Basics Worth Highlighting About Vinny Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a highly regarded financial analyst who has been in the industry long enough. From time to time he takes an initiative of uploading educational videos inclined towards condition of the financial markets, advice on investments as well as enlightening individuals on how to remain financially responsible. Currently Vinny holds office as AXA Advisors’ Senior Executive Vice President. Having over seventeen years of experience is something that has also made him quite effective in his administration roles.

How the Customer Service at AXA Impacts People’s Businesses

AXA requires you to register with them and acquire an I.D, after which you will have login details that will help you access customer care for inquiries when need be. Through AXA Advisors, you will get essential information that will serve as the primary tools to propel your venture to the next level. As well, they provide resourceful information on planning for your client’s retirement plans.


The Model Employed by AXA in Ensuring Growth of Businesses


As the enterprise grows, one inevitable thing is that you will attract talent. For you to maintain growth, you have to nurture a reliable team that will be ready to use their talents to impact the venture’s growth. As well, you also want to make sure that the business is safe from any unexpected catastrophe. It also applies to your family, and that is why in their concept, AXA provides you with alternatives through which you can sustain your employees, the venture and your family. Their all-inclusive package is not something you want to bypass you for whatever reason. They are good at customizing strategies depending on the specific business’ need.




If you are planning on making your latter days great, you must planabout it. It takes efforts to envision the life you want to live. With key tools like those you will get from hiring AXA Advisors’ services, you will have made an informed decision in securing your future. The available plans are suitable for people owning relatively small businesses regardless of the specialty. Definitely this is a bargain worth investing in.

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