Barbara Stokes: Philanthropist and Business Woman

Barbara Stokes not only works as the CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered but she also manages to be an active part of the Huntsville, AL community. She has tried to always give her clients the best homes they need while also maintaining that she is the best option for them. The things Barbara Stokes has done has made it easier for people to learn more about business and more about the things they’ll need to learn how to do. Barbara Stokes has tried to always give the best attention to people who need homes. Follow Barbara Stokes on

After she graduated from Mercer, Barbara Stokes went on to get even more education and experience. She has never given up when it comes to her education and that’s part of what has allowed her to become one of the best professionals GSH has ever seen. In fact, it has given her the ability to make valuable connections with customers who would not have otherwise had those connections. Thanks to Barbara Stokes, there have been major changes in the industry that have allowed people the chance to truly experience what it’s like to have someone who is doing their best to get the homes they need.

With experience at corporations like Boeing, Barbara Stokes was the perfect fit for the job. While she had a lot of things to do to acclimate to life in Huntsville, she has integrated herself in a way that gives her the ability to be a true part of the community. Doing all of these things have helped her with the best abilities and with the things that will continue to get better as long as she is doing business with GSH. Barbara Stokes keeps in mind that she has to work hard to make sure she is continuing to be a positive part of the community.


Even though there have been some changes to the community and to the way things work for GSH, Barbara Stokes likes to keep up with them. She does not have a problem adjusting and does not get affected by the changes in the industry. Being flexible is part of what Barbara Stokes has tried to do. It has given her the ability to make sure she can do what she needs to do and bring attention to the different business types. As long as Barbara Stokes has been doing business, she knows there are things she can do. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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