7 Colour-Inspired Wainscoting Ideas for Your Home

There are many types of wainscoting styles available for you to choose from these days; from classic flat and raised panels to a modern contemporary design. Before you go rushing out to choose your ideal wainscoting design, let’s take a look at some wonderful coloured wainscoting ideas that will get your creative juices running wild:

Relaxing Grey Wainscoting

Add a touch of raised panel wainscoting to your bedroom for that slight rustic feel. Grey shades can seem sombre at times, but with the right touch of accessories and furnishings, you’ll be well on your way to a cool and comfortable space. To enhance the size of a smaller room, choose a lighter grey tone instead of a darker one.

Classic Brown Wainscoting

You can never really have too much wood. For an elegant and polished finish, select natural wooden panels in a preferred shade of brown. Not only will it match the rest of your wooden furniture and flooring, it’ll also provide your home with a boost of warmth. For extra display space, just increase the cap moulding at the top of your panels about 2 to 3 inches out.


Relaxing Green Wainscoting

It’s true that looking at something green helps to relax the eyes. Having green coloured elements in your home will definitely provide a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. When it comes to wainscoting, anything goes as long as it’s something you’ll enjoy. From furnitures to walls and even ceilings, you can always mix and match different types of wainscoting styles for best effect.

Dazzling White Wainscoting

The colour white has always been associated with pureness and brightness. Incorporating white flat panel wainscoting into a space will greatly enhance its size. Not only does it present an elegant and classic touch, it’s even more enhanced with white marble finishings and metallic accented lights and accessories.

Solid Blue Wainscoting

Who says bold colours should be used in moderation? In the case of this Prussian blue square-panel wainscoting, the effect is one of a cozy and compact space. Not only does this colour provide a soothing atmosphere, it’s also a great colour that can suit both warm and cold colour accents.


Elegant Black and White Wainscoting

This classic domino combination has been used time and time ago and never fails to impress. With the right touches, it can totally transform a space to an industrial concept or a modern one. Large granite tiles convey the depth of your space whereas white brick wainscoting proves to be a perfect backdrop of rough, natural texture and a natural canvas for gold accessories and lightings.

Dreamy Cream Wainscoting

Pastel and cream colours are a popular choice in the bedroom. Its muted, yet bright properties go a long way in ensuring that this space is relaxing to the mind and body. Classic flat panel and raised panel wainscoting is ideal for a more traditional feel. With the right placement of lights and windows, you’ll end up with a bright and airy space that just screams for attention.

Beach Turquoise Wainscoting

The colour turquoise has long been associated with a coastal or beach concept. Not only does it present a refreshing feel that invokes images of relaxing times, it works great with both cool and warm tones. If your kitchen furnishings is white, consider applying glossy turquoise tiles to serve as a backdrop. It’ll provide a magnificent contrast that’s sure to capture the eyes. 


Wine Red and Dark Brown Wainscoting

There’s nothing cosier than snuggling down into a plush and dark room. Wine red walls provide an elegant contrast to dark wood wainscoting panels. With the addition of warm lights and leather furniture, you’ll transform any space into an inviting addition.

Bright Yellow Wainscoting

Yellow is probably one of the happiest colours around and it’s suitable for any room in your home. This bathroom perfectly matches yellow beadboard wainscoting with yellow and green patterned wallpaper and the overall feel is both quirky and soothing. You can always decide how much yellow you’ll prefer if you think this is a little over the top.Go wild with every colour imaginable or select a few desired colours from your personal preference. Whichever the case, the application of wainscoting is definitely not limited and can suit any room shape and size you can think of.

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