Adam Goldenberg’s Journey from an E-commerce hub to Techstyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg is the founder and co-CEO of JustFab, an El-Segundo based Fashion Company. Before co-founding the company with Don Ressler, Adam worked for Intermix Media, the parent company of MySpace. Due to his passion for marketing and technology, together with Don Ressler, he created an e-commerce hub for the company. Later when Intermix Media sold out to News Corp, the two partners started Intelligent Beauty. The company provided distribution services for different beauty and health products. The success of the business motivated them to reach for higher goals and build better ideas.


In 2010, Adam Goldenberg and his longtime partner, Don-Ressler entered the fashion market by launching JustFab. Initially, the company specialized in women’s clothing but later diversified to athletic wear, shoes, and men’s attire. The extension led to acquiring of Shoe Dazzle and the creation of Fabletics, a subsidiary that specializes in athletic wear. The uniqueness of the company’s product has won the support of celebrated models including Lee Simmons and Kate Hudson.


Succeeding in business requires discipline, open-mindedness and above all, transparency. In an interview with Built in LA, Adam Goldenberg pointed out that being purpose driven and ever learning are some of the factors that have brought them prosperity in business. But he believes that keeping all the members of the team informed on all the changes and challenges the organization faces has played a greater role. Understanding customer preferences and purchasing power is another factor that Adam said saved them from closing down early in the business.


To continue surviving in the fast-paced fashion market Adam Goldenberg and his partner takes the time to improve the quality of their products. Though they have invested much capital in marketing their product, Adam says that the high customer retention they enjoy is chiefly because of the superior quality of the personalized products that JustFab offers. Additionally, the company hires only passionate and competent personnel. The co-CEO explains he would rather help a qualified personnel become better than spend resources making an average employee responsible.


Recently, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler rebranded JustFab to Techstyle Fashion Group to incorporate the plans for the company. Renaming the fashion brand was also a means of recognizing the new status of the company as self-funded no longer in need of venture capital. As Techstyle, the organization has employed a more tech-based approach to product design. Recently, they launched an initiative to create all-inclusive women clothing to celebrate different sizes and shapes.

Equities First Holdings – London Branch Doing Well After 15 Years Of Operations

Equities First provides stock-based loans to potential investors whereby borrowers benefit from low & fixed interest rates and higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratios which provide a better alternative to traditional loans. The organization celebrates its 15 years after opening a branch in London, the UK where it has continued to furnish its clients with margin and stock-based loans. All kinds of businesses ought to have adequate working capital to run their daily functions. The company will be capable of paying short-term expenses and liabilities. The working capital in any organization portrays the credit value and measure of liquidity for that company. However, many startups find it challenging to acquire bank loans as they ask for performance and history documents of the business. Small businesses struggle to grow from the first phase of growth while medium companies toil to sustain their business operations. Equities First is a dependable source of capital for all SMEs and all potential individuals seeking for stock loans and read full article.

The Equities First services have become popular globally with the organization running various offices in different continents. Indianapolis is the headquarters with other facilities based in London, Australia, Singapore, and South Africa among others. Alternative lending services at Equities First are thus the leading in the sector where borrowers can secure urgent and fast loans. Equities First products have been utilized more and more in the past many years as they offer an alluring way to raise capital for businesses that cannot qualify for traditional credits. Today, you can visit the company’s link ( and get to know more about their services and products.

Planning well for your working capital it’s a key factor for your business growth and development. Every investor seeks a lending source with affordable and reliable services. There are several businesses that fail to start while others become stagnant after failing to run their key operations due to lack or inadequate working capital. In the current world economic crisis, most of the startups are finding it hard to secure quick and dependable loans, and those seek bank loans face the consequence of strict borrowing rules and high-interest rates. Fortunately, the majority of potential investors are getting easier capital with alternative lending services as opposed to traditional lenders. Equities First is a world leader in optional lending with 15 years of experience in the sector and Equities First Holding’s lacrosse camp.

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Under Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries goes international

The famed investor Warren Buffett always talks about how he prefers companies that have a kind of moat protecting their market share. By this, he means that great companies often have barriers to entry that are so insurmountable that even somebody with a billion dollars could not penetrate their market. Most companies, even ones with fairly large barriers to entry, simply do not have this type of protective barrier to a newcomer breaching their market strongholds.

However, one of the few industries in which this such a moat currently exists is in the oil extraction business. Due to the extremely unique nature and intense costs of the capital equipment involved in extracting oil from even the most simple plays, it becomes necessary for any entrants to the market to have vast sums of capital, expertise and talent at their disposal to have any chance at becoming a viable competitor is such a tough market.

Nabors Industries is one of the companies that have been there from the beginning. Under the leadership of CEO, Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries has fortified its own competitive edge, developing many different proprietary technologies that simply are not available from any other supplier or manufacturer. One example of such technology is the OrientXPress steerable directional drilling system, a directional drilling system that is capable of simultaneously drilling up to 20 sites, with a mostly automated process that requires hardly any intervention from operations staff. In fact, the drilling system has proven to be so effective that it is now the single most widely used system for all North American oil plays. These include the Bakken Shale of North Dakota, where Nabors Industries has sold hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment and allowed operators to make billions of dollars in profits in the following: click here.

It is through these types of visionary innovations that the company’s CEO, Tony Petrello, has gotten his reputation for sagacious and timely maneuvering.

Why Mike Baur has Succeeded in His Transition

Do you know that few people have the confidence to quit their long served career to start a new venture? I will introduce you to one courageous entrepreneur by the name Mike Baur who managed to transition after working for 20 years. He is one of the Swiss entrepreneurs and the co-founder of the Swiss start-up factory. Mike is an alumnus of Rochester University where he earned an MBA and an executive MBA from Berne University. He started working in the Swiss private banking where he served for 20 years. Mike was a success in the banking sector as he managed to rise from being a commerce apprentice to a member of the executive board. Mike then quit his career to venture into in investments. In 2016, the Wall Street Journal published the story of Mike in his journey of transitioning into entrepreneurship.

Mike in cooperation with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer started Swiss start-up Factory in 2014. The firm is privately financed and independent business. Swiss factory has set a record as the first company in Switzerland to support its functions at the early stage. Mike believes that the youth should come out and become productive through using their hands rather than fighting for the white color jobs. The factory aims at transforming the products in the market by bringing changes in the business models to ensure customer satisfaction. The Swiss start-up company has a three-month program which provides an excellent platform for services like coaching, mentoring, office space training, financial advice, and entrepreneurial networks.

Mike has spearheaded all the functions of the firm with other companies in their cooperation. Mike was elected the deputy managing director during the business partnership with the CTI in 2016. The Swiss start-up factory worked together with Gold Back Group in 2016 and Mike was actively involved in all the activities. He also took part in the accelerator program of the company. Mike also participates in the business between the firm and Fintech Fusion Company. Due to the company being independent it does well in all its activities as there are no limitations on political powers.

Mike Baur is a mentor to the young investors venturing into start-ups and also supports them financially. According to Mike, one should execute their potential, be committed, and work hard to realize their dreams. Mike advise the new business investor to ensure professionalism and teamwork for the success of the firm. His experience in the banking sector has also taught him that one can raise from any level to a flourishing business.



Anthony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd.

Mr. Anthony G. Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors Industries was founded in 1968 and are based in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors is a geothermal drilling contractor that drills in the Middle East, far East, North and South America as well as Africa. They also provide support services to onshore and offshore oil drilling. Anthony Petrello graded with a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, a Bachelors degree from Yale University and a Masters degree from Yale University.

Tony has been employed with Nabors Exchangeco since 1991. Nabors Exchangeco is a Canada based holidng company of Nabors Industries Ltd. Mr. Petrello has held the title of President to Nabors Industries since 1991 and became the chief exectuive officer in October of 2011. Mr. Petrello has been the Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd. since June 2012. Tony was a Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd. from 2003 to June 2012. Prior to his employment with Nabors, Anthony Petrello worked for the law firm Baker & McKenzie fro 1979 to 1991. From 1986 to 1991 Tony was a Managing Partner of its New York Office. While working at Baker & McKenzie, Tony focused on general corporate law, taxation and international arbitration.In addition to his extensive professional background, Tony Petrello is a strong voice for the research and clinical programs that support the needs of children with neurological disorders. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital.

While Tony Petrello is one of the top paid bosses in America, making $68.2 million last year alone, he is not always on top of that list. In 2014 the corporate governance and compensation practices of Nabors was changed. Nabors split the roles of chief executive officer and chairman. This split then limited the executive severance payment to three times an executive’s salary and bonus. By doing this shareholders were then allowed to elect someone who had at least five percent stake in the company to its board of directors. This was implemented to return some of the shareholders money. Original article.


Investment Strategizing

Many claim that Warren Buffett is wrong in his current investment bet to propose giving $1 million dollars to charity if proven wrong. What was the bet? It was simply made to see if he procure better investment returns than numerous hedge fund owners that he claims are not playing at the top of their game. This experienced billionaire may be in for more than he bargained for, but only time will tell as all final results are expected to appear by the end of this year. Stay tuned for the outcome and Tim’s lacrosse camp.


Many claim that Buffett is not wrong, however, in assuming the following: There exist too many mediocrely savage and overtly expensive funds that shortchange investors. Many support Buffett’s commitments to lower costs and simplify investments that should sell and hold for the longest terms. Mr. Buffett’s approach to bottom-up investing – thoroughly scrutinizing companies to build a better return – has proven itself effective over many decades; no one’s been more effective in delivering the message. Americans need to earn more for retirement as well as to stay invested and more information click here.

Timothy Armour

Timothy D. Armour is a prepared man in all aspects. He is both knowledgeable and experienced, an invaluable resource for any company to have. Many years ago, he obtained his bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College, but he did not stop there.

He has been faithfully serving in finances and investments ever since. Over time, he has made it to the big leagues in multi-level management of stocks and trades. His opinions are now a valued resource for many in these fields; in fact, he just recently shared a few of them regarding the new changes that Donald Trump’s election to the U.S. Presidency will have on the American economy’s markets, effects that he describes as “quite real, all right” and learn more about Timothy.

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Get to Know About Chris Burch and His Investments in 3 Minutes

Chris Burch is the president and creator of Burch Creative Capital. He was a vibrant investor and entrepreneur for almost forty years through a series of investments. His record of accomplishments is ace as he contributed to the success of several luxury and technology brands including Voss water, jawbone, and Faena hotel. Chris has been to Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group as a board member.

Entrepreneur from the beginning

Chris Burch entrepreneurial traits can be traced back to 1976 when he was an undergraduate at Ithaca College. He collaborated with his brother and with $2,000; they started Eagle’s Eye apparel business that grew to more than 150 million dollars. They later sold it to Swire Group. After the sale, Burch became one of the first investors at Capital Group, a well-known IPO on the internet. Mr. Burch capitalized on his ability to find the connection between implementation and innovation and continued to realize great success based on his intuitive understanding of client behavior and vast experience in utilizing direct consumer channels and excellent sourcing infrastructure.

Chris Burch diverse investment portfolio

Chris has invested in several real estate ventures both locally and internationally. Some of the notable ones are the development of luxury homes in Florida, New York, Southampton, and Palm Beach. He also collaborated with Alan Faena and Phillippe Stark, an hotelier, and architects to develop an underutilized land in Argentina into a hotel.

The hotel recap

Chris Burch most recently acquired nihiwatu luxury resort and renovated it. This hotel was voted the best hotel in 2016. The hotel has 27 private villas, including Burch’s private home Raja Mendaka. This particular home has four new villas each with a private plunge pool. This hotel is the real deal. Visiting it should be everyone’s life goal.

In 2011, Chris started accessories, apparel, and home décor retailer called C. Wonder that was later bought by Xcel Brands. He also collaborated with entertainer Ellen DeGeneres when she was launching her lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen DeGeneres in 2014. In the same year, he went ahead to start Cocoon9. They are luxury homes with contemporary design, sophisticated finishes, space saving floors and energy efficient features.

Chris is an avid supporter of other consumer and lifestyle brands ranging from organic foods, retail, home furnishings, to technology industries. He is also a known philanthropist who donated to finance several philanthropic foundations such as the Simba Foundation and The Child Welfare League of China.