Chainsmokers, Just The Beginning

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart do not reside the former ways of how an artist makes and composed musical pieces now. They have literally changed the standards of where it is that the musician should be doing with their time and they have raised the standards of how the artist should approach writing music as a whole as well. For example when the standard artist is popular for a little while or even a long time and then they take a well deserved break, later on when they try to come back they have nothing but scale chords and ideas that the music industry is no longer interested in and that the people have already deviated from as far as interest is concerned. This is something that the Chainsmokers avoid at all costs because they work instead for long hours and until they are satisfied with their efforts or until enough music is produced for the long term so they put themselves ahead of the trends that they start instead of try to catch up to. They do not get sucked into the lies that say that their work is enough and they dedicate a lot of time and effort into staying ahead of the competition so they actually see positive feedback both from the industry and from the people who listen to their work. Yes, Andrew Taggart and Alex Psll have beat the pattern that most artistic individuals fall into. With their music they have deviated from their normal happy and upbeat romantic sectors and have gone into the darker places that make up the landscape of their new direction in the musical world. The song Sick Boy is the topic of discussion here and a lot of the time it’s super critical for the band when a change begins to happen. For the Chainsmokers it was when Sick Boy came out because they unfolded everything in their song about the throes of the internet world and how damaging the industry can be on the minds of those who emotionally invest to much of their personal capital into the risk of being liked.