Late in 2017, the Centre for Policy Studies launched an initiative that is meant to offer a podium for some fresh faces and policy thinking. The initiative labelled the New Generation aims to develop radical ideas that speak to the citizens’ aspirations and offer them a better future for post-Bretix Britain. This has led the CPS to launch four major policy programmes earlier this year that will help achieve the objective of creating policies that give people in Britain some genuine sense of control and power over their lives.

The CPS selected Tom Clougherty to head the tax and cost of living, one of the policy programmes just like welfare that was tasked to Rachel Wolf and Public First. Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal Trillium, was commissioned to chair the Housing Policy Group. The Economics’ graduate from Cambridge University was also selected to be a CPS Research Fellow that will work hand in hand with in-house experts to develop policies that deal with both house building and ownership; this is in addition to his CEO duties. This in no way comes as a surprise because Graham Edwards is known for his involvement in community roles outside his duties in Telereal Trillium (Wikipedia).

Graham Edwards’ appointment seems to be a wise decision since his track record speaks volume by itself. The investment expert who has been the CEO of United Kingdom’s leading privately-owned property company for 17 years has been credited with Telereal Trillium’s success over the years. This influential company was initially known as Telereal until 2009 when Graham Edwards led the negotiations to buy Trillium from Land Securities. That deal resulted to the company’s combined annual revenue topping £1 billion (

The philanthropic businessman has had an honour to work with forward-thinking organizations like Talisman Global Asset Management, where Graham Edwards acted as the chief investment officer. Graham Edwards also worked as a fund manager in Merrill Lynch Investment Management. Graham Edwards was also head of finance for the property department at the BT Group Plc.

During his stewardship in the companies, his enduring reputation of excellence has grown and this is what makes all eager to see what he will offer for the post-Brexit Britain.