Academy of Art University: A Futuristic Attempt on Fashion

A fashion show was held at the Academy of Art University back in September 2017, and they have invited some of their alumni and graduates to present their works in front of a huge audience. The show ran just like any other fashion events, presenting futuristic male and female wardrobe, with the brains behind the styles having collaborated with each other. They stated that one of their inspirations is the innovation and development for the future, and the resulting outputs were remarkable. The public has lauded the designs, saying that it displays a strong connection with futurism, and the materials used garnered a positive reaction from the audiences.

The fashion designers used everyday items in creating their designs. For example, one of the designers used a PVC material, and others have used synthetic fabrics to finish their creations. According to them, it will become the norm shortly to use these kinds of materials. People in the future would become so engrossed in the idea of protecting the environment, shifting their eyes to the pollutants and creating a way for them to become beneficial to the people. The audience has shown their interest in the designs presented, stating that it highlighted the future characteristics of humans to become more concerned about recycling and protecting the environment.

The Academy of Art University is known as one of the largest private schools in American offering courses and degrees in arts and designing. The current population of the school is at 12,000, and they employ more than 1,000 faculties. Founded in the year 1929, the school aimed to hone the skills of the young people in the arts. The founder, Richard S. Stephens, dreamed that the school would be able to produce graduates who will be the embodiment of modern art. Each year, the number of students enrolling at the educational institution is rising, with a peak in 2012 when 18,000 enrolled. The school is an active participant in fashion events, and they have been giving their students a chance to participate in the said events every year. The school administration stated that their students are always looking forward to participating in these events that showcase their talents.


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