Rallying and the Michel Terpins connection in Brazil.

The growth of rallying in Brazil has been gradual culminating in what it is today one of the most beloved sporting events in the country this has been in part due to the superb organizational abilities of the organizing committee that ensures the smooth running of all scheduled events.The other has been the drivers who over the years have shown exceptional skill and quality becoming a well followed and admired lot. The pack is led by the Terpin brothers that include Michel terpins and Rodrigo terpins who are very dynamic in the same.They have been able to show the essence of rallying over the years they have participated in the sport.

Michel Terpins began his love for the sport when he started his participation in the cross championship he was able to grow from here and transition into rallying. The Sertoes Rally one of the premier events in the Brazilian rallying table is considered the most challenging and has attracted numerous participants take part in numerous events who today continue to take part in the various categories they take part in.

For Michel Terpins, the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally was special as it marked the second anniversary of there relationship with MEM motorsport the developers of the T-Rex T1 prototype the car that they would be driving during the rally.This was special as the car had already proved its superb capabilities during the 24th edition and had now been tweaked to fill in all the knicks that had been identified in the previous race meaning that he and his navigator Maykel Justo would be in one of the best in the rally. The race was to cover 3300 kilometers of different terrain and pass over three states.These states are Goiás, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul.The different location were to offer the race different terrain fills and enable them to test their capabilities as well as that of the car at every level.

Michel terpins believes that the Bull Sertões Rally Team will perform exceptionally well and emerge with #322 as winners when all is said and done a fact that can be believed if the team’s history is anything to go by.