Kabbalah Expands Through Kabbalah Centres and the Internet

Kabbalah is an ancient universal belief that has existed since the days before the Jewish nation was formed. The layman did not actually study; only the high priests, and they practiced studied individually or in small groups the wisdom and understanding that is called Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is not a religion, but a form of spirituality that the Internet has been able to make available for anyone who desires to learn practical principles to living a spiritual life Kabbalah University.

Instructors of Kabbalah teach the principles and the wisdom that is dedicated to finding the joy that is in every human, and the wisdom that is obtained leads the students to make better decisions.

The Internet has made these teachings available to reach students around the world who would not otherwise be able to learn about Kabbalah. The Kabbalah University is broadcast from the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre, and it offers classes, meditations, speakers and events for the LA Centre as well as internationally.

Up until the 1920s, there were no Kabbalah Centres where people could gather together to study and learn Kabbalah. The first Kabbalah Centre established in Israel in 1922, and Phillip and Karen Berg studied there for 10 years. They then came back tot heir home, the U.S., and founded the first Kabbalah Centre in New York City in 1965. Though the roots go back to a Jewish background, students do not need to know Hebrew or be Jewish to attend.

The Bergs immediately began classes and translating ancient documents into other languages, so more Kabbalah Centres could be established. Today, there are over 40 Kabbalah Centres around the globe. In the U.S., there are four in New York City, and others including Utah, Arizona, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

For 40 years, students could only study Kabbalah in Kabbalah Centres, Today, Kabbalah University is the centralized location, but every race, age, and religion gather in Centres to learn the ancient principles. Kabbalah Centres offer classes, books, videos and audio products as well as holding social gatherings and participating in volunteer work.

Avaaz: A Better World Is Just a Click Away

Billing itself as the world’s foremost online change agent, Avaaz.org has revolutionized activism since its inception in 2007. From human rights and climate change to corruption, poverty and ameliorating worldwide conflict, Avaaz has established itself as a clearinghouse of progressive reform over the past decade.

“The globe’s largest and most powerful activist network,” according to the UK’s Guardian, Avaaz (from the Persian word for “voice” or “song”) has inspired activists in at least 30 countries to unite for meaningful change. Causes Avaaz has championed include confronting Monsanto, pressuring governments worldwide on climate change, advocating on behalf of political refugees, and promoting peace in conflict zones. Avaaz supported Iran’s “Green Revolution,” by setting up proxy servers that allowed protestors to communicate and share video. The organization later supported a no-fly zone over Libya and aided the Syrian civil uprising, training activists and sending millions in aid for communications equipment and medical assistance.

Avaaz, with sites in 15 languages, was established to unite and empower idealists across the globe to make a collective difference in ways both large and small. From signing petitions and making small donations to citizen lobbying and public relations events intended to draw news coverage to important issues, Avaaz is intended to allow individuals to work together across borders and ideologies to make the world a better place. Using communication technology to draw together like-minded people, Avaaz aims to act as a megaphone, crowdsourcing advocacy for meaningful change on an international level.

Follow Avaaz on Twitter @avvaz for more information.

Norman Pattiz Proves That Podcast Are Better For Advertisements In Comparison To Traditional Channels

Norman Pattiz teamed up with Edison Research to establish why podcast advertising has the upper hand in brand advertising in comparison to traditional forums. Edison Research used five brands for five different products in automobile, gardening and lawns, finance, hospitality and grocery categories.

They conducted a pre-study on an online channel that recorded how aware people were with the mentioned products. After three months of carefully planned advertising on PodcastOne, they did a post-study to compare the results with the initial responses.

The statistics indicated that all products gained increased awareness after the ads. People with interest in the particular grocery product before the study made up for seven percent among listeners. After the ads had aired, the number rose to 60 percent. The automobile and financial brands attracted a similar effect with the number by 60 percent and 37 percent respectively.

The restaurant used in the study gained 76 percent in interested persons wishing to check in for casual dining. Lawn and gardening’s brand product garnered an increase of six percent from the initial 16 percent.

The results proved to be conclusive in establishing that podcast ads are the future of marketing. This is because Edison Research ran three similar separate studies over the course of 2016, all of which generated the same results.

They employed similar methods in research, hence ascertaining that there was no shift in how people felt about the utilized brand products. The PodcastOne chief executive Norman Pattiz emphasized the benefits of podcast ads and attributed the positive results to the multi-level marketing measure used by the podcast shows.

Edison Research’s vice president Tom Webster expressed his firm’s gratitude in working with PodcastOne. He added to say that Norman’s notion about podcast marketing is accurate and has the backing of well-proven statistics.

Edison Research is a seasoned valuation firm that has previously worked with leaders such as Google, Yahoo, Disney, Samsung, Sony, Time Warner and top media houses.

Norman Pattiz is a media figure whose career is most inclined towards podcasts. He is the former chief executive of Westwood One and founder. He has worked closely with leading media houses to provide information on unexplored matters.

In 2012, Norman started PodcastOne to focus on much-ignored aspects in society. In 2002, President Bush appointed Norman in the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the States. Norman is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame since his induction in 2009 and a recipient of the Giant Broadcasting award from Library of American Broadcasting.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz: http://dashconference.com/speakers/norman-pattiz/ and http://www.hsacouncil.org/norman-pattiz/

Mexican entrepreneur Omar Yunes wins Best Franchisee of the World

The best restaurants serve more than tasty food. They offer impeccable service by friendly, well-trained employees in an inviting atmosphere. When in Mexico, you have 13 options that guarantee these things and Omar Yunes owns them all.

Yunes won the Best Franchisee of the World award for his management and contributions to Sushi Itto. He owns 13 locations of the restaurant in Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz. His franchise locations comprise nearly 10 percent of the Sushi Itto family.

The Best in Mexico
He first competed nationally to earn the title of Best Franchisee in Mexico. The competition pits competitors across industries against one another based on business practices and innovations. His closest competition, Iván Tamer, owns franchises of Prendamex, a network of pawnshops. The national competition judges included representatives of Entrepreneur magazine, cross-sector entrepreneurs, the Mexican Association of Franchises, and Universidad Anáhuac representatives.

The Best in the World
At the international competition last December 5, in Florence, Italy, Yunes competed against the top franchisees from 34 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico and Portugal. Yunes purchased his first location of the Japanese food chain when he was 21. Since then, he built a chain of locations of the sushi shop and diversified his businesses to include Atma Real Estate, Board of Ideas and a Quizno’s franchise. Yunes earned a law degree from Autonomous Technical Institute of Mexico. He previously practiced law for Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).

The entrepreneur says the award actually represents the work of a team effort of he, his 400 employees, and the brand. Together, they positively impacted the brand’s network with knowledge, cost savings, employee motivation, earnings and improvements. The key improvements Yunes made to the Sushi Itto network were enhanced information management between franchise and franchisee, and creating control boards to track unit measurements, said Diego Elizarrarrás, BFW Mexico organizer.

Clearabee-Keeping it Neat

Clearabee has become known as the largest man and van style of rubbish clearance company in the UK. They are located in Birmingham just outside of London and they have never subcontracted any of their rubbish removal jobs. That means that you can rest assured that your rubbish will always end up at the proper waste disposal site.


Clearabee reached national coverage by the end of 2015 and they have been providing their rubbish removal services since 2013. Clearabee employs over 165 employees and has a fleet of 65 rubbish removal vehicles that serves London and all surrounding areas.


Clearabee came up with their beebag service which is a skip bag service in 2016. This service includes free next day delivery, same day collection and the option to put the skip bag in the most convenient pick up location to the customer.


Clearabee also has a Beeloyal program that they have established in 2017. The program offers a 10% account credit for all qualifying orders and the program makes rubbish removal service more convenient and affordable. The staff at Clearabee are all trained in rubbish clearance and extremely capable as well as friendly.


Clearabee offers online bookings anytime of the day or night and they are open 7 days a week. They will also provide rubbish removal services day or night as well as on the weekends. They keep it convenient and easy to use their service anytime that you may need it. Clearabee always offers 100% compliance and they will never subcontract.


The Traveling Vineyard – How To Sell More

When you become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard, you need to know about efficient ways to sell their wine. You need to know about every aspect of what it means to sell efficiently and provide their fans with quality wine.

The Traveling Vineyard loves to work hard and hire wine guides who are ready to learn. They have incredible guides and training programs with videos to help better prepare you for the job so that you are making money and building your team for more cash down the road. The Traveling Vineyard loves to care for their wine guides. Try these tricks out on having a successful wine tasting event in your own home.

– Setup the house like an event. Do not just place wine bottles everywhere and expect for people to take it seriously. Decorations and anything you could provide will all help provide that genuine feel that it is indeed a party.

– make sure that you have a good range of wine available for your guests to taste. However, be sure to keep the variety to a minimum as to avoid having too much choices where their tastebuds end up all over the place.

– It is highly recommended that you dress up and dress your home up. Keep all the doors to the rooms closed and keep one bathroom available for people to use. Try to keep the place looking clean and spotless almost like a party is about to unfold.

To utilize this wine tasting event at home and make it as successful as possible, it’s important to strive towards delivering top quality connections. Try to speak to people one on one. Be sure to look towards their eyes and build that connection. These people who be those whom you have met before. They should be people you once hung out with and provided them with the proof that you are a trustworthy person. It’s about building trust and creating that relationship with people as best as you can in a short period. Making a direct sales selling their wine is about consistency and sharpness.

Find more details about Traveling Vineyard: http://www.dsa.org/forms/CompanyFormPublicMembers/view?id=82DD4000000F3

Foresite Capital Management President and CEO, Dr. Tananbaum

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is the founder and first CEO of Foresite Capital Management who has invested in more than 20 ventures which have excelled. The companies major in the healthcare industry and some examples include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. His dedication of time and money in the industry is the main reason that they are doing well. When he was a manager at GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, he got tips and lessons that helped him manage his companies well.

He got his education from Harvard Medical School (MD) and MBA from the Harvard Business School. When he was at Yale University, he got his BS and BSEE. He is an excellent alumni giving advice to the campus boards and committees in Yale School of Engineering and Harvard University.

Jim’s company, Foresite Capital, came into being when he analyzed his skills and abilities. The experiences that he had, led to him identifying the success factors for his business. His ideas were in science and innovation so he needed a strong team that would enable it to grow. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

His typical day is spent with his employees and in meetings with clients strategizing on how to make the firm to succeed. He likes saving time too for his family so that he can have dinner with them on time. He loves working out so he ensures that he gets an hour so that he can go to the gym. You can visit Medium to know more.

Jim’s ideas come from other people who are smart, capable and persistent. He gives these people a chance to manifest and propose ideas to him. The good ideas will be able to make a great impact on the healthcare industry and the world as a whole. The main thing that excites him is the way investors in the health sector can mitigate a huge problem by getting the best solution.

Dr. Tananbaum has plans to increase his investment and grow stakes in his company. This will be made possible by his active and open mind that he believes will continue contributing to the healthcare sector. He will give quality products and more innovations for safe drugs. As a result, there will be medications that are competitive and genuine.

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/profile/jim-tananbaum/

Beneful Interesting Commercials

Ispot.Tv Becky And Einstein Commercial

Einstein, the lovely and healthy dog, is very active and playful in the commercial. On this day, he wears a pink striped tie since they are going for an interview. Moreover, he is so jumpy that Becky states that Einstein thinks he can jump high enough to catch a bird. Becky attributes the Einstein’s activeness to the energy derived from BenefulWalmart. The hyperbole reveals that Beneful is highly effective in energizing dogs.

The commercial also reveals that Beneful contains beef grains and vegetables that Einstein loves. Moreover, the product line shows that Beneful is healthy, Beneficial and flavorful.
Break-N-Bites TV Commercial.

The dog is so helpful in this Benefulcommercial, allowing the baby to sleep on his belly. The dog does this with the intention of making the child’s mother feed it with the Break-N-Bite. The above intentionally reveals that Beneful makes dogs strategic in their moves.

The product is chocolate like that even the audience craves to bite it. However, only the dog is lucky enough to taste Beneful Wet dog food. The dog, which does the talking in the commercial also states that beef is the number one ingredient of Break-N-Bites.

Anthony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd.

Mr. Anthony G. Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries was founded in 1968 and are based in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors is a geothermal drilling contractor that drills in the Middle East, far East, North and South America as well as Africa. They also provide support services to onshore and offshore oil drilling. Anthony Petrello graded with a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, a Bachelors degree from Yale University and a Masters degree from Yale University.

Tony has been employed with Nabors Exchangeco since 1991. Nabors Exchangeco is a Canada based holidng company of Nabors Industries Ltd. Mr. Petrello has held the title of President to Nabors Industries since 1991 and became the chief exectuive officer in October of 2011. Mr. Petrello has been the Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd. since June 2012. Tony was a Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd. from 2003 to June 2012. Prior to his employment with Nabors, Anthony Petrello worked for the law firm Baker & McKenzie fro 1979 to 1991. From 1986 to 1991 Tony was a Managing Partner of its New York Office. While working at Baker & McKenzie, Tony focused on general corporate law, taxation and international arbitration.In addition to his extensive professional background, Tony Petrello is a strong voice for the research and clinical programs that support the needs of children with neurological disorders. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital.

While Tony Petrello is one of the top paid bosses in America, making $68.2 million last year alone, he is not always on top of that list. In 2014 the corporate governance and compensation practices of Nabors was changed. Nabors split the roles of chief executive officer and chairman. This split then limited the executive severance payment to three times an executive’s salary and bonus. By doing this shareholders were then allowed to elect someone who had at least five percent stake in the company to its board of directors. This was implemented to return some of the shareholders money. Original article.


Why You Should Speak With a Consultant of Equities First Holdings Today

Equities First Holdings offers its borrowers with opportunities of borrowing loan amounts at some of the fairest and most practical interest rates that are available for the to take advantage of in the market. Unfortunately, many lending institutions aren’t necessarily offering loan terms at the fairest prices. By speaking with one of the consultants of Equities First Holdings, you’ll get a clear picture of what you can expect when signing a loan contract through the.

Equities First Holdings offers solutions of lending for both businesses and individuals who have a high net-worth. Businesses and high net-worth individuals can take advantage of loan terms that are available for them to take advantage of through any other lending corporation, thus, encouraging both types of entities to apply through them for their needs of borrowing any particular amounts of funds that they may be needing. It’s imperative for prospective borrowers to have an awareness of just how much of loan amounts that they’re seeking, what they’re wanting to borrow such funds for, and how they are planning to go about paying the loan amounts back.

Equities First Holdings is a lending corporation that understands that there’s a myriad of unfair lenders in the market of lending today. By speaking with one of their highly trained and knowledgeable consultants, you’ll receive a “snapshot” of what you can expect from obtaining a loan through them. They’re an organization that offers one of the best programs of lending today, thus, assuring you that you’ll be getting a great deal. High net-worth individuals are a group of people who have had difficulties of obtaining loans in a turbulent market of lending. By speaking with a consultant, a high net-worth individual can obtain a loan at a great rate, one that will enable them to reach any particular goals that they may have set. If you learn more about them : Click Here.