Daniel Taub talks about peace in the Middle East

Daniel Taub, the former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, believes that there cannot be peace in the Middle East region as long as the countries that are pushing for peace treaty realizes the right approach to peace in the region cannot be through force. Daniel Taub was the ambassador between 2011 and 2015. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

In his four years of work in London, he witnessed the things that Britain was trying to implement as a way of showing the Middle East country that it should promote peace. According to Daniel Taub, the use of pressure which Britain was trying to use would never work.

Daniel Taub witnessed various organization and groups in Britain tried to push the country through bans and boycotts on its goods and services. What they did not realize is that instead of making a step forward they were just strengthening the resolve of the Jewish community to reject the pressure that was applied.

When the MP for Bradford declared that the region would not accept anything that was related to Israeli, he received a lot of condemnation from the Jewish community especially those in Israel. The condemnation was so huge that Daniel Taub decided to travel into the area in a show of solidarity with the Jewish community.

Daniel Taub says that Israel has never opposed peace agreements. In fact, it has a peace agreement with Egypt. The United States facilitated the peace agreement. The United States did not apply pressure in trying to solve the conflicts. It looked at the interest of Israel and facilitated them achieve what they wanted without the involvement of conflicts.

The United States promised to supply Israel with oil as well as assist it in security matters. In another, case the UN was forced to deploy peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon to prevent terrorists from accessing Israel before Israel agreed to leave the region.

In the Gaza case, it took the assurance from the United Nations that the Hamas group would not be given the opportunity to buy arms via the Sanai for them to agree to withdraw from the area.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub served Israel for a four-year term as the ambassador to the UK. His main achievement was to facilitate trade between the two countries. More Jewish goods were selling in the European market than ever before.

Daniel Taub helped Israel establish a strong and unique relationship with the UK.

David McDonald has New Vision for OSI Industries

You can’t go anywhere in the world anymore without access to fast food. From America to China you’ll find fast food spots just about anywhere you decide to go. There are fast food chains with everything from burgers to pizza out there giving you what you want. The key to the success of all this is the work of food processors like OSI Industries. They have made it possible for everyone to have access to the fast food they want by making it possible to find the ingredients necessary where they provide their services. The president of OSI Industries, David McDonald, has played a major role in making sure that all of this is possible.

OSI Industries didn’t get where it is because of luck or convenience. The company has spent more than 100 years trying to find the perfect way to deliver the goods and services needed by fast food. That certainly includes meat but there is so much more to consider. OSI offers frozen vegetables and dough as well to those that need it. It gives them something that they need and otherwise wouldn’t be able to have. That success certainly has a lot to do with David McDonald. He has helped the company define itself and create a new role in the market as it has expanded. The original vision for OSI was a simple family run deli, but the times have created something much greater than that with the expansion of American fast food overseas into China and Europe. His LinkedIn Profile.

David McDonald has been able to turn this company into an international force by looking at all the ways he can acquire overseas assets and incorporate them into the OSI family. That plan has proven to be incredibly success and it’s created something you would otherwise not see. We know that the world of food processing has produced so much already, but there’s going to be much more done in the future. The food industry is trying to move towards a more sustainable way of doing things and that has meant giving us a way to take on the challenges that are currently being presented. There is a need to care for the environment and to give customers what they want out of their food. That’s exactly what McDonald has done with his strategy for OSI Industries and it’s what he continues to do with his current planning.

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Paul Mampilly Recommends Investing In Millennial Food and Medicine Market

Are you an investor? Paul Mampilly, an award winning investor with decades of experience, says that the food industry has a great future. Many young people do not know how to cook. Perhaps some of this has to do with technology. Maybe they are spending more time on their phones, or maybe they are simply used to using the microwave. In any case, they are a great target audience.

Millennials are known to eat out a lot. On average, a millennial will spend fifty dollars each week eating out. Many millennials are getting married and starting families. These millennials need to figure out ways to cook good food for their kids. Many millennials are educated, which should be taken into account when targeting them. Many are into various health and fitness ideas, because they know how bad food can cause diabetes and weight gain. They are also interested in various services that deliver food to them. This is very convenient for them. They especially like the services that will deliver healthy food options to them. If you are an investor, you should think about investing in these kinds of companies, according to Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly recommends some other industries as well. For example, there is the medical industry. Precision medicine is all the craze now. Precision medicine uses technology to figure out a person’s medical history and come up with the best medical treatment that is personalized for him or her. This kind of technology continues to be improved on. More and more doctors are embracing this kind of medicine and moving away from the one size fits all kind of medicine that was practiced until now. As more and more doctors embrace it, more and more millennials are going to be getting that kind of treatment. It is a good idea to invest in it now.

Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Award for his investments after it was revealed that they had a seventy six percent return on investment. He is the kind of person who knows how to invest in such a way that will let you retire when you are in your forties. He has been featured on major media outlets, such as CNBC. Paul Mampilly was born in India and moved to the United States when he was young. He started his career at Deutsche Bank.

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The Chronicles of the Former UTC CEO- Louis Chenevert

Many investors begin on a high note. However, with time, all that energy fades, and slowly they begin failing. It is a sign of lack of discipline and diligence. Many factors lead to such occurrences. The small things that investors miss out are the things that great entrepreneurs observe. There is, however, more to that. One way business persons can learn is by reading about other successful investors who were before them. Louis Chenevert is one of the most prestigious investors who is recognized globally.

Louis Chenevert grew up in Montreal, Quebec, where he was born. He schooled in HEC Montreal, which is a business school affiliated with the University of Montreal. Here, he acquired a bachelor’s degree in Production Management. Louis was ready to put this knowledge into practice. Visit Bloomberg.com to know more.

Louis landed a job in Global Motors. He worked in the company for 14 years. The firm gave him a chance to work as their Production General Manager, before he left the company. Later, he moved to Pratt & Whitney, which is an aircraft engine manufacturer. The units where Louis was working, made a significant improvement during his time. The efforts never went unnoticed; he was promoted to the President of the Company after six years in the company. The promotion just marked the beginning of his greatness. Follow Louis Chenevert on Twitter.

In 2006, Louis Chenevert was nominated as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). UTC Company is involved in researching and innovation of high technology. It deals with a wide range of technological gadgets. The company, therefore, needs to be run by an intellectual. With Chenevert as their CEO, the firm made major steps.

Louis Chenevert says that he made it through because of his highly innovative mind. He also led the company to invest in future high technology. Here, human labor was involved. Louis believed that investing in future technology, will help maintain the level of the Economy.

Despite Louis Chenevert stepping down in United Technology Corporation, the company will always owe him gratitude. The intelligent decisions he made is what has led to its high ranking. Many investors in the world, continue to apply his ways to run their businesses.

View: http://www.utc.com/News/News-Center/Pages/Louis-Chenevert-becomes-the-eighth-Chairman-of-United-Technologies.aspx

IDLife and the Wellness World

Logan Stout lives in Frisco, Texas. That’s the main reason Hurricane Harvey had such a big impact on him. The IDLife Chief Executive Officer and Founder simply couldn’t ignore the awful effects of this massive natural disaster. He, because of that, was at the helm of a project that aimed to provide its victims with supplies that could help them get their lives moving forward again. IDLife is a company that focuses on all varieties of wellness and health items. Stout is the kind of person who gets a lot out of doing selfless things for others around him. He even assisted victims by offering ample space in warehouses.

IDLife, just like Stout himself, is located in friendly Frisco. It’s on John W. Elliott Drive and has a convenient location within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex community. Custom nutrition is the main concept behind IDLife. IDLife is short for “individually designed life.” Stout established the company with the knowledge that all human beings are totally different. They all have their own specific nutritional requirements. That means that they can all benefit from nutrition options that are 100 percent customized. IDLife’s objective is to assist people who want to get on track to wellness and happiness.

Logan Stout is IDLife’s passionate head. There are numerous other industrious professionals who work for the firm as well. Laura Brandt, first and foremost, works as the President of IDLife. Other key members of the staff at IDLife are Chief Financial Officer Joe O’Connor, Director of Field Leadership Scott Unclebach and Executive Vice President of Field Development Darryl Smith. IDLife also has the assistance of a highly respected scientific medical advisory team. This qualified board is made up of esteemed professionals such as Louis Iorio, M.D., Shawn Dillon, M.D., Yolandra Hancock, MD. and Paul Sullivan. Iorio knows a lot about orthopedic surgery matters. Dillon has significant knowledge that pertains to metabolic syndrome. Hancock understands the complex world of childhood obesity and how it negatively affects people. Sullivan, last but definitely not least, has in-depth knowledge that involves the creation of high-quality products.

IDLife focuses on a wide range of products. It creates products that are suitable for weight control and management. The company creates products that can aid individuals who wish to increase their energy levels substantially. It makes products that can help people enhance their daily skincare regimens. It even makes products that can accommodate children.

Logan Stout Social Media: twitter.com/LoganStout

Adam Milstein’s Roles in Real Estate and Philanthropy

As a Jewish philanthropist, Adam Milstein has been very successful advancing the cause of both Israeli-Americans and the nation of Israel in the United States. He has used his business acumen to run a variety of philanthropic organizations that advance the causes he believes in.

Milstein grew up in Israel and graduated from the esteemed university the Technion in 1978. He was an entrepreneur even while he was a student. His first business was built around selling art to temples across Israel. At first this business was very successful. As he relays the story this led him to buying a large amount of artwork to sell. Selling this artwork didn’t go near as well as he thought it would which led to it taking a long time to finally sell off. This taught him that you can’t expect success in a short time period and to instead build for longterm success instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Not long after graduating from the Technion Adam made his way to the United States. Once there he attended the University of Southern California and earned an MBA. After graduating he entered the field of real estate as a real estate commercial broker. His success in this endeavor led to him deciding to invest himself in real estate. He founded Hagar Pacific Properties and his company now owns a large variety of properties across America.

Just as important as real estate is to Milstein so is philanthropy. He is dedicated to helping Israeli-American’s improve their lives and their ties to their heritage as well as pushing back against anti-Semitism. He has a number of leadership roles among nonprofit organizations, including both those he joined and those he was a founder of. He often serves as a board member for these nonprofits for organizations such as AISH Los Angeles, the AIPAC National Council, and the Israel on Campus Coalition among a number of others. He also partnered with his wife in launching the Adam and Gila Family Foundation which helps Israeli-American’s identify with their Jewish roots and learn more about Jewish culture.

Eric Lefkofsky and his work at Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is well known throughout the Greater Chicago area for being a serial entrepreneur who specializes in creating companies with high value. His major contribution is in the form of funding Tempus, a company built to address concerns and develop research into researching ways that lingo cancer develops. Eric Lefkofsky has achieved considerable success in his field and seeks to continue research and development towards a greater understanding of cancer, and steps towards identifying the environmental factors behind lung cancer.

There are currently 29 employees at Tempus working on progressing the field of cancer research. Many of them have worked in high profile jobs in the past and have joined Tempus to work on important projects. Eric Lefkofsky has contributed to the field of cancer research in more than a few ways and currently donates to multiple organizations such as University of Michigan, Stanford, and his own personal fund. These contributions place Eric Lefkofsky as a well respected and key figure in the fight against cancer.

The major breakthroughs have come in the form of understanding the nature of lung cancer and identifying SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) as well as the effective costs of human genome sequencing. The knowledge base increased in the past fifteen years has contributed exponentially to the field of cancer research. Since co-founding Tempus in 2016, Erik and his staff have been able to considerably advance research in the field of lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. This has proven to be immeasurably important in the lives of people struggling with cancer. To know more about him click here.

The biggest barrier in cancer research that’s been crossed is the greater understanding of human genome sequencing and the lowered costs of developing and mapping a human genome. The costs have fallen substantially from over 100 million dollars per genome in 2003 to just under 500 dollars today. This sinking cost of genome sequencing contributes to the ongoing fight against cancer. Eric’s work has been instrumental in understanding and fighting lung cancer, and Tempus was built on that principle of improving human life.

David Giertz Counsels on Securing the Future

The question of whether employees are prepared for life after retirement is an issue that many fumbles. Many retire without a stable financial plan. According to David Giertz, a financial advisor; early planning is paramount for a financially stable retirement life.

Securing your retirement

Although there are elaborate government and private pension plans, it is never easy to save. Furthermore, it is hard to estimate how much one need after retirement. Saving one’s income for retirement is the ideal plan for many. However, the saving may not be enough for financial stability as Giertz advice. Therefore, one needs to think of other income opportunities.

Planning for retirement

Careful planning on investment decision is required on where, when and how to invest. First, one needs to be aware of his financial target by the time he/she retire. Then consider the amount of cash to save till retirement. Giertz states that one needs to save up to 15 times of their annual income if he/she has to retire by 60. The rate doubles if one plans to retire early.

The next step is looking for a flexible plan. For those planning early retirement Roth IRA is an ideal plan. It allows withdrawal without penalties but at a fee. However, it is only for those earning $118,000 per annum or less. For those earning more, there is the 401(K) plan. For the best decisions, David recommends one to seek financial expert advice.

For flexible investment, the best way is to have a brokerage account. Mr. Giertz state that the accounts give one access to stocks, currencies, and bond markets. Also, there is a health savings plan. The plan can save the retirees lots medical expenses which are a real burden at old age.

About David Giertz

David Giertz is an established inspirational and visionary leader. An MBA holder from the University of Miami, Giertz has over 30 years’ experience in financial matters. David is a certified broker with FINRA and Business consultant with WABC.

Since 2013 David has been the president of Nationwide Financial Distribution. Earlier he had served at the same company as the president of sales and distribution department. Also, he worked at Citigroup as the financial advisor as well as sales executive vice-president.

Glen Wakeman: Inspiring Start-up Enterpreneurs

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He studied at the University of Scranton where he attained a BS in Economics and Finance. He later joined the University of Chicago where he received his MBA in Finance. After his studies, Glen embarked on a career journey that has seen him become a force to reckon with in the business industry.



He began his career at GE Capital but later moved on to a financial firm. His work at this company was impressive and this earned him a position as the CEO and President of the company.

He also founded Nova Four which helps provide advice and capital access to start up companies. He is clearly a man with a keen eye when it comes to strategic investment. His work at LaunchPad Holdings is also commendable. As the CEO, Glen Wakeman leads the company in providing automated software services to entrepreneurs who are starting up in the market. This software enables the entrepreneurs to put their ideas into something workable for them. Glen Wakeman has several other duties such as CEO coaching and Board duties.


Due to his efficient work, Glen Wakeman has gone beyond borders. He’s responsible for overseeing operations in 30 regions globally. He has received recognition by GE’s Board of Directors as a role model in Growth Leadership (LinkedIn). He has not only achieved as an investor but as a writer as well. Glen is also Six Sigma Belt Certified. He has been the recipient of several awards both locally and internationally.

Glen Wakeman is a man who takes his work seriously (http://inspirery.com/glen-wakeman/). He likes keeping the society up to date when it comes to financial matters through his blog posts. He is also a mentor and is working with Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. He hopes to continue making a difference in the industry by motivating and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Omar Yunes Leads in Hospitality Industry

The cordiality business is described by merciless rivalry, which powers numerous organizations to close shop inside the initial couple of long stretches of their dispatch. Japanese eatery network Sushi Itto has challenged desires to end up noticeably a main brand in the neighborliness business. The eatery’s Mexican outlets are worked by Mexican business person, Omar Yunes. The business person was as of late perceived as the world’s Best Franchisee at a charming function that was held in Florence, Italy.

This honor was not shocking to the individuals who know Mr. Yunes in light of the fact that he has been immovably devoted towards guaranteeing that his business gives incredible administrations to its customers. He has made massive commitments to the neighborliness business by temperance of the brand that he speaks to. Mr. Yunes turned into the chain’s franchisee at a generally youthful age of 21 years. This speaks to 10% of the chain’s outlets. To know more about him click here.

Most extreme Commitment

While tolerating the respect, Omar communicated his pleasure and his appreciation towards his representatives since they shape the foundation of his outlets’ operations. Their dedication has empowered the administration to enhance, something that has helped his eateries to extend despite exceptional rivalry from different brands.

The service was gone to by delegates from more than 34 nations including Hungary, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, and Italy. Each franchisee was assessed in light of its unmistakable quality inside its system, and the commitments made as far as investment funds and information actualized, and how it inspires its representatives. Omar rose best because of the methodologies that he has set down, which have helped his establishment to acknowledge better administration of technically knowledgeable plans of action.

Mr. Omar in short

Omar is a powerful figure in the Mexican accommodation industry. Through his initiative, the eateries that he works have figured out how to cultivate greatness in item offerings and client mind. Notwithstanding joining with Sushi Itto at a youthful age, he has figured out how to fabricate an advantageous domain. Every one of its outlets in Mexico are hotspots, something that bears witness to the key administration that Omar gives. Other than running the eatery network, Mr. Yunes is additionally an effective land engineer with interests in New York and Polanco, Mexico.