What you should know about Rocketship Education

Metro Nashville is a public school based in Nashville. There have been attacks on the school in the form of accusations. The parents whose children go to the school came together to stop the accusation. They think that the other parents have no right whatsoever to point hands at them because they all had options and a time to choose whether they should take their children to public or private schools. They went ahead and drafted a letter and signed it. They urge them to concentrate on more productive work. Rocketship Education is a non-profitable company that aims at providing the general public with charter schools. They are set to giving quality education to the citizens at a low price.

To give such offers is not a joking matter because there are certified teachers who will want some cash at the end of the month. Some philanthropists fund the foundation. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings gave 10 million dollars, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have given this idea a look. They donated engineers to local charter school development. With such workforce, they are set to make Nashville a land of opportunities.

At Rocketship Academy, the leaders, teachers and support staff are dedicated to sharing gratitude. It is the main thing taught in all their schools. Each of the schools has five core values, and four of them are respect, responsibility, empathy, and persistence. They know that every language in the world has a way of saying thank you, and it is the right thing to do. At the schools, they teach the normal curriculum but take breaks once in a while to install the virtues in every student. The management of the schools make the parents of the students participate in the hiring of their teachers; it is something just a few schools practice in the globe. They think that this way the parents will help they get the best teachers in the field and they will get to know each other well. The parents take the exercise seriously by examining each teacher closely before they are hired.

Dentist By Day, A Wine And Fashion Guru By Night – Dr. Akhil Reddy

A wine connoisseur
Outside of his day-job, a successful dentist Akhil Reddy has an uncommon interest in wines. His passion has enabled him to possess some of the world’s highest-quality wine bottles. Besides the more expensive options, Dr. Reddy acknowledges that this is a high commodity not available to everyone’s financial situation. Therefore, he shares a list of five-star French wines under $30.
Château Haut Bernasse Le Clos Monbazillac
This bottle will cost $15. Dr. Reddy classifies it as a high-quality wine that could go for two times the price if it was based solely on taste. It originates from the southwest France and packs “sprightly acidity as well as the marmalade and honey flavors”
Asda Beaujolais
This deal takes it to the next level with a cost of $5! The dentist recommends this cranberry-like flavor to accompany a steak dinner.
La Parde de Haut-Bailly
Ranking higher than the previous two wines with a price of $25, this bottle is one that has seen the most improvements. Dr. Reddy compliments the taste of this wine that is one of the smoothest experiences in food and dining.

A Fashion Guru
One might assume that dentistry and wine expertise might take all of one’s time, but this doctor disagrees. When he is not helping his patients or buying affordable, high-quality wines, Dr. Reddy is coming up with ways to look fashionable under a lab coat. As his profession mandates that he always has a bland, white coat, he had to come up with ways to mix things up.
Business Casual
This look will enable one to enjoy the comfort of not having a tie. By taking advantage of stylish sweaters, sports jackets, and regular t-shirts, one can achieve a relaxed appearance while staying professional.
Turtleneck with Khakis
Moving on to less traditional looks, Dr. Reddy shares a way to showcase more than the lab coat will allow. This can be done with a classy turtleneck that accompanies one’s khakis in a smooth overall appearance. Making sure to obey the dress code at all times does not mean one will always wear the same clothes!
A Dress Shirt
According to Dr. Reddy, this look will give away an “effortless vibe”. Meaning, one will appear very casual even though they are staying professional. Ultimately, people can choose combinations that work for them as long as they are comfortable.

A Review Of Don Ressler’s Entrepreneurial Career

Don Ressler has had a remarkable success in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. He is the brain behind a series of successful startups like Intelligent Beauty, Techstyle Group and Fabletics. His entrepreneurial journey started with the incorporation of a startup, FitnessHeaven.com, which he later sold to Intermix Media in 2001. At Intermix, he teamed with a young COO, Adam Goldenberg, to create Alena Media, an e-commerce and performance advertising unit of the company. This division became Intermix’s profit center. The two shrewd entrepreneurs left Alena Media after Intermix was acquired by News Corp in 2005. Later, they established Intelligent Beauty, an online skin care and cosmetics shop, which gave rise to DERMSTORE and SENSA.

In 2010, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg launched a third subsidiary of Intelligent Beauty, JustFab, which was rebranded to Techstyle Group. Techstyle Group received $33 million funding from Matrix Partners. After being in operation for two years, they managed to woo 6 million members. In their second round of funding, the company raised $76 million. Riding on the success of the first two years, TechStyle Group embarked on an expansion strategy. Their first move was to launch a kids’ fashion brand, FabKids. Later, they acquired an ecommerce company in Europe, The Fab Shoes, which increased their membership base by 500,000 members. Don and Adam partnered with a popular actress, Kate Hudson, to establish Techstyle Group’s third subsidiary, Fabletics. Fabletics is an active wear brand that offers innovative fashion solutions to modern women looking to keep fit in a fashionable manner. Continuing with its expansionary mission, Techstyle Group, acquired ShoeDazzle in 2013 before opening their first offline store.

Fabletics is quickly dominating the active wear industry. This is a testament to Don, Adam and Kate’s unique marketing skills. The brand, which has transformed the shopping experience of a contemporary woman, has achieved tremendous success from its vibrant social media-presence and consumer-oriented approach. Despite of their current success, Fabletics did not escape the normal challenges that are faced by small companies in penetrating any market. For instance, their first order, which was $300,000 inventory, was taken back to the factory. This situation did not kill their dream of merging athletic wear and leisure fashion in superior quality. Even with additional costs and manufacturing demands, Don Ressler and his two partners still offered discounted prices on their products. This strategy attracted an influx of customers. Presently, Fabletics is seeking to expand its products to include the plus sizes. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8

Matthew Autterson Uses Falci Adaptive to Reach Out to the Less Fortunate

Matthew Autterson was once known as a financial guru. This is a few years ago when he worked at a leading firm that dealt with financial services. Prior to his services in that firm, he was a student at the Michigan University. He majored in arts as well as finance. Around 1980, Matthew graduated to join the prestigious Denver School of Tax Program.


Matthew’s career later delved into Fiserv and its affiliates. He worked for First Trust Corporation and its parent company. In 1982, he left the firm to join a leading firm in Colorado. As an affiliate of the Integrated Resources Incorporated, Matthew garnered extensive experience in offering financial services. The New-York based firm offered excellent services to clients. This earned the client’s trust at a different yet attractive level. Because of his commitment to providing excellent services, Matthew was elevated to presidency. His success contributed to his growth at the Resources Company. In 1986, he was admired for his input in the firm.


In 1986, the firm was acquired thereby changing its name to SunAmerica Incorporated. Years later, AIG purchased SunAmerica at a whooping $18 billion. After years of operation, AIG was lost the firm to Resources Trust Company, a firm that had garnered significant client base. Earning positive recognition as a charter firm, clients flocked to be part of the admired institution. The company catered for more than 200,000 clients in a year. There were increased depository services leading the firm to gain momentum by registering over 15,000 financial advisors. With an employee base of 700 people, the company was in charge of approximately $ 20 billion accounts.


Perhaps Matthew’s current move at the Falci Adaptive Biosystems has garnered him massive positivity from those who continue to admire him for his career. As a board member in the company, Matthew Autterson is concerned with giving back to the society. The philanthropic member of the company is focused on helping people in a transformative way. As a leader in business at the Colorado community, Autterson uses the institution to reach out to masses in the society. Through Falci Adaptive Biosystems, he ensures that leadership boils down to the less fortunate in the society. At the Denver Zoological Foundation, he is a board member. He also works at the Denver Zoo and Webb Waring Foundation. Matthew is a committed philanthropist. Presently, he works at the CNS Bioscience as a board member. At Falci, he controls the production of clinical-stage drugs. This is geared towards the treatment of neurological pain.

Dr. Edward Honig, Cardiologist in New York

A trip to the doctor on a regular basis is important for keeping the body healthy and monitoring any possible diseases or conditions. Many people are keen on visiting a primary care doctor, but others won’t think twice about visiting a specialist unless a problem arises. Scheduling an appointment with a cardiologist will not only take the worry of knowing whether your heart is in good working condition or not, but it will also serve as an important mode of preventative medicine to detect any underlying problems that may need to be addressed immediately.

What do Cardiologists do?

Cardiologists are specialists with a medical doctor degree (MD) who have chosen to fulfill a residency in cardiology. Their study centers on the cardiovascular system and how the heart interacts with the rest of the body. Most patients who visit a cardiologist are referred to one from their primary physician if a heart problem is suspected or the primary care doctor cannot pinpoint an underlying related condition themselves. Cardiologists may work in clinics or hospitals and monitor the status of patients as well as work with other specialists.

Services Provided

Prior to seeing a cardiologist, a review of your medical history is made to keep the doctor up to date on your condition. They will check your general signs, such as blood pressure and temperature. They will also take notation of your weight and symptoms that may have brought you to the doctor’s office. Many cardiac procedures or non-invasive and check for the rhythm and general state of your heart through different stimuli. This may include:

  • ECG to record the electrical activity of the heart
  • Echocardiogram to produce a soundwave picture of your heart
  • Stress test to review your heart’s physical limitations

Blood tests may be ordered to check for chemical signals that tell of a certain condition. Many cardiologists also perform procedures such as the installing pacemakers or cardiac catheterizations to view the inside of the heart.

Dr. Edward Honig

In providing patient satisfaction and quality care, Dr. Edward Honig has made no compromises. He has been practicing medicine for 66 years of his life, and he continues to remain a top cardiologist in Glen Cove, New York. He graduated from Duke University’s School of Medicine and received his license to practice medicine in New York in 1952. In addition to specializing in cardiology, Dr. Edward Honig also has a board certification in internal medicine to his name.

Currently stationed at the Glen Cove hospital, Dr. Honig is empathetic to patients and the struggle of living with a heart condition. Detailed descriptions of treatment plans and tests are always given, and patients are confident that careful consideration is given to their unique situations.

The initiative to see a cardiologist shouldn’t only be taken if a problem is suspected. It is important to check your heart regularly because many conditions and diseases may not produce noticeable symptoms or ailments right away. A strong provider like Dr. Honig can deliver peace of mind in knowing your care is a priority.


Find out more about  Edward Honig:


How Gregory James Aziz has Spearheaded National Steel Car into a Leading Railcar Manufacturer in North America

Gregory James Aziz is a renowned figure in the railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering industry. His reputation mainly stems from being the current president, chief executive officer, and chair of National Steel Car. This Hamilton, Ontario-based company prides itself on being among the foremost manufacturers of railroad freight cars in the world. Under Greg Aziz’s tenure, National Steel Car has lived up to its legacy of building quality railcars.



Background and Experience


Armed with his knowledge from Ridley College and an economics major from the University of Western Ontario, James Aziz ventured into his family’s business in 1971. His assistance in Affiliated Foods helped the business to grow tremendously over 16 years. In fact, the company became a leading importer of fresh food globally with distribution to the foremost wholesale fresh food markets in Eastern Canada and the US.


Gregory J Aziz successfully organized the acquisition of National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco thanks to his experience in investment banking, which he acquired in the early 1990s and late 1980s. The primary goal of acquiring National Steel Car was taking back the company to industry greatness as the top railroad freight car engineer and manufacturer in all of North America.


National Steel Car’s Progress


Through placing extra emphasis on the company’s robust engineering skills, team-building as well as significant capital and human investment, National Steel Car was able to boost its manufacturing potential. For this reason, the company moved from making 3,500 railcars in a year to 12,000 by 1999. Over the same duration, the employment rate grew considerably from 600 to 3,000.


Gregory Aziz has helped to strengthen National Steel Car’s relationships with some of its key clients such as Canpotex. Currently, the Canpotex has invested a whopping $500 million plus in manufacturing more than 7,000 potash railcars with National Steel Car. According to Greg, the order alone secures about seven months of employment for more than 400 individuals out of the company’s 2400 employees.


Other Endeavors


Apart from becoming a leader in the manufacturing of railroad cars in North America, James Aziz has helped the company maintain its honor as a certified ISO 9001:2008 company. The National Steel Car also takes part in community support initiatives. Some of the beneficiaries include the Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera among many other local charities in the Hamilton area. Furthermore, Greg Aziz and Irene, his wife, are renowned sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.



Jason Hope: The Internet of Things Is The Future of Tech

While the events that have placed companies such as Juicero and Uber in the news are certainly newsworthy there are other things happening in the world of technology that don’t get nearly as much attention as companies that have more brand awareness. One of those stories concerns the internet of things. The internet of things is a technological development that has the ability to transform the everyday lives of people around the world. It has the potential to transform the way that people do business just as social media transformed the way that industries outside of technology industry. In addition to all of this the Internet of things also has the ability to become an integral part of the global economy and could potentially create jobs and a large amount of income for the professionals and businesses that are involved in the economy surrounding the Internet of Things.

To the average person the phrase internet of things might sound a bit bizarre. After all the word internet as it has been used in most of our lexicon refers to the global network of computers and phones that are connected to one another. The internet of things is the same concept.The only difference is that instead there being just computers that are connected to the world wide web the internet of things includes devices that are also connected to this network and that have the ability to go online These devices can include a smart refrigerator, a smartwatch, a pair of smart running shoes, a pacemaker or even a car. Perhaps the most visible development in the internet of things industry is the introduction of smart speakers such as Google Home developed by Google or the Amazon Echo developed by the ecommerce giant Amazon. These smart speakers are intended to be placed inside of the home and to be used as a source of easily accessible information that will make life easier for the home’s inhabitants by providing them that information on demand and allowing them to incorporate voice commands that can control other smart devices in the home such as a smart thermostat or a smart refrigerator.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is the future. Jason Hope has written that the Internet of things is a nascent industry that has the ability to be worth billions of dollars. According to Jason Hope the internet of things is not a trend that will come and go. In article that Jason Hope wrote for Tech.co the internet of things is a development that is here to stay and it will have a big impact on the tech industry. As an entrepreneur who is interested in technology Jason Hope has often written about the possibilities that the internet of things holds for healthcare and the economy.

Jason Hope Info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Immigrant and Human Right Advisors for those Who Cannot Defend Themselves

There are growing cases of people being wrongfully convicted and they need to spend years in prison before anyone can help them out. One of the organizations that are working towards freeing these people is Arizona Justice Project. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

It was formed in 1998 and has a team of dedicated lawyers, volunteers, investigators and law professors who spend hours on such cases. It is often regarded as the last resort for wrongfully convicted people, but they ensure to check the facts before they take up any case.

The inmates from any jail who are serving their sentence can contact them for their help by completing a questionnaire provided to them. The organization then conducts their own investigation to find the facts and the issues with the conviction.

If there are any merits in the case, they inform the prisoner if the case is accepted by them. With the number of cases that they handle each year, the cases may see delays, but once the case is taken they do everything in their hands to win the case for them.

Arizona Justice Project was among the first of such organizations that were formed in the country. Today, there are about 60 such organizations allowing the wrongfully convicted prisoners a better chance to get out and clear their name.

All of these organizations have a similar goal and that is to fight injustice. These organizations show how it is easy for the government to convict people and get away with it.

Before these organizations came into existence, the prisoners had no choice but to complete the sentence if they wanted to see their families again. To avoid this to happen to more victims, the Arizona Justice Project offers its assistance to the victims of justice.

The Arizona Justice Project has received the support of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and they regularly fund the project to give a new life to wrongfully convicted people. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin that started the fund from the settlement money they received from the State for their wrongful arrest in 2007.

It was in 2007, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were running stories about the illegal activities at the county sheriff office against the immigrants in the country. They were constantly being followed and intimidated to stop them from investigating any further.

With enough proof in hand, they ran a cover story exposing those activities and were soon arrested by the Sheriff and the Selective Enforcement Unit from their homes in the middle of the night. After a public outcry against the unlawful arrest, they both were released and they filed a lawsuit against the government which they won in 2012.

After a long court battle, they finally won a settlement of 3.75 million dollars by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Read more; Jim Larkin | Angel.co and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

They wanted to make good use of the money and decided to start Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to help weak and defenseless people from getting wrong sentences for the crimes they did not commit.

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association Team At Work

The medical team put together at Capitol Anesthesiology Association is one of a kind. They are the best trained and most experienced in the field of anesthesiology. There is nobody that medical professionals would rather call on for their patients, or to assist them on the operating table. Anesthesia is not something to be left up to amateurs or average level physicians. Getting the best anesthesia means calling on the people at Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA).

To see the CAA team at work, shows what professionalism on the job should look like. The physicians are all ready to do the best work and provide competent anesthesia for all their patients. Anesthesia experts are what make the difference, no matter if it is for obstetric, pediatric, or any other type of anesthesiological need. This is because they have the skills, the training and the tools that make it possible to do the best work every time. At CAA, the physicians demand the highest quality services provided for their patients and their medical associates, nothing less will do. Nor should it ever, because CAA takes their work seriously and makes all clients a top priority.

But let us not forget the stars of CAA, that would be the CRNAs (or the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists). These are the top women and men who serve and assist the physicians every step of the way. They make sure all equipment is prepared, running, ready, and when the time is critical, they are at the patient’s side all the way. This is the CAA team at work.

James Dondero Announces Highland Capital Management’s Support Of Dallas Charity

James Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management, L.P., a budgetary firm he helped to establish in 1993 alongside business accomplice Mark Okada. The organization, which is an option resource venture firm, has been extremely effective under James Dondero administration. This achievement has driven the organization to help various beneficent causes, one of which was The Family Place situated in Dallas, Texas, a similar city that Highland Capital Management is headquartered in.

The Family Place is building another office, named after neighborhood humanitarian Ann Moody, will include 40 beds for ladies and their youngsters who are escaping abusive behavior at home. The office will likewise incorporate a zone for pets to be set the same number of ladies would prefer not to abandon them with their abusers. It will likewise incorporate guiding rooms, work preparing, and a hostile to harassing youth training program that puts on programs at range schools.

The battle to finish the building required an extra $2.8 million in financing to see the venture through. James Dondero reported his organization’s help of a test give to enable them to accomplish this objective. The allow will coordinate fifty pennies on the dollar of every gift the crusade raises, up to $1 million. This cash will go far towards helping the venture achieve culmination.

James Dondero began his expert profession in the budgetary business in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty. He progressed to the part of a Corporate Bond Analyst at American Express in 1985 and in 1989 joined Protective Life Insurance Company where he helped them manufacture another auxiliary as their Chief Investment Officer. His prosperity prompted him, Mark Okada, and Protective Life banding together on another startup which in the end wound up plainly known as Highland Capital Management. The organization is presently entirely possessed by Dondero and Okada.

All through his expert vocation, James Dondero has been dynamic magnanimously. He has concentrated on giving assets to not-for-profits that assistance kids, instruction, veterans, and great open approach. He was an understudy at the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce where, while procuring his degrees in Finance and Accounting, he earned the school’s most noteworthy respects.

For more information follow James Dondero on Twitter @JamesDondero