Andrew Rolfe and his Influence in the Strategic Change of Ubuntu Fund about Contributions

Andrew Rolfe, a senior financial executive and the Chairman of the Board of Ubuntu Education Fund, helped the non-profit organization to make a strategic change in its procedure of accepting contributions. Ubuntu Fund is a non-profit charity organization working to improve the standards of Port Elizabeth’s orphans and vulnerable children by offering them comprehensive assistance program. Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund Chief Executive Officer, Jacob Lief, realized that majority of the contributions are coming with some conditions or restrictions which is actually reducing its effectiveness. In some cases, the conditions are making the funds not useful at all for the targeted group.

Rolfe and Lief quickly identified the problem as there is no involvement of contributors in the non-profits and that leads to a lack of knowledge or distrust by them towards the way the organizations works. Andrew Rolfe immediately concluded a solution that by brining large contributors into the boards of non-profits, such issues can be solved. It is making contributors involved in the operations of non-profits and at the same time, the expertise of these contributors can be greatly utilized for the advancement of charity organizations. Additionally, the contributors get a chance to understand the way how charities work and the practical difficulties in accepting the contributions with conditions. It should be noted that the conditions are actually demoting the room for innovation as there is no flexibility. Additionally, it increases the operational costs of each non-profit organizations significantly.

While accepting contributions, Andrew Rolfe bats for making prior discussions and clear communication regarding the expectations from both the sides including donor and the charity which can help avoiding the clashes at later point of time. He sees a trend of improved relationship between donors and the charities in the recent years though there are some high-profile disputes. The charity is known for “Ubuntu model” which works with communities and families to make individual plans to develop each child by providing education, health, and stability which would help them to escape from the poverty. Ubuntu wants to deliver its model to a community of more than 400,000 people in Port Elizabeth, and it is focused on deep impacts in the families.


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