Adam Milstein’s Roles in Real Estate and Philanthropy

As a Jewish philanthropist, Adam Milstein has been very successful advancing the cause of both Israeli-Americans and the nation of Israel in the United States. He has used his business acumen to run a variety of philanthropic organizations that advance the causes he believes in.

Milstein grew up in Israel and graduated from the esteemed university the Technion in 1978. He was an entrepreneur even while he was a student. His first business was built around selling art to temples across Israel. At first this business was very successful. As he relays the story this led him to buying a large amount of artwork to sell. Selling this artwork didn’t go near as well as he thought it would which led to it taking a long time to finally sell off. This taught him that you can’t expect success in a short time period and to instead build for longterm success instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Not long after graduating from the Technion Adam made his way to the United States. Once there he attended the University of Southern California and earned an MBA. After graduating he entered the field of real estate as a real estate commercial broker. His success in this endeavor led to him deciding to invest himself in real estate. He founded Hagar Pacific Properties and his company now owns a large variety of properties across America.

Just as important as real estate is to Milstein so is philanthropy. He is dedicated to helping Israeli-American’s improve their lives and their ties to their heritage as well as pushing back against anti-Semitism. He has a number of leadership roles among nonprofit organizations, including both those he joined and those he was a founder of. He often serves as a board member for these nonprofits for organizations such as AISH Los Angeles, the AIPAC National Council, and the Israel on Campus Coalition among a number of others. He also partnered with his wife in launching the Adam and Gila Family Foundation which helps Israeli-American’s identify with their Jewish roots and learn more about Jewish culture.

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