decide how much yellow you’ll prefer if you think this is a little over the top.Go wild with every colour imaginable or select a few desired colours from your personal preference. Whichever the case, the application of wainscoting is definitely not limited and can suit any room shape and size you can think of.

Daniel Taub talks about peace in the Middle East

Daniel Taub, the former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, believes that there cannot be peace in the Middle East region as long as the countries that are pushing for peace treaty realizes the right approach to peace in the region cannot be through force. Daniel Taub was the ambassador between 2011 and 2015. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

In his four years of work in London, he witnessed the things that Britain was trying to implement as a way of showing the Middle East country that it should promote peace. According to Daniel Taub, the use of pressure which Britain was trying to use would never work.

Daniel Taub witnessed various organization and groups in Britain tried to push the country through bans and boycotts on its goods and services. What they did not realize is that instead of making a step forward they were just strengthening the resolve of the Jewish community to reject the pressure that was applied.

When the MP for Bradford declared that the region would not accept anything that was related to Israeli, he received a lot of condemnation from the Jewish community especially those in Israel. The condemnation was so huge that Daniel Taub decided to travel into the area in a show of solidarity with the Jewish community.

Daniel Taub says that Israel has never opposed peace agreements. In fact, it has a peace agreement with Egypt. The United States facilitated the peace agreement. The United States did not apply pressure in trying to solve the conflicts. It looked at the interest of Israel and facilitated them achieve what they wanted without the involvement of conflicts.

The United States promised to supply Israel with oil as well as assist it in security matters. In another, case the UN was forced to deploy peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon to prevent terrorists from accessing Israel before Israel agreed to leave the region.

In the Gaza case, it took the assurance from the United Nations that the Hamas group would not be given the opportunity to buy arms via the Sanai for them to agree to withdraw from the area.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub served Israel for a four-year term as the ambassador to the UK. His main achievement was to facilitate trade between the two countries. More Jewish goods were selling in the European market than ever before.

Daniel Taub helped Israel establish a strong and unique relationship with the UK.

Sahm Adrangi

Hedgefund investor Sahm Adrangi makes big bets on big pharma, or more specifically against it. The Kerrisdale Capital Management Chief Investment Officer is known for taking on companies who promote medicine that he predicts are destined to fail.

In mid-2017 he had success with the failure of two medications that he deemed worthless as final stage trials were coming up and now he has even more companies in his sights. These two drugs were Bavarian Nordic’s much-hyped prostate cancer drug known as Prostvac and Sage Therapeutics’ super-refractory status epilepticus drug, brexanolone. Read more at about Sahm Adrangi.

Sahm Adrangi had predicted that as the drugs reached final trials it would be clear that they were no more effective than placebo despite the hype that the companies were putting behind them. Sahm Adrangi predicted the failure of Prostvac in 2015 as he saw decades of cancer vaccines failing throughout the years. Sage’s SRSE drug brexanolone came under question by Adrangi due to the small testing pool in initial trials that showed lackluster results. During the Phase III trial, it was shown that the drug was no more effective than a sugar pill. When the results came to light, both of these companies’ stocks plummeted immediately. Follow Sahm Adrangi on

Investor Sahm Adrangi attended Yale University from 1999 to 2003 where he earned his bachelors degree in Economics. In April 2004, Adrangi was given the position of analyst at Deutsche Bank until October 2005. At the end of 2005 be attained another analyst position at Chanin Capital Partners as part of their bankruptcy restructuring group. His later position at Longacre Fund Management involved Adrangi managing a distressed debt fund valued at around $2 billion until he founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. Founded in April 2009, Kerrisdale was launched with only around $1 million and as of July 2017 handled $150 million.


Besides the work Sahm Adrangi does with pharmaceutical companies, he also focuses on mining, telecommunications, and Chinese companies he calls out as engaging in fraudulent practices.