Samuel Strauch’s Holistic Life And Courageous Career Path

Samuel Strauch is current principal at Metrik Holdings. He is an alumnus of Hofstra University in New York with a bachelor in business. Samuel is also a former student of Harvard University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He began his career as in the banking field and later shifted to the real estate sector.

He diverged into the independent route in 2002 when he started his firm, Metrik Holdings. Metrik Holdings provides funding to projects in the real estate and hospitality industries of Panama and Florida. They keenly analyze each project’s income generating potential, execution, and their exit strategy before signing a deal with the customer in question. Specifically, Metrik has provided capital for new structures, lands, property restoration and commercial and residential structures.

When Samuel Strauch relocated to South Florida Miami, he realized an opportunity that could generate income and contribute towards the rapid changes in the real estate business in the region, which is the transformation of the town from a vacation destination to a business location with the enactment of more commercial properties. Samuel Strauch united interested investors from around the world and recruited a team of competitive real estate professionals who create and implement unique ideas effectually. Samuel Strauch does not believe in clocking in a nine to five job that one is not passionate to perform. He values authenticity and applies it to all the facets of his business. Samuel Strauch believes that the current times are perfect for creating and selling ideas, stating that there are millions of opportunities in the real estate market for retired professionals.

Apart from his real estate inclination, Samuel frequently invests in other industries, such as technology and hospitality. He is an avid user of the apps GoToMeeting, DropBox and Pivotal Tracker, explaining that they allow him to work from any location without much hustle. In his free time, Samuel Strauch enjoys arts and photography.

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Jose Borghi’s Passion Towards Advertising

It is important for most entrepreneurs to be passionate about what they are doing in order to succeed at it. This passion is very helpful when it comes to starting a business. For one thing, when people are passionate about their business, they are better able to advertise their business and market it to people. They will have an easier time coming up with a marketing plan so that people will be made aware of the company that is being marketed to them and encouraged to shop at the company or buy the services. The interesting thing is that marketing and advertising is a skill that takes time to develop and read full article.

For one person, advertising and marketing is his passion. His name is Jose Borghi. Advertising is a great passion to have because this passion gets him working overtime building brands for people. One of the best aspects of his advertising is that he has spent a lot of time building his brand. Given that he has shown a lot of skill in brand building, he has gained the trust of other companies. Therefore, they look to him to build their brand. Even established brands seek out his services so that they will experience even greater profits and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

One of the best things about advertising and marketing is that there are a ton of possibilities that people can use in order to bring about a good marketing campaign. The whole point is to get people interested in the product, service, or business that is being offered. Jose can handle any approach. While in most cases, it is important for marketers to be specific to the product they are trying to sell, Jose can take the time to get people interested in the general business. His effectiveness gives his company, Mullen Lowe a lot of business.

Dr. Scott Rocklage a True Business Professional

Dr. Scott Rocklage is an entrepreneur that believes in helping others reach higher heights. Dr. Rocklage works with 5AM Ventures. He has been affiliated with this company since 2003. Dr. Rocklage has served the company in multiple roles including as a Venture Partner and a Managing Partner. One accomplishment that Dr. Rocklage is proud of is his strategic leadership responsibilities that led to FDA approval of three U.S. New Drug Applications (Omniscan™, Teslascan® and Cubicin®).


Dr. Scott Rocklage is a brave risk taker. He feels that you do best when you control your own future through entrepreneurship not by choosing to work for major companies. He works with entrepreneurs in a variety of professions and assists them in organizing shaping their ideas into solutions that will hopefully meat unmet medical needs. He encourages new entrepreneurs to stay true to what your business knows how to do well and not stray too far from your strengths. This is critical when times are difficult. Some feel it might be easier to try something that is currently trending. He also encourages new entrepreneurs to stay focused on the long term goal that you have established.


One strength Dr. Rocklage has is his ability to spot new trends. This is a strength Dr. Rocklage has developed over the past 30 years. He feels that one current trend is the explosive growth in being able to target unique ways to treat cancer. This has resulted in the extension of peoples lives. He feels that additional improvements will be developed in the near future, which he considers exciting. 5AM Ventures is one company definitely worth following moving forward.

Working Hard As A Woman Like Susan McGalla

While there are merits to being a social justice warrior, one of the best ways to succeed is through hard work and passion. Fortunately, Susan McGalla was very passionate about the business of fashion and was willing to bring forth many different ideas to the companies that she has worked for. Given that she enjoyed her job, she has shown not only a great work ethic, but a lot of insight that has gotten her leadership positions. She has also shown a lot of skill in marketing which has brought the companies that she has worked for greater levels of success.


Given that Susan McGalla has experienced a long career of success, she is qualified to speak to women as a role model and a coach. When she speaks, her message is different from other women speakers. For one thing, she makes sure that her speech is the representation of equality. This means she avoids pandering to women about the usual issues that they are faced with. She does not dwell on the problem for too long. She instead focuses on solutions that are practical. She is also someone who recommends that women find something that they are passionate about so that they can earn the money needed to succeed.


One of the reasons that Susan McGalla is a hard working role model is that she has been raised to consider everyone she talks to as a person. She addresses them as individuals and not as their gender. This is a lot like her father when he coached her. He did not give her any special treatment because of her gender. Therefore, she has learned to work and play alongside her brothers as part of the team. One thing that her father has made clear is that she is a person. She has taken this lesson with her throughout her life.


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ClassDojo Changing The Way Teacher And Parent Conferences Are Conducted

For many decades, school systems have used a traditional way of establishing and maintaining communication between teachers and parents. The way that has been used almost exclusively is the physical face-to-face meeting between the teacher and parent. While this way of communicating between teachers and parents has many benefits, there have been many changes in the way schools operate both in the classroom and at the administrative level.


One of the biggest changes has been the use of technology. With the vast array of technology innovations that have been introduced over the past few decades, technology has become an integral part of the classroom and school administration. The use of technology has transformed the way education is introduced and delivered in classrooms. Also, the way school systems utilize technology has changed the way education is managed on the administrative level.


Although a lot of progress has been made regarding technology use in the classroom and in school systems, there are still various areas where technology has not been utilized or utilized sparingly. One of these areas concerns the communication between teachers and parents. Most school systems still depend on the traditional teacher and parent conference.


There is nothing wrong with a physical meeting between teachers and parents to discuss the progress of students in the classroom or to discuss aspects of the school system. However, the use of technology would be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teacher and parent communication.


A technology company that is helping to provide technology based solutions for teacher and parent communication is ClassDojo. The company has an app that is utilized in thousands of schools across the country that is helping teachers in the classroom along with school administrators.


The app is used by many school systems to bring classroom tasks and administrative tasks to the digital age. With the app developed by ClassDojo, teachers are able to place many classroom related tasks on the app network platform that is accessible throughout the school. One of the tasks that the app helps with is communication between teachers and parents.


ClassDojo has raised 21 million dollars regarding the app to help provide added features and functionality to the app. The app has been well received in the schools where it is currently being used.

Summary of WIT Wikipedia page

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a research and educational institute located in the South of England in New Forest National Park. The aim of Wessex is to develop knowledge transfer mechanisms to exchange information between academics and professionals in their respective fields. The institute accomplishes their goals through Research, Conferences and Publishing. Wessex was established in 1981.

The Wessex Institute of Technology collaborates with universities all over Europe to conduct their research. They organize about 25 conferences every year which gives scientists the opportunity to present papers on their research. The WIT has a publishing service at Ashurst Lodge in which they publish their conference proceedings. They also publish multiple journals every year and have a substantial elibrary.

Omar Boraie Giving Back

Giving back to your local community is one of the most important things that you can do in business. A lot of people today are excited about the work that Sam Boraie is doing. As one of the leaders of a real estate development group, Sam Boraie has done well financially in the past couple of years. However, he is starting to use some of that capital to invest back in the local community. In the future, he plans to continue to invest in a variety of areas to add value to others.

Sam Boraie

From the time that he started in real estate, Sam Boraie has always had fun with his work. There are some people who just love getting up and working on real estate projects. With all of the success that he has had in real estate development, Sam Boraie is ready to take things to the next level in commercial real estate. He has a lot of projects lined up for New Brunswick, and he is confident that these changes are going to add value to others in the future. Whatever he decides to do, he knows that he can make a positive difference in the lives of others through what he is doing.

Real Estate Trends

The real estate market in New Jersey is more competitive than ever in residential real estate. The same is not true in commercial real estate, but there are signs of growth starting to pop up in this area. If you want to learn from someone who is leading people down the right path, Sam Boraie is the person to go to. Not only does he truly care about others in his community, but he actually spends his time and money to help others there as well. Now is a great time to try and work with him on a plan for your financial future.

Next Steps

According to Patch, Sam Boraie is always willing to help people who are willing to work hard and listen to what he has to say. In the world of real estate, learning from financial mentors is a great way to avoid issues down the road.

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Cassio Audi; A Leader in Brazilian

Brazilian investors often invest in assets like real estate and securities such as shares and bonds. Two classes of investors exist in the South American country, namely, private and institutional. Insurance companies, corporations, and pension funds are some of the investing institutions. Most of the investors hire professional investment managers for financial and investment advisory services. These investment managers manage also help their clients handle their assets and securities.

Brazil has a tremendous investment potential and is considered one of the world’s fastest growing economies with rich natural resources. Its annual export of commodities such as meat, coffee and raw sugar too has risen in the recent years. Consequently, the country has wooed many foreign and domestic investors recently. This increase of foreign business persons has provided greater opportunities for Brazilian investment managers. However, it also requires investment managers with financial leadership such as Cassio Audi to protect the interest of investors and help the economy.

Cassio Audi is a holder of MBA in finance and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is known worldwide for his leadership and guidance in financial matters. Having worked with huge multinational and national firms, Cassio Audi has an extensive experience in business and finance. He stands out as a prime economic leader in Brazil because of his skills in financial planning, project management, leadership and managing equities. He is currently helping Brazil achieve its investment goals by undertaking significant investment opportunities around the world.

Apart from a wealth of experience in investment, Cassio Audi has also had a hand in music. He played the drum for the VIPER in their first demo, “KIllera Sword” in 1985. VIPER is among the pioneer bands of heavy metal in Brazil. In 1987, he played the drums when they recorded their debut, “Soldiers Of Sunrise,” which is Brazil’s most celebrated heavy metal album.

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Dick DeVos’s Gifts To Education, Political Activism, Healthcare And Urban Development Total Over $139 Million

Dick DeVos has made the lists of some of America’s richest entrepreneurs and is from the famous DeVos family that founded Amway Corporation and owns the controlling shares of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. While his business accomplishments are no small thing, it’s his philanthropy that has had many people raving over the years. Dick’s wife Betsy DeVos is the former chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party, and with her background in promoting private schools and school of choice public policy, President Donald Trump chose her as Secretary of Education. During the confirmation hearings for her cabinet position, the DeVos’s revealed that their gifts to the Grand Rapids community and national non-profits totaled over $139 million with only a part of that money going to political candidates.


Private schools and scholarship funds have been the primary target of Dick DeVos’s philanthropy, and the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation has been the supporting arm. Scholarships supported by the foundation include Education Freedom Fund and Children’s Scholarship Fund which partnered in providing grants to families. In the later years Dick and Betsy DeVos started focusing more on opening charter schools to the public, and eventually they brought on a team of educators to start their own at the Gerald Ford Airport known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. They are also trustees of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Northwood University and Calvin College.


Other beneficiaries of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation‘s $139 million are art museums and institutes, Mars Hill Bible Church, hospitals, civic committees and political think tanks. Grand Action committee has received funding from the foundation and Dick DeVos has served as Chairman. Through this committee the city of Grand Rapids has seen a lot of new commercial building projects and even sports venues constructed. Politically conservative organizations funded by Dick DeVos include Hudson Institute and Heritage Foundation, and he also supports the ArtPrize competition through The Windquest Group.


Dick DeVos has been married to Betsy DeVos for many years and has raised four children over those years. He grew up in a strong entrepreneurial background with his father Richard DeVos Sr. having founded Amway Corporation, a multilevel marketing company that has empowered individuals to start up their own businesses through reselling their products. Dick was a manager, vice president and later CEO of Amway. During that time Amway grew its reach into 50 new countries and increased sales into the billions of dollars. Dick and Betsy DeVos run The Windquest Group, a company that started out as an investor in profitable green energy solutions but has since become a holdings company in retail, restaurants and technology companies. The Windquest Group also funds the West Michigan Aviation Academy and Huron Ventures.


Talk Fusion: Always on Their Game

Many times people hear about a football player or any athlete for that matter that is always on their game. They seem to be in a certain zone and nothing is going to get them out of that zone. That happens because they have put the time in, the effort, and they have done their homework. That means that when they come out there, there is nothing left to chance and nothing is a mystery. They know exactly what they are doing and they know exactly how to get the results they are looking for out of a certain situation. They have thought over everything in their heads.

That is the way it is for Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, which he created and founded back in 2007. He has thought of every possible angle and every possible outcome. That is how a company like Talk Fusion wins the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. They have come ready to play with the big dogs and because they are ready, they will step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. That is how Bob Reina prefers to do things.

Solutions are what Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are all about as a company. When they hear that a person is having issues or having a problem, they step up to the plate and they solve it. They have video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, and all of these are used to help advance someone’s company. You see, Talk Fusion has a superior product as pointed out in the article. They are the very best in voice, data, and chat. They are not just good, they are great! Bob Reina believes if you are going to do something, it is best to do it the proper way. Talk Fusion on Linkedin.

A lot of people are known for phoning it in or taking it easy. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion do not operate that way. There is never a single moment where they are not on their game or they have their head in the right place.