Dr. Edward Honig, Cardiologist in New York

A trip to the doctor on a regular basis is important for keeping the body healthy and monitoring any possible diseases or conditions. Many people are keen on visiting a primary care doctor, but others won’t think twice about visiting a specialist unless a problem arises. Scheduling an appointment with a cardiologist will not only take the worry of knowing whether your heart is in good working condition or not, but it will also serve as an important mode of preventative medicine to detect any underlying problems that may need to be addressed immediately.

What do Cardiologists do?

Cardiologists are specialists with a medical doctor degree (MD) who have chosen to fulfill a residency in cardiology. Their study centers on the cardiovascular system and how the heart interacts with the rest of the body. Most patients who visit a cardiologist are referred to one from their primary physician if a heart problem is suspected or the primary care doctor cannot pinpoint an underlying related condition themselves. Cardiologists may work in clinics or hospitals and monitor the status of patients as well as work with other specialists.

Services Provided

Prior to seeing a cardiologist, a review of your medical history is made to keep the doctor up to date on your condition. They will check your general signs, such as blood pressure and temperature. They will also take notation of your weight and symptoms that may have brought you to the doctor’s office. Many cardiac procedures or non-invasive and check for the rhythm and general state of your heart through different stimuli. This may include:

  • ECG to record the electrical activity of the heart
  • Echocardiogram to produce a soundwave picture of your heart
  • Stress test to review your heart’s physical limitations

Blood tests may be ordered to check for chemical signals that tell of a certain condition. Many cardiologists also perform procedures such as the installing pacemakers or cardiac catheterizations to view the inside of the heart.

Dr. Edward Honig

In providing patient satisfaction and quality care, Dr. Edward Honig has made no compromises. He has been practicing medicine for 66 years of his life, and he continues to remain a top cardiologist in Glen Cove, New York. He graduated from Duke University’s School of Medicine and received his license to practice medicine in New York in 1952. In addition to specializing in cardiology, Dr. Edward Honig also has a board certification in internal medicine to his name.

Currently stationed at the Glen Cove hospital, Dr. Honig is empathetic to patients and the struggle of living with a heart condition. Detailed descriptions of treatment plans and tests are always given, and patients are confident that careful consideration is given to their unique situations.

The initiative to see a cardiologist shouldn’t only be taken if a problem is suspected. It is important to check your heart regularly because many conditions and diseases may not produce noticeable symptoms or ailments right away. A strong provider like Dr. Honig can deliver peace of mind in knowing your care is a priority.


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