Sean Penn and Bob Honey

The legendary Sean Penn, typically known for his intense and emotional movie performances, has recently taken a break from acting to pursue a writing career. In his 57th year of age, Penn has written a book titled, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.

Rolling Stone magazine recently sat down with the Academy award-winning-actor-turned-writer to interview him about his debut novel and discuss his life and inspirations.

Penn’s unpredictable personality is apparent in the interview which highlights the actor’s free form thinking and ambitious nature. When asked why he chose to write a novel now, the actor simply replied that “by the time 57 rolls around, you come to: “I’m gonna sit down and write a novel.”

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff actually began as an audiobook that Penn had dictated. In the interview, he discusses how he originally wanted it to be released as a publication. However, in order to release it before the presidential election, Penn decided to save time and release it first as an audio version.

Although Penn makes it clear that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a fictional piece, it is symbolic of the bizarre cultural phenomena that is America. The nonlinear story structure and wild stream of consciousness words are reflective of the nation’s current state. In the interview, Penn goes more in depth about his writing process and the motivations behind it.

The lead character in the book, Bob Honey, is a depressed and angry middle-aged white man who coastal through life from job to job. Morally corrupt and isolated, he turns to killing. Although the character is not likeable, Penn offers more insight into the sympathetic nature of Bob Honey and how he came into existence as a symbol of the consequences of sadness and isolation that persists in America.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff may deal with dark subject matter, but it is filled with satire. In the interview, Penn claims his ultimate goal was to take all of the darkness in America and find some humor in it. He muses on how he chose to end the book with the hopes of inspiring laughter.

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