Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics, & Cancer Therapy

The fight against cancer seems to be an ongoing process. This deadly disease has been around for many years wreaking havoc in people’s everyday lives. Over the past decade there have been some major advancements in cancer research. One of the very best organizations for making such advancements is known as Seattle Genetics of Bothell, Washington. This biotech giant specializes in the development and commercialization of cancer breakthrough therapies and commander in chief is Dr. Clay Siegall.

Cancer research has come along way throughout the years, but not it’s giving this illness a very deadly blow that comes in the form of (ADCs) Antibody Drug Conjugates. These advanced therapies deliver a striking blow straight into cancerous cells within the body. Another bonus of it’s action is that it spares all good cells in the body, which cuts down on the nasty side effects. Over the last 5 years, Seattle Genetics’ stock has tripled thanks to it’s innovative ways. Dr. Siegall has the knowledge, passion, and perseverance to see this thing to the end. The good doctor is well respected as well as accomplished. He’s the author of at least 70 publications, he currently holds 15 patents, and he’s won numerous industry related awards. Having such strong passion has improved the lives of many people throughout the years and his philanthropic nature is pushing him to do even more in the future.

The company’s flagship drug ADCETRIS is now being used in over 60 countries worldwide. Dr. Siegall’s business savvy approach has allowed the drug to be entered into multiple strategic licensing deals with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, and Pfizer. As of today, this drug has brought in hundreds of million of dollars for the company and there are many more advanced drugs that are waiting in the pipeline. All in all, this is cancer research at it’s finest and Dr. Clay Siegall is steering the ship well into the future.