Jeffry Schneider: Traits of A Great Leader

While some people are content to be followers, others are born leaders. Able to motivate and inspire others with their communication skills as well as other abilities, they can take on the toughest of projects and make them successful. In today’s world, Jeffry Schneider is a leader, who exhibits traits all leaders possess. From communicating well with others to motivating them to do their best daily, Jeffry is a special person who is needed more than ever.

Always Be Positive

For any leader who is working with people on a difficult project or issue, having a positive attitude is a must for success. No matter the type of project, there will always be pitfalls along the way, which can be discouraging. However, leaders such as Jeffry always find positive ways to deal with tough situations, enabling them to keep others inspired through the tough times.

Be Trustworthy

First and foremost, people must trust you before they can be motivated to do their best. In these situations, leaders such as Jeffry always demonstrate unquestioned integrity and lead by example. In doing so, those around him begin to feel more and more comfortable, and quickly realize they are working with a leader who cares not only about the success of the project, but them as human beings. In doing so, he can thus motivate others to follow his lead, and be open and honest in any and all situations.

Use Your Creativity

In a difficult project, there always comes a time when creativity can mean the difference between success or failure. Because of this, leaders such as Jeffry are able to think outside the box in crucial situations, and are able to use nontraditional methods to solve the most complex of problems. By being able to do this time after time, others involved in the project gain confidence in their leader’s abilities, which results in everyone working harder to achieve success.

Making Others Stronger

By having all these special leadership traits, Jeffry has been able to make others stronger over the years. This has been especially evident in his dealings with schools and other organizations focused on children, where he has helped children realize they can become anything they want in life. From working with children who have been through the trauma of floods and hurricanes to spending his time in facilities with kids who have been abused, Jeffry uses all of his leadership abilities to teach kids the value of hope and hard work.

Helping Those Who Help Others

Over the years, Jeffry has been a person who knows what’s really important in life. As a result, he has been able to help those who help others overcome various obstacles. Whether it’s lending his time and effort to healthcare professionals who are working with sick children, working on charitable projects to raise funds for needy kids, or helping non-profit organizations plan and implement programs that will strengthen and revitalize downtrodden communities, Jeffry is always willing to do whatever it takes to see that those needing help get everything they need.

Continuing on a journey he started many years ago, Jeffry Schneider shows those around him each and every day what it takes to be an excellent leader. Whether inspiring children to reach their full potential, working with community charities, or planning yet another fundraiser, Jeffry uses his creativity, communication skills, and positive attitude to find success where others would give up. In doing so, he shows others that by having perseverance, anything is possible.

Erik Lefkofsky Advances Cancer Research

Just last year, Erik Lefkofsky started a technology company that focused on an operating system to fight against cancer. This company came to be known as Tempest. About 40 percent of adults in the U.S. end up facing a cancer diagnosis. This is an astronomical number, and it is only going up year after year. Luckily, there are companies like Tempest out there working to increase the survival rates of those who have been diagnosed.

One characteristic of Tempest is that they have changed the focus. Instead of simply attempting to apply the same treatment to everyone with this disease, they understand that cancer isn’t that simple. Their goal is not to apply the same exact treatment to every patient, but personalize it to fit the needs of the individual by gathering their molecular and clinical data.

A major hurdle that this company has faced in their research attempts has been the costs of data analysis. Gathering certain information has definitely been a struggle. The cost of their research in 2003 was about $100 million. Thankfully, technology is advancing and the costs have been reduced drastically since then. Since so much research has been done already, this should drive the cost even lower.

Erik Lefkofsky is one of the most inspirational people of our time, and definitely doesn’t get enough credit for it. He has donated millions of dollars to cancer research and knows his way around the business world. His ventures into Groupon, ECHO, and Uptake are just small examples of his character. The fact that he has co-founded so many companies shows that although he has already found success, he is going to continue working hard for a cause larger than only himself.

The reason he founded Tempest was to jump-start cancer research and take a different approach. His plans for Tempest would include ,”analyzing a patient’s genetic code in the context of molecular therapies,” in his own words, as well as modernizing cancer treatment. The results in his investment of time, money and energy have shown to be successful. Tempest is working with patients that have different types of cancer and has already helped doctors provide better personalized care to patients according to their individual needs.

Nick Vertucci’s High Real Estate Prices In California Take

Real estate investor and academy instructor Nick Vertucci says there’s a chance people can take advantage of California’s housing market if they know how to make the right bargains. California has been undergoing high price fluctuations and in some cases failing to fill the void between the price and the sales. Vertucci says that supply and demand have played a huge role where in certain markets the demand has not just reached the level that is increasing the sales. But in the lower-priced housing, demand is as high as ever. Home buyers and potential investors can learn how to find good deals when they enroll in Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy.

The story of how Nick Vertucci founded this academy should be heard by anyone who’s going through a huge life struggle because it’s an example of no matter how dire your life’s straits may be, you can always find a way. Vertucci grew up in a good family but often experienced cash shortages, especially in the years after his father died. He himself had to live out of his vehicle for many years as he tried to make a living for himself. For a time, Nick Vertucci thought his problems had come to an end because he learned how to sell computer parts and started his own business, and it even made enough money that he was able to get married and buy a home. But his troubles did not end because his business became affected by the dot-com crash and once again he found himself broke, losing various possessions and trying to do anything to provide for his family.

About a year after his business went under, Nick Vertucci had a friend who told him about a training session on real estate. He at first was hesitant to go to it because he really didn’t know anything about real estate and figured he didn’t have enough money to enter the market. But upon going to it, he saw a whole new world of making profits and before long he was buying and flipping homes with great success. It then prompted him to start his academy because he knew if he could do it, so could other people and today people from all over the US come to Vertucci’s programs to learn how with the right knowledge and the right tools at their disposal, they can turn old homes into great wealth.

Fabletics: Making a Difference

Changing any market is a difficult thing to do. For the longest time, it was up to companies to make things better for customers. Unfortunately, the larger corporations didn’t care about customer satisfaction as much as they should’ve. Now, companies go the extra mile to ensure that every customer has a wonderful experience every time they visit or buy online.

This shift in consumer behavior comes from the power of the crowd. More people are crowdsourcing their purchase decisions. As more people transition into digital lifestyles, researching businesses before buying is increasing in popularity. These days, online user reviews are the most trusted form of advertising.

Some companies haven’t figured out how to embrace this change. Others, like Fabletics, are capitalizing on the consumer trend. The easiest way to join the craze is to develop review-centric marketing strategies. Thanks to Fabletics’ relationships with its customers, it’s grown more than 200 percent in the last four years.

According to Shawn Gold, a TechStyle Fashion Group (Fabletics’ parent company) executive, much of the success the company’s experienced is thanks to user reviews. Online reviews are the new form of word-of-mouth advertising. It’s free and very beneficial to any company that wants to embrace the change.

Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic that offers a personalized service. Fabletics believes in forming a real bond with customers. This bond allows its designers to create products that members are more likely to buy. Thanks to those relationships, Fabletics was able to find a top spot in a market that was already dominated by activewear powerhouses like Nike, Under Armour, and Athleta.

The company’s success doesn’t stop there. Fabletics’ co-founder, Kate Hudson, also has her own mission. Known for her brilliant acting and fashion style, Kate Hudson’s taken on the challenge of America’s health problems.

She’s wanted to launch an activewear brand for a long time. When TechStyle approached her about the idea, she immediately knew what direction she would take the company. Other brands focus on making money or making people look good. Fabletics is about inspiring women to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Fabletics creates lines for all sizes of women from XXS to 3X. It took a few years, but recently, the brand announced its expansion into plus sizes. Not a lot brands make plus-size lines and those that do usually charge about $250 for a pair of leggings.

Paul Mampilly Recommends Investing In Millennial Food and Medicine Market

Are you an investor? Paul Mampilly, an award winning investor with decades of experience, says that the food industry has a great future. Many young people do not know how to cook. Perhaps some of this has to do with technology. Maybe they are spending more time on their phones, or maybe they are simply used to using the microwave. In any case, they are a great target audience.

Millennials are known to eat out a lot. On average, a millennial will spend fifty dollars each week eating out. Many millennials are getting married and starting families. These millennials need to figure out ways to cook good food for their kids. Many millennials are educated, which should be taken into account when targeting them. Many are into various health and fitness ideas, because they know how bad food can cause diabetes and weight gain. They are also interested in various services that deliver food to them. This is very convenient for them. They especially like the services that will deliver healthy food options to them. If you are an investor, you should think about investing in these kinds of companies, according to Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly recommends some other industries as well. For example, there is the medical industry. Precision medicine is all the craze now. Precision medicine uses technology to figure out a person’s medical history and come up with the best medical treatment that is personalized for him or her. This kind of technology continues to be improved on. More and more doctors are embracing this kind of medicine and moving away from the one size fits all kind of medicine that was practiced until now. As more and more doctors embrace it, more and more millennials are going to be getting that kind of treatment. It is a good idea to invest in it now.

Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Award for his investments after it was revealed that they had a seventy six percent return on investment. He is the kind of person who knows how to invest in such a way that will let you retire when you are in your forties. He has been featured on major media outlets, such as CNBC. Paul Mampilly was born in India and moved to the United States when he was young. He started his career at Deutsche Bank.

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Sussex Healthcare: Offering Audiology Services To Its Clients

Sussex Healthcare is one of the most trustworthy medical and rehabilitation facility in the United Kingdom, and they are being chosen by the clients because of their accommodating staffs who deliver the best products and services through all of the United Kingdom. The clients have shared the fact that they are being treated as a family member at the Sussex Healthcare, and they do not feel being treated as strangers.

The medical and rehabilitation facility caters to those who are already old, and those who are experiencing a brain injury, dementia, and other forms of the mental and physical disorder. The facility has a team of professional staff who would be looking after their clients to ensure that they will be recovering from their diseases and disorders, and they are being given a 100$ attention just to make sure that they will never be exposing themselves to harm while inside the facility.


The most famous services that the Sussex Healthcare offers would be their retirement homes. Most people in the United Kingdom consider the Sussex Healthcare as their retirement sanctuary because of the services provided towards those who are already old, and they are stating that the location of the facility would be beneficial to those who are trying to cope with aging. Sussex Healthcare is also famous for their audiology services, which is a service provided to its senior tenants allowing them to enjoy sound-related activities. Aside from the audiology sessions, the older tenants of the Sussex Healthcare are exposed to different physical rehabilitation activities that would develop their muscles and bones, and they are being monitored by their doctors and nurses 24/7. The food being served to them are prepared by some of the best chefs in the United Kingdom, and they are making sure that the ingredients are the best.

Aside from servicing those who are already old through their retirement home services, they are also extending these services to people who are trying to recover from severe brain injuries. They are even trying to help out people who have had dementia and other physical and mental disorders.


Todd Lubar on helping others achieve their dreams

Financial businessman Todd Lubar knows how to run a business well. He has worked in a number of different industries but is at his best working in the finance and credit business. He has over 20 years of experience in that particular field. What he really loves to do is help people, which is at the core of his life’s work. Todd can accomplish this by helping ambitious people reach their dreams with the help of much needed loans. Through experience working in the financial field Mr. Lubar realized that people did not have access to loans due to many obstacles. He helps them achieve their dreams by getting them approved for those loans.

According to Patch, His rise to the top was not always so easy. One business deal in the beginning of his career went terribly wrong and Mr. Todd Lubar had to start all over again. He did not give up though, he kept going. That is a solid piece of advice that Todd has for others who want to start out in their career. Don’t give up and be persistent. Eventually you will get their with hard work and determination. Some of his most satisfying moments are when he helps people build their businesses from scratch and succeed. That is what motivated him to keep going each day. Todd looks to the future and hopes to continue doing what he loves which is helping people. You can visit Medium to see more.

Successful entrepreneur and businessman Todd Lubar. He is the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. Mr. Lubar also is the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. He has also worked at Charter Funding as Senior Vice President, at Legacy Financial Group, and at Priority Financial services. For more details visit Inspirery.

Todd lives in the state of New Jersey with his family. He attended Syracuse University and get a BA in Speech Communication. His first job was at Crestar Mortage Corporation from 1995 to 1999. Todd Lubar has even owned many businesses in very different sectors such as the nightclub industry, the demolition industry, and the recycling industry. This has made him well versed in any type of business he chooses to do.

Jose Auriemo Neto Helping JHSF Development Grow Exponentially Through Exemplary Leadership

JHSF Development is one of the leading real estate development firms in Brazil, headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company was founded in the year 1972 by brothers, Fabio and Jose Auriemo, along with their partners. However, soon after the company’s operations were completely taken over by Fabio, and currently, his son Jose Auriemo Neto is heading the company. Jose Auriemo Neto is the chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF Development. He has been working with JHSF Development since 1993 and is the founder of the parking company by the name of Parkbem, which is now a profitable arm of JHSF Development.

Jose Auriemo Neto has been instrumental in taking the company’s vision forward by expanding the company’s real estate projects overseas, including in the United States and Uruguay. He has also helped in reviving the retail sector of Brazil by developing some of the most popular shopping malls in the country, including Cidade Jardim, Ponta Negra, and others. Jose Auriemo Neto is also attributed to the fact that it is he who roped in some of the most exclusive designer brands like Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Versace, and Pucci, in Brazil. Jose Auriemo Neto understands what the customers are looking for and it is what he is providing, which has multiplied the revenue of JHSF by a significant number.

Jose Auriemo Neto believes that making strategic investments in the developed as well as developing real estate markets would help the company significantly in the future. It is for this reason; he has moved to the United States, where he is currently based in New York. In New York, Jose Auriemo Neto is presently overseeing the luxury residential project that is being developed by JHSF Development. It is one of the most premium projects that JHSF Development has ever constructed, and Jose Auriemo Neto is confident that it will strengthen the position of the company in the United States real estate market.

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Dr. Cameron Clakie Achievements

Dr. Clokie is a specialist in medical field based in Canada. He is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon mostly recognized for his innovations and solution provider in the medical field. He is also a prominent businessman and a scientist too. Currently, Dr. Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biological Inc. which is a medicine company which aims at providing remedies and conceiving new ideas for musculoskeletal reconstruction. He has lectured at the University of Toronto in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery lessons, and he was also involved in clinical practice where he got named as the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Clokie has also been a scientific advisory board member for different companies. He decamped from academics in 2017.

Dr.Clokie has participated in many publications and done several papers and many presentations on bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine. His work is global. He holds several patents both in the United States and other parts of the world where some of these patents deal with bone healing issues. These patents have contributed significantly in the field of dentistry. He has been able to mentor most business enterprises and sell his entrepreneurship ideas which have contributed to a growth of viable commercial investments.

Many scientists use Dr. Clokie’s work in their research and case studies both locally and internationally. His work serves as a foundation for many bone reconstruction and regenerative lessons. Dr. Clokie has made positive impacts on many patients that he has attended. Example of his Patients is Peter Russel who was suffering from jaw tumor. Peter Russel developed his jaw after undergoing multiple surgeries after he followed Dr. Clokie jaw regeneration technology. Dr. Clokie helped to replace the awful painful procedures of plucking fats and muscles from other parts of the body and reuse them elsewhere.

Dr. Cameron Clokie work aims at evolving the field of medicine where he wants to invent bio implants which will do away with the use of autogenously bone grafts athletes. Also, he has a plan for facial surgeries for people who want the total makeover and bone regeneration, and give them continuous monitoring in the recovery process.