Barbara Stokes: Philanthropist and Business Woman

Barbara Stokes not only works as the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered but she also manages to be an active part of the Huntsville, AL community. She has tried to always give her clients the best homes they need while also maintaining that she is the best option for them. The things Barbara Stokes has done has made it easier for people to learn more about business and more about the things they’ll need to learn how to do. Barbara Stokes has tried to always give the best attention to people who need homes. Follow Barbara Stokes on

After she graduated from Mercer, Barbara Stokes went on to get even more education and experience. She has never given up when it comes to her education and that’s part of what has allowed her to become one of the best professionals GSH has ever seen. In fact, it has given her the ability to make valuable connections with customers who would not have otherwise had those connections. Thanks to Barbara Stokes, there have been major changes in the industry that have allowed people the chance to truly experience what it’s like to have someone who is doing their best to get the homes they need.

With experience at corporations like Boeing, Barbara Stokes was the perfect fit for the job. While she had a lot of things to do to acclimate to life in Huntsville, she has integrated herself in a way that gives her the ability to be a true part of the community. Doing all of these things have helped her with the best abilities and with the things that will continue to get better as long as she is doing business with GSH. Barbara Stokes keeps in mind that she has to work hard to make sure she is continuing to be a positive part of the community.


Even though there have been some changes to the community and to the way things work for GSH, Barbara Stokes likes to keep up with them. She does not have a problem adjusting and does not get affected by the changes in the industry. Being flexible is part of what Barbara Stokes has tried to do. It has given her the ability to make sure she can do what she needs to do and bring attention to the different business types. As long as Barbara Stokes has been doing business, she knows there are things she can do. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Talos Energy and the Future of the Gulf

Zama-1 is currently considered to be one of the most interesting exploration projects of the year. It has been 81 years and finally, Mexico is about to have its first independent oil well. The Mexican authorities are considering this to be the first offshore exploration well to be launched independently and privately. Together, a group of companies, with Houston’s Talos Energy leading the way, has joined forces to make this project finally come true. It has been estimated that the projected cost of this project will be around $16 million dollars, and the estimated date of completion is 90 days. It has been noted that the operators of the well, Talos Energy, Sierra, and Premier hold some stake in the venture.

Talos Energy is a private upstream oil and gas company based in Houston, TX which employs over 150 people. Talos Energy focuses its operations on the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. In 2013, Talos Energy was named the best workplace among local small businesses and Talos has been ranked in the top workplaces by The Houston Chronicle and WorkplaceDynamics. Founder by, once Senior Vice President of Business Development and a founder of Phoenix Exploration Company LP, Tim Duncan, Talos Energy seeks to find innovative ways to change things in the current market like increasing hydrocarbon recovery with specialized drilling and completion techniques, and to help fulfill our commitment to health, safety and environmental compliance in their operations.

Talos Energy has also let it be known that they are focused on finding innovative ways of recovering valuable resources that were previously thought of being completely out of reach. Talos Energy is currently working on a project in Mexico alongside fellow companies Premier Oil Plc, Houston’s Talos Energy LLC and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas. This will be the first time in 81 years when Mexico will have its own private oil well.


Eric Lefkofsky’s Contribution to Cancer Treatment

Research carried out in the United States on prior cancer among persons newly diagnosed with cancer revealed that a significant percentage of patients who were diagnosed with the incident disease had survived a prior one. The Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) sequence numbers were used to derive the prevalence of preceding cancers. The categories of incident cancers included; first or only primary, higher primary or second order in the same cancer type and lastly, second order or higher primary in a different cancer spot.

A study of 740,990 cancer patients showed that about 11% of younger adults had survived prior cancer. The percentage was even higher in adults of over 65 years that is 25%. Another important observation is that most patients’ diagnosis revealed a different cancer type from the former site. The prevalence of preceding cancer was between 3.5% and 36.9% depending on the incident type and age. 18.4% of the 765,843 incident cancers diagnosed as from 2009 to 2013 epitomized a higher primary cancerous tumor or second order.

However, there is limited knowledge on survivor’s needs and treatments. Therefore, it is essential for medics to have a satisfactory understanding of the nature and effect of preceding cancer to enhance clinical trial accrual and generalizability.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus. The company was formed in 2016. Tempus is a technology company that invested heavily in creating the infrastructure to advance cancer treatment. The health tech aids physicians to make decisions that are data-driven, real-time and customized. Lefkofsky through his company Tempus has contributed significantly to developing better treatments and care plan for patients.

Entrepreneur Eric is also the co-founder of Echo Global Logistics, Uptake, Mediaocean, Lightbank, and InnerWorkings. He is also the co-founder and chairman of Groupon which is a global e-commerce marketplace. Lefkofsky also has a great passion for philanthropy and has contributed millions of dollars towards cancer research. In 2006 he together with his wife founded the Lefkofsky Foundation which is a charitable trust that funds other organizations.

Lefkofsky graduated with a law degree from the University of Michigan in 1993.

Desiree Perez Secures Her Place at the Top of the Entertainment Industry

The decision to expand the Roc Nation brand from its roots in the music industry to include a newly developed sports agency and almost every aspect of the entertainment industry has seen the importance of Desiree Perez to the group grow. After working with Roc Nation founder, Shawn Carter, better known as rapper Jay-Z since the establishment of his SC Enterprises, Desiree Perez has now become one of the most trusted members of his Roc Nation circle of influence; the lack of a traditional management structure at Roc Nation has allowed Perez to become knowledgeable of all areas of the entertainment industry.

The music industry is leading the way with a number of high-profile female executives making their way to the top of the industry in a positive and important way. Billboard’s recent list of the top female executives in the entertainment industry includes Desiree Perez largely because of the tough negotiating style she has developed over the years to build the Roc Nation brand in a successful way; a decade ago, Desiree Perez negotiated the partnership agreement between Roc Nation and Live Nation in a deal changing the face of the entertainment industry and putting the Jay-Z founded label on the map for mainstream music fans.

Desiree Perez is not solely known for her negotiating skills but also brings with her a positive experience for the artists she chooses to mentor for the label. One of those who has seen something of a career renaissance under the guidance of Desiree Perez is Rihanna, who has seen her career reach new heights with the aid of the experienced entertainment executive. In building new partnerships between Roc Nation and many major entertainment industry brands, Desiree Perez hopes to bring about a new way of mentoring new artists as they build their own brand in popular culture.

The Amazing Services Offered by Aloha Constructions

Aloha Construction is one of the leading construction company in America that is equipped with modern construction equipment and operates within the expected legal laws. It gets most of its clients from Wisconsin and Illinois. The company is owned and operated by a family, but due to dynamic nature of the industrial sector, the family has morph sized through a series of changes and revolutions. This has enabled the construction company to progress from single-family ownership to large industry with overwhelming achievements.

Aloha Construction Company is a source of employment to some citizens in various departments. The senior most employee being David Farbaky, a 49 years old man who currently serves as the CEO of the company. Apart from David, Aloha Construction Company has employed other people to work in areas of supervision, inspection, installation, wiring and fitting office operators. For instance, the other employers such as quantity surveyor and claim specialists are also actively propelling the development of this great organization. The team of hardworking professionals has always worked for hand in hand and have managed to complete more than 7000 local ventures

Competitive advantage of Aloha Constructions over the other firms

The company deals with both major and minor house repair. This involves repair of roofs, gutter, side windows and sidings of the house. Before a repair is done, an assessment is carried out to establish the cause of breakage and come with a permanent solution at affordable cost. During the operation, the company is aimed at maintaining a topnotch level of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and fairness to its relationships like suppliers, subcontractors and other associates like insurance, company agents as well as customers. Through this, it ensures customer satisfaction in areas such as timeliness in delivery of materials and completion of contracts as well as attention to details at all level of organization. The organizations include sales team, service team, and office staff. Aloha construction gives ten years warranty of craftsmanship on any repair done.

If you intend to have a construction work done according to your customized specification and convenience, Aloha Construction can provide you with more than satisfactory solution to you.


Susan McGalla Represents Women in Leadership

Companies embracing both gender or ethnic diversity are witnessed to outperform. The varied ideas and multiple perspectives in the business contribute to companies’ growth. However, statistics indicate that only small fraction of C-Level jobs in S&P 500 corporations has women leaders.

Most women work hard to reach executive positions within institutions. However, others like Susan McGalla are among the lucky women leaders. Her upbringing contributed to her success. Susan was taught to work for what she desired. Being the only girl in her family was not an option to get what she wanted, but had to struggle harder to attain it. These are lessons Susan embrace to date, and have helped her succeed in life in achieving several executive positions.

McGalla climbed the ranks of leadership in the American Eagle Outfitters. During her enrollment in the company, all high-level positions were held by men. Before she left the company, she was the then president. Susan established the P3 Executive Consulting where she serves as the business strategy and creative development vice president for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Some women are not lucky to have the kind of opportunities encountered by Susan McGalla. However, numerous initiatives provide platforms for women to address their professional challenges and learn new business trends. They enable women to connect with others in their industry as well as offer strategies for them to plan their business.

These women networks have been supporting and connecting women. They work to prove that women are as capable as men and can as well perform and earn a high level position in any institution. However, these initiatives have not managed to address the resistance to change in women leadership. There is need to examine and identify the real solutions to increasing women leaders.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla, an expert in consultant in marketing, branding, talent management, holds a degree in BA from Mount Union College. She started her career at Joseph Horne Company before joining American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. in 1994. Susan held several management positions in the company where she later got promoted to the chief merchandising officer and the president positions.

The American businesswoman is a board member at HFF Inc. a company that offers viable real estate services. Susan is the University of Pittsburgh former trustee. She works at the Allegheny Conference on Community Development in the capacity of a director.

ClassDojo is the app that will transform education

For successful investments, different programs have been initiated to enlight people and equip them with education on how to use technology. However, this training faces a lot of challenges the main one being lack of enough capital. The Edtech investments, is one of the organizations which offer this education. The body is targeting to make $ 1.4 billion by the end of 2018. However, this amount of money is too high, and the organization may end up failing to meet this target.

The organization’s performance in 2017 has been excellent. Nearpod is also another organization whose performance was a success. The group is said to have raised $21 million in March. These funds enabled the body to prepare three hundred digital lessons. Investors have also shown an interest in joining successful platforms such as ClassCraft. Classcraft was announced to have made an early- stage amounting to $2.8 million to scale its tool.

The Edtech group makes education to its clients simpler. They also weigh their understanding by preparing a set of continuous test. Investors who are in need of market education, are urged to be close to the teachers to get enough knowledge. Teachers have used a lot of tactics such as making fun of subjects to make the studies simpler.

Sometimes the teachers face challenges in their work of educating the students. ClassDojo has therefore decided to listen to teacher’s problems as well as students. ClassDojo not only listens but also finds a solution to those issues.

A lot of plans has been adopted and implemented to enhance the education. Schools and classroom have been modernized. Nowadays, many schools are administering studies through online services.

Another company which made education to be more efficient is the Schoology. The company implemented the one-to-one iPad program. With this kind of program, teachers could easily give instructions to their students. This has made education more efficient and increased the understanding between the teachers and students.

The Chronicles of the Former UTC CEO- Louis Chenevert

Many investors begin on a high note. However, with time, all that energy fades, and slowly they begin failing. It is a sign of lack of discipline and diligence. Many factors lead to such occurrences. The small things that investors miss out are the things that great entrepreneurs observe. There is, however, more to that. One way business persons can learn is by reading about other successful investors who were before them. Louis Chenevert is one of the most prestigious investors who is recognized globally.

Louis Chenevert grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where he was born. He schooled in HEC Montreal, which is a business school affiliated with the University of Montreal. Here, he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Production Management. Louis was ready to put this knowledge into practice. Visit to know more.

Louis landed a job in Global Motors. He worked in the company for 14 years. The firm gave him a chance to work as their Production General Manager, before he left the company. Later, he moved to Pratt & Whitney, which is an aircraft engine manufacturer. The units where Louis was working, made a significant improvement during his time. The efforts never went unnoticed; he was promoted to the President of the Company after six years in the company. The promotion just marked the beginning of his greatness. Follow Louis Chenevert on Twitter.

In 2006, Louis Chenevert was nominated as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). UTC Company is involved in researching and innovation of high technology. It deals with a wide range of technological gadgets. The company, therefore, needs to be run by an intellectual. With Chenevert as their CEO, the firm made major steps.

Louis Chenevert says that he made it through because of his highly innovative mind. He also led the company to invest in future high technology. Here, human labor was involved. Louis believed that investing in future technology, will help maintain the level of the Economy.

Despite Louis Chenevert stepping down in United Technology Corporation, the company will always owe him gratitude. The intelligent decisions he made is what has led to its high ranking. Many investors in the world, continue to apply his ways to run their businesses.


OneLogin at the Forefront in Data Security and Privacy Programs

The General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union governs several companies including the OneLogin. They aim to be the first to adopt outlines and guidelines that reinforce general security and privacy program. GDPR is still under launch by the Article 29 Working Party that is very authoritative. Below are some critical areas being worked on by the OneLogin and expected to be complete around 2018 May.

Strategies and Procedures

OneLogin is aligned to respected confidential frameworks. They have spent quality time restructuring the flow of data and constructing data map diagrams. The exercise was very enlightening, and any firm will be glad to accomplish. It was an achieving process for OneLogin.

Agreement Language

There are discrete requirements precise for contractual linguistic essential for confidential and privacy outlines. The practice is a replica of GDPR. Some agreement languages that needed clarity were the Article 28, engaging of subcontractors and the relevance of data controllers and processors, Article 34.

Confidential requirements specific to contract language is something that is part of secure and private agendas, also applicable in GDPR as well. Some of the contract verbiages that needed to be very clear are: -data violation notification language (Article 34) – use of subcontractors (Article 28) – the responsibility of data processors relevant to data controllers (Article 28). OneLogin has incorporated these amendments in their standard MSA and Data Processing Agreement. They commit to work on the best language that fits both parties.


OneLogin earlier had the Data Protection Officer (DPO) plan in place. The guidance of Article 29 issued late 2016 that tried to alter the GDPR plans. Currently, they are influencing the EU, independent external legal counsel to work as their DPO.


Any new rules should be certified. The firm plans to conduct an evaluation closer to 2018 May, to ascertain their compliance to the GDPR. As stated in Article 42, they will get GDPR certificate

About OneLogin

OneLogin an international leader in cloud-based management platforms provide speedy and secure services to businesses. It is reliable and preferred by many companies in securing their data. The firm offers data management solutions to its clients. OneLogin makes sure there is protection in use of gadgets, application, and data regardless of the accessing location.

IDLife and the Wellness World

Logan Stout lives in Frisco, Texas. That’s the main reason Hurricane Harvey had such a big impact on him. The IDLife Chief Executive Officer and Founder simply couldn’t ignore the awful effects of this massive natural disaster. He, because of that, was at the helm of a project that aimed to provide its victims with supplies that could help them get their lives moving forward again. IDLife is a company that focuses on all varieties of wellness and health items. Stout is the kind of person who gets a lot out of doing selfless things for others around him. He even assisted victims by offering ample space in warehouses.

IDLife, just like Stout himself, is located in friendly Frisco. It’s on John W. Elliott Drive and has a convenient location within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex community. Custom nutrition is the main concept behind IDLife. IDLife is short for “individually designed life.” Stout established the company with the knowledge that all human beings are totally different. They all have their own specific nutritional requirements. That means that they can all benefit from nutrition options that are 100 percent customized. IDLife’s objective is to assist people who want to get on track to wellness and happiness.

Logan Stout is IDLife’s passionate head. There are numerous other industrious professionals who work for the firm as well. Laura Brandt, first and foremost, works as the President of IDLife. Other key members of the staff at IDLife are Chief Financial Officer Joe O’Connor, Director of Field Leadership Scott Unclebach and Executive Vice President of Field Development Darryl Smith. IDLife also has the assistance of a highly respected scientific medical advisory team. This qualified board is made up of esteemed professionals such as Louis Iorio, M.D., Shawn Dillon, M.D., Yolandra Hancock, MD. and Paul Sullivan. Iorio knows a lot about orthopedic surgery matters. Dillon has significant knowledge that pertains to metabolic syndrome. Hancock understands the complex world of childhood obesity and how it negatively affects people. Sullivan, last but definitely not least, has in-depth knowledge that involves the creation of high-quality products.

IDLife focuses on a wide range of products. It creates products that are suitable for weight control and management. The company creates products that can aid individuals who wish to increase their energy levels substantially. It makes products that can help people enhance their daily skincare regimens. It even makes products that can accommodate children.

Logan Stout Social Media: