Honey Birdette Appreciates its United States Customers with a More Sophisticated E-Commerce Site

The United States customers of a leading Australian lingerie line can now enjoy an unbeatable experience on the firm’s e-commerce site. The site, which was launched earlier this year, came with a lot of goodies for the clients. The deliveries have been enhanced and are taking a much shorter time. People purchasing goods worth over 50 dollars enjoy a free delivery. In addition, the selection has been enlarged to include a wider product range, and the returns have been simplified. The United States customers were well deserving of such enhancements, following an increase in revenue generated online from them. Honey Birdette recorded a whopping 374 percent rise in U.S. sales over the past one year.

Continued Growth

Honey Birdette has recorded a rapid growth since opening its doors in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan. It has expanded from the first store in Brisbane, Australia, to own 55 retails shops in the country. Since last year, the brand started broadening its wings to other parts of the world. The first store outside the borders was opened in London’s Covent Garden. The company then added two stores in Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria. Earlier this year, Honey Birdette revealed the intentions to add more stores in the United Kingdom. The company projects to own 40 stores by close of next year. Ten branches are already in the pipeline in locations, such as Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Westfield. The United States is also a location that the brand is eying for retail shops expansion.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a renowned lifestyle brand headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales. The firm is a dream child of two friends who aimed at revolutionizing the lingerie sector in the country. One friend is Eloise Monaghan who works as the company’s Creative Director.

Honey Birdette has recently embraced online platforms for their marketing. Its products can be sampled on the firm’s Facebook page and in BB Retail Capital.

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Lime Crime’s New Vibrant Hair Color Line

The Lime Crime company has recently released a new line of gorgeous semi-permanent hair dyes. They have been developing their new hair color lines for over three years and previously released a line containing 13 original shades. This line was so popular that many colors sold out within the first two weeks. One feature that consumers loved about this product line was the way that it faded into pastel colors over time. The company’s new color line, Unicorn Hair, contains 8 colors that fade in a similar manner.

Consumers are raving about this company and their fantastic products. The Unicorn Hair product line is so far proving to be very popular.

The shades that are available in the Unicorn Hair product line are Bubblegum Rose, Valentine, Aesthetic, Tweet, Mint Ice, Kawaii, Cloud, and Moonchild.

Bubblegum Rose, Valentine, and Aesthetic are all “full-coverage” shades. This means that they contain vibrant and long-lasting pigments that stand out beautifully.

Bubblegum Rose is a vibrant shade of pink, Valentine is a bright crimson, and Aesthetic is a classy shade of mauve.

Tweet, Mint Ice, Kawaii, Cloud, and Moonchild are all “tint” shades. Tweet is a bright yellow tint, Mint Ice is a shade of sea foam aqua, and Moonchild gives off a shimmering purple glow. These tint colors create a pastel effect that is more subdued than the full coverage colors, but still absolutely stunning.

The loyal followers of the company and brand are already in love with the new Unicorn Hair product line. Many other companies have not yet been able to release dyes with the same high pigmentation levels seen within the Unicorn Hair product line. For this reason, the company is rapidly drawing the attention of beauty enthusiasts around the globe. Additionally, customers love the way that all of the company’s products are certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is safe to say that followers of the Lime Crime beauty company can expect great things in the coming months. You can follow Lime Crime to get exclusive updates and product information on their twitter @LimeCrime or check out their website, http://www.ilovelimecrime.com/

James Dondero: The President of Highland Capital Management

Being the president of $ 14.9bilion assets worth company, James Dondero has a lot term experience in equity market and credit. Under his management, Highland Capital Management gives many competitive solutions and products to all investors. In 1984, he began his career as an analyst. This was when joined the Morgan Guaranty for a training program. He is a graduate of University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he scored highest honors in finance and accounting. Also, he has other certificates like CMA and CFA.
The early life of James Dondero started with commitments. By 1989, he was a CEO of a company that started as a concept. Due to the efforts of James Dondero, Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary turned out to be an enterprise worth $2 billion from just $ 1 billion. He worked for the company for some time and decided to move on with his life.
The year 1993 was the turning point for James Dondero. This was the year he started his firm and named it Highland Capital Management. This organization is believed to be one of the best in credit management. The firm aims at helping Dallas and the surrounding cities in moving forward. The work of this company is motivated by its long term history of acting as an alternative manager in assets. Its primary focus is always on the health sector where assets worth $2.3 billion are managed in the form of mutual and institutional funds.
Due to his high level of education, he holds many leadership posts in several organizations and companies. For instance, he is chairman of more than three companies like CCS Medical and even Nextpoint. Apart from being the chairman, he is also a board member of two other companies like MGM Studios. Being well known by people, he is also a charitable person who supports many organizations in moving forward. One of the most featured charitable works he did was funding for the revival of hippo habitats in Dallas Zoo. His firm contributed $ 1million which was used for building Highland Capital Lodge. This is the place where you can go and see Hippos instead of going all the way to Africa.

George Soros has ‘self-made’ score of 10 according to Forbes

George Soros, an 87-year-old billionaire-investor was born in Hungary but later ditched home for America. Forbes recognized him as the ‘self-made’ man, with personal net worth of about $25.2 billion. He acquired his wealth through Hedge Fund management, a career he started after graduating from London School of Economics.While at the campus, Soros showed a lot of determination, he worked as a waiter and porter at the Railways and at the same time studying. After school, he went to New York and started his career at Wall Street, a place where he founded his first ever business of hedge fund in the year 1992 with a seed capital of $12 million.

With the help of his friend Druckenmiller, Soros made a fortune through British pound which acted as the base for his today’s prowess in investment industry through his firm Soros Fund Management. He also employed competent team lead by Dawn Fitzpatrick (as Chief Investment Officer), to manage his investments portfolios and head the company. George Soros has a United States’ citizenship and lives in Katonah in New York. In 2017, he was ranked number 29 in the Forbes Billionaires and number 19 in Forbes 400 in the year 2016.George Soros is also known for his philanthropic activities where he supports charities and non-governmental organizations. He has donated over $13 billion towards human rights groups who are fighting for reformations and better education as well as the health facilities globally.

George Soros also advances his agendas of helping people through his political supports. He supports leaders he perceives to be having real plans for the people. In America’s politics, George Soros is known for showing his support through his generous donations towards the candidates of his choice.Article published in Politico Magazine showed that George Soros used over $24 million back in the year 2004 with the aim of defeating President George W. Bush. George also supported Barack Obama in 2008 through his donations of $2 million.He also donated over $25 million to support Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful race for the White House as shown by official records of Federal Election Commission, the Politico article added.

George Soros also donated $7 million towards the support of super PAC, a group that supported Hillary Clinton called Priorities USA Action among other political groups.George Soros’ giving was seen as a catalyst for other rich people who followed suit; they include Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, and Haim Saban among other wealthy activists. George Soros also supported voters’ mobilization groups as well as candidates with policies that were in line with his beliefs. In 2015, he with other wealthy activists formed Democratic Alliance which a goal of support groups with long-term objectives regarding improving community’s welfare and climate.

What Makes Eli Gershkovitch A Master Of Craft Beer

Eli Gershkovitch is a renowned businessman who has excelled in craft brewery industry. He is the CEO of Steamworks, one of the leading craft brewery companies. Eli Gershkovitch is calm and appreciates freedom. His warming personality and desire for freedom inspired him to build his own brewing company. The firm started as a small pub that has grown into an empire over time. Eli Gershkovitch has been in the brewing industry for the last 21 years and has gathered sufficient knowledge and experience that has contributed to his success in craft brewery industry.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

Eli Gershkovitch aims at growing his business to meet the demand knowing that the demand might shrink if he does not meet the needs of his clients. His business objective has guided him in building an empire, and he is set to achieve even more through continued innovation. He believes that robust and growing companies always remain at the top of the game by consistently making improvements.


Canadian craft beer is one of the fastest growing beers and a favorite alcoholic beverage for the young generation. Despite the rising competition in Canadian brewing industry, Eli Gershkovitch has sworn to stand out in the management of the leading craft brewing company.


The success of Steamworks can be attributed to the introduction of brilliant business development strategies into the traditional methods of business operations (BeerMe). Eli Gershkovitch focuses on offering his customer quality craft beer at an affordable price compared to his competitors. He believes that providing his consumer with quality and affordable beer enhances trust, and this translates to increased profitability.


Surprisingly, Eli Gershkovitch is also a skilled lawyer (https://www.wingsjournal.com/hes-pilot-lawyer-ceo-steamworks-brewery-eli-gershkovitch). Contrary to the belief of many, his legal knowledge has not gone to waste since he uses it in settling legal issues that pertain to his business. Gershkovitch wanted to produce tangible products and make a lasting impact in the world and felt that his legal profession does not offer him such a chance. For this reason, Eli decided to venture into craft beer brewing. He is now a master of craft beer brewing and has learned that the only way to build a craft beer brewing empire is through reinvestment and expansion.


Glen Wakeman: Inspiring Start-up Enterpreneurs

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He studied at the University of Scranton where he attained a BS in Economics and Finance. He later joined the University of Chicago where he received his MBA in Finance. After his studies, Glen embarked on a career journey that has seen him become a force to reckon with in the business industry.



He began his career at GE Capital but later moved on to a financial firm. His work at this company was impressive and this earned him a position as the CEO and President of the company.

He also founded Nova Four which helps provide advice and capital access to start up companies. He is clearly a man with a keen eye when it comes to strategic investment. His work at LaunchPad Holdings is also commendable. As the CEO, Glen Wakeman leads the company in providing automated software services to entrepreneurs who are starting up in the market. This software enables the entrepreneurs to put their ideas into something workable for them. Glen Wakeman has several other duties such as CEO coaching and Board duties.


Due to his efficient work, Glen Wakeman has gone beyond borders. He’s responsible for overseeing operations in 30 regions globally. He has received recognition by GE’s Board of Directors as a role model in Growth Leadership (LinkedIn). He has not only achieved as an investor but as a writer as well. Glen is also Six Sigma Belt Certified. He has been the recipient of several awards both locally and internationally.

Glen Wakeman is a man who takes his work seriously (http://inspirery.com/glen-wakeman/). He likes keeping the society up to date when it comes to financial matters through his blog posts. He is also a mentor and is working with Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. He hopes to continue making a difference in the industry by motivating and inspiring entrepreneurs.

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo has been designed to give a whole new outlook to the way that children are learning within their classrooms. There are many different things that parents and teachers, alike, are able to get from this online app. A teacher is able to use this app to create an online classroom that helps to include the students and the parents to encourage a healthy learning experience at home and in the classroom. Teachers are able to share with the parents, using this app, things that the students are doing so that parents feel that they, too, are involved in the schooling of their child, while they still maintain their work schedule during the week. A teacher can do this by the means of taking pictures of the children working on certain projects for parents to see as well as keep in communication on a day to day basis. ClassDojo also makes the learning fun by offering the students a chance to earn what is called “Dojo Points“. This will also help to encourage a classroom that will be of a positive setting for the children to learn in. Depending on the points earned, the teacher will then have a system as to how they want to reward the students for the hard work and effort, to earn them during the day. ClassDojo is now widely known throughout the United States in Kindergarten through 8th grade and can be found as a tool in around 180 other countries. ClassDojo has also been created to fit language barriers, with the ability to be used in over 35 different languages. ClassDojo has really helped to enhance the learning experience with many children and has helped to mix education with the fun technology kids love.


Read more about ClassDOjo:


Omar Yunes Leads in Hospitality Industry

The cordiality business is described by merciless rivalry, which powers numerous organizations to close shop inside the initial couple of long stretches of their dispatch. Japanese eatery network Sushi Itto has challenged desires to end up noticeably a main brand in the neighborliness business. The eatery’s Mexican outlets are worked by Mexican business person, Omar Yunes. The business person was as of late perceived as the world’s Best Franchisee at a charming function that was held in Florence, Italy.

This honor was not shocking to the individuals who know Mr. Yunes in light of the fact that he has been immovably devoted towards guaranteeing that his business gives incredible administrations to its customers. He has made massive commitments to the neighborliness business by temperance of the brand that he speaks to. Mr. Yunes turned into the chain’s franchisee at a generally youthful age of 21 years. This speaks to 10% of the chain’s outlets. To know more about him click here.

Most extreme Commitment

While tolerating the respect, Omar communicated his pleasure and his appreciation towards his representatives since they shape the foundation of his outlets’ operations. Their dedication has empowered the administration to enhance, something that has helped his eateries to extend despite exceptional rivalry from different brands.

The service was gone to by delegates from more than 34 nations including Hungary, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, and Italy. Each franchisee was assessed in light of its unmistakable quality inside its system, and the commitments made as far as investment funds and information actualized, and how it inspires its representatives. Omar rose best because of the methodologies that he has set down, which have helped his establishment to acknowledge better administration of technically knowledgeable plans of action.

Mr. Omar in short

Omar is a powerful figure in the Mexican accommodation industry. Through his initiative, the eateries that he works have figured out how to cultivate greatness in item offerings and client mind. Notwithstanding joining with Sushi Itto at a youthful age, he has figured out how to fabricate an advantageous domain. Every one of its outlets in Mexico are hotspots, something that bears witness to the key administration that Omar gives. Other than running the eatery network, Mr. Yunes is additionally an effective land engineer with interests in New York and Polanco, Mexico.

Eric Pulier Biography

Eric Pulier is an Entrepreneur, author, speaker and the CEO of many companies. He has been able to acquire lots of wealth from his ventures.

Some of the companies Eric Pulier owns includes US interactive, Akana, Digital Evolution and many others. Mr. Pulier has also invested in capital funds. He is currently partnering with several charitable organizations and venture capital groups.

Eric Pulier, a father of four serves at the board of Painted Turtle. The organization is a camp for children with chronic diseases. He is one of the most admired CEO’s in World after graduating from Teaneck high school in 1984. He also studied Arts in English and American literature in 1988.

Eric Pulier has focused his life towards helping people grow themselves economically. He has also been on the frontline towards helping people suffering from chronic diseases. To make it better, I would say that Pulier is a jack of all trades. He writes journals since his times at Harvard. His art work has been published by several media stations and therefore making his work more accessible by millions of readers.

In 1991 when Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles, he founded people doing things, a company that specialized on innovations and in various sectors. In 1994, he launched Digital Digital Evolution. It grew and rose tremendously in the innovation sector. The above companies are just the beginning of the great things Pulier achieved. He is an icon to make it simpler. He has formed more than ten companies after his first and second one.

To conclude, I want to say that Eric Pulier has impacted very many lives positively. He is a philanthropist and has supported very many people in the health and education fields. He has also specialized in sponsoring people suffering from chronic diseases and therefore changing the lives of poor people. He has been recognized by the presidency with great awards in the fields of journalism, entrepreneurship etc. Eric Pulier will be remembered because of his expertise in all those fields without failing.

Eric Pulier Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/eric.pulier

Adam Goldenberg on Being a Unicorn Company

The wildly successful company, JustFab Inc, announced a name change to TechStyle. Co-CEO Adam Goldberg spoke to CNBC about the goal of changing the name after seeing such massive success. He has always put technology first when it comes to customers and is proud that his companies have all focused on digital marketing as a way to meet customer needs. The change of name further cements that his companies will continue to utilize data and digital media to innovate. JustFab was founded in 2008 by Goldenberg and has since grown to have 400 million members across the world.


The company has been called a “unicorn” after gaining an incredible $300 million in funding in 2014 and receiving a valuation of more than $1 billion. Goldenberg spoke at a Splash Oakland event and gave his perspective on being labeled a “unicorn” company. He humbly said that while he and his leadership staff don’t place a huge amount of value on the term or let it go to their heads, the external validation of being called a unicorn company means a lot when he sees all the people that have worked for years to bring JustFab to the position it is in now. However, he said that his focus will stay on continuing to ensure he is building great brands and providing products that make customers happy, not on external titles or praise.


Another of Goldenberg’s companies, Fabletics, which is widely known for a membership model that allows customers to receive an outfit of high quality, trendy athletic wear. The company recently announced that it was upping its distribution game by expanding its size offerings to include sizes that would fall in the plus-size category. This expansion of its line of athletic apparel is designed to allow women of all sizes to have access to fun and quality athletic wear. The goal of Fabletics is to provide a truly great product that makes women feel good about their bodies as they exercise, and the company believes that this should apply to all women. This is another example of how Goldenberg and his leadership team continue to innovate and expand and look for needs in the marketplace, even after a company has seen such massive success as Fabletics has. The company was launched just three years ago and since then has sold $250 million in merchandise and has a subscriber base that spans the globe.