Todd Lubar on helping others achieve their dreams

Financial businessman Todd Lubar knows how to run a business well. He has worked in a number of different industries but is at his best working in the finance and credit business. He has over 20 years of experience in that particular field. What he really loves to do is help people, which is at the core of his life’s work. Todd can accomplish this by helping ambitious people reach their dreams with the help of much needed loans. Through experience working in the financial field Mr. Lubar realized that people did not have access to loans due to many obstacles. He helps them achieve their dreams by getting them approved for those loans.

According to Patch, His rise to the top was not always so easy. One business deal in the beginning of his career went terribly wrong and Mr. Todd Lubar had to start all over again. He did not give up though, he kept going. That is a solid piece of advice that Todd has for others who want to start out in their career. Don’t give up and be persistent. Eventually you will get their with hard work and determination. Some of his most satisfying moments are when he helps people build their businesses from scratch and succeed. That is what motivated him to keep going each day. Todd looks to the future and hopes to continue doing what he loves which is helping people. You can visit Medium to see more.

Successful entrepreneur and businessman Todd Lubar. He is the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. Mr. Lubar also is the Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. He has also worked at Charter Funding as Senior Vice President, at Legacy Financial Group, and at Priority Financial services. For more details visit Inspirery.

Todd lives in the state of New Jersey with his family. He attended Syracuse University and get a BA in Speech Communication. His first job was at Crestar Mortage Corporation from 1995 to 1999. Todd Lubar has even owned many businesses in very different sectors such as the nightclub industry, the demolition industry, and the recycling industry. This has made him well versed in any type of business he chooses to do.

Desiree Perez Secures Her Place at the Top of the Entertainment Industry

The decision to expand the Roc Nation brand from its roots in the music industry to include a newly developed sports agency and almost every aspect of the entertainment industry has seen the importance of Desiree Perez to the group grow. After working with Roc Nation founder, Shawn Carter, better known as rapper Jay-Z since the establishment of his SC Enterprises, Desiree Perez has now become one of the most trusted members of his Roc Nation circle of influence; the lack of a traditional management structure at Roc Nation has allowed Perez to become knowledgeable of all areas of the entertainment industry.

The music industry is leading the way with a number of high-profile female executives making their way to the top of the industry in a positive and important way. Billboard’s recent list of the top female executives in the entertainment industry includes Desiree Perez largely because of the tough negotiating style she has developed over the years to build the Roc Nation brand in a successful way; a decade ago, Desiree Perez negotiated the partnership agreement between Roc Nation and Live Nation in a deal changing the face of the entertainment industry and putting the Jay-Z founded label on the map for mainstream music fans.

Desiree Perez is not solely known for her negotiating skills but also brings with her a positive experience for the artists she chooses to mentor for the label. One of those who has seen something of a career renaissance under the guidance of Desiree Perez is Rihanna, who has seen her career reach new heights with the aid of the experienced entertainment executive. In building new partnerships between Roc Nation and many major entertainment industry brands, Desiree Perez hopes to bring about a new way of mentoring new artists as they build their own brand in popular culture.

Eric Lefkofsky and his work at Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is well known throughout the Greater Chicago area for being a serial entrepreneur who specializes in creating companies with high value. His major contribution is in the form of funding Tempus, a company built to address concerns and develop research into researching ways that lingo cancer develops. Eric Lefkofsky has achieved considerable success in his field and seeks to continue research and development towards a greater understanding of cancer, and steps towards identifying the environmental factors behind lung cancer.

There are currently 29 employees at Tempus working on progressing the field of cancer research. Many of them have worked in high profile jobs in the past and have joined Tempus to work on important projects. Eric Lefkofsky has contributed to the field of cancer research in more than a few ways and currently donates to multiple organizations such as University of Michigan, Stanford, and his own personal fund. These contributions place Eric Lefkofsky as a well respected and key figure in the fight against cancer.

The major breakthroughs have come in the form of understanding the nature of lung cancer and identifying SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) as well as the effective costs of human genome sequencing. The knowledge base increased in the past fifteen years has contributed exponentially to the field of cancer research. Since co-founding Tempus in 2016, Erik and his staff have been able to considerably advance research in the field of lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer. This has proven to be immeasurably important in the lives of people struggling with cancer. To know more about him click here.

The biggest barrier in cancer research that’s been crossed is the greater understanding of human genome sequencing and the lowered costs of developing and mapping a human genome. The costs have fallen substantially from over 100 million dollars per genome in 2003 to just under 500 dollars today. This sinking cost of genome sequencing contributes to the ongoing fight against cancer. Eric’s work has been instrumental in understanding and fighting lung cancer, and Tempus was built on that principle of improving human life.

Tony Petrello Donates $7 Million to the Texas Children’s Hospital

Many people recognize Tony Petrello as the CEO of Nabors Industries. However, he is also a philanthropist. His philanthropic efforts are aimed at helping kids born with neurological disorders to lead better lives. Tony Petrello donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital to facilitate the hospital initiate research into the cause of neurological disorders in kids.

Petrello is passionate about helping children born with neurological disorders as his daughter Carena, 8, was born with periventricular leukomalacia. The condition makes it hard for Carena to learn things at the same rate as healthy kids. In fact, as an 8-year-old, Carena is learning to chew solid food, walk, and communicate. Carena has been an inspiration to Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, as the two decided that they will fund projects meant to help their kid and others like her.

Of course, when medical practitioners diagnosed Carena with the condition, Petrello and Cynthia set out to help her get treatment. The two researched the best medical facilities both in America and internationally and concluded that information on Carena’s condition was limited. Also, they discovered that Texas Children’s Hospital was one of the leading medical facilities regarding the management of neurological disorders. Petrello’s donation was meant to improve the facility’s ability to manage the numerous neurological disorders afflicting thousands of children across America. In 2007, Petrello persuaded Dan Duncan, the Chairman and Director of Enterprise Products, to donate a whopping $50 million towards equipping the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Duncan’s donation was used to build Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.
Petrello donated $150,000 towards an annual prize meant to commemorate Serge Lang. Lang was a mathematics professor at Yale before his demise last year. Lang and Petrello worked together on various mathematical theories including Lang’s number theory while Petrello was an undergraduate student at Yale University. It is imperative to mention that Petrello’s abilities in math were above par.

Petrello is an alumnus of Yale University and the Harvard Law School. He started out his career with Baker & McKenzie in 1979. Seven years later, he became the managing partner at the firm. In 1991, Petrello joined Nabors Industries, the largest land driller with interests in oil, natural gas, and geothermal. Before reaching the helm of the company, Petrello served in different positions including as a directors and the executive committee of the Nabors’ board and chief operating officer. Presently, he is the CEO as well as the Chairman of the Board.

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Whitney Wolfe’s Colorful Wedding

After establishing a successful career and having helped other people find the people they match with, it is only fair that such an individual gets to have their match. Well, it was a dream come true for Whitney Wolfe, the chief executive officer of Bumble, an app that has been bringing people together. She found her love of life and got married in what many would refer to as the most colorful celebrity wedding. She tied the knot with her lover Michael Herd. The wedding ceremony was held at Villa Treville which is in Positano along the coast of Amalfi, Italy. The wedding made it clear that Whitney will not use her dating site to look for her partner soon.

By use of the groom’s last name, the couple came up with the most creative hashtag that stated #home is where the herd is. Michael, the day’s groom is the heir if the Texas oil company. Everything about the wedding was glamorous. The décor was out of this world. They chose a destination that gave the guests an unobstructed view of the Italian coast. Whitney Wolfe wore a beautiful cathedral length Oscar De La Renta gown, that was V-shaped at the back. Many wedding websites were left talking about this dress. When the night came, Whitney Wolfe wore a little dress that glittered when the newlyweds danced as man and wife. Many people took the opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds on various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Besides her wedding, her dating app has also made Whitney Wolfe take the center of many conversations. The app was first launched in the year 2014. Within a short time, it gained a lot of popularity. Over 18 million individuals are using this app in over 10 countries. While in other dating apps everyone is allowed to start a conversation, the case is different for Bumble. It is only women that are allowed to make the first move. This way, the cases of bullying have significantly reduced.

The app has most recently upgraded its system with photo verification, in the attempt of reducing the number of fake profiles. The app also prohibits people from sending nudes. If you do, you are reported, banned or publicly shaped. In the app. There is a new mode known as BFF mode. Here, the websites suggest potential BFF to individuals in search of new best friends.

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Julia Jackson: In a Wine State of Mind

Proprietor Julia Jackson of Family Wine Collection is one of the most important facets of the business. She’s also a salesperson and a representative of this prominent brand. Julia Jackson was born back in 1988. Her parents, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, started this company back before Julia was born in 1982. Julia and her siblings would help their father by sorting and picking grapes. The family has number of wineries across the globe, and these wineries helped build the person she is today. Even when she was a little girl, her father would make her go outside and pick grapes. Sometimes this would be in hot temperature conditions, but this helped to instill the appreciation of hard work, which would carry over into their adult lives.

Julia entrenched herself into vintification after graduating college. She was enrolled in an intense general management program at Stanford University, which happen to come in handy later in life. Julia also earned a B.A. from Scripps College in studio art. Having worked at her family’s winery in France for so long, she learned the French language, and she spoke it rather fluently. Of course, she taught a sixth-grade French class while being an undergraduate while she was in college. Julia has even done a bit of professional modeling at one point in time and what Julia Jackson knows.

Working so closely with international contacts require a lot of travelling. Thanks to her role in the company, travelling is just another part of the business and she’s use to it. Family Wine Collection can now be introduced to a broader audience. Capensis Chardonnay is one of the brands that’s from South Africa. This brand of wine is produced in clay soils and in high elevations, which gives it exceptional natural acidity and a fine peach aroma. Julia does a lot for Seeds of Empowerment. This is her very own nonprofit organization, and it is all about the empowerment of females. This woman has a full schedule, but she manages to keep it all together. This is the epitome of a wine state of mind and Julia Jackson’s lacrosse camp.

The World and Human Rights

Given human nature, there is a need for human rights activists. Fortunately, there are quite a few human rights activists that are fighting for the rights of other human beings in different countries. Activists are doing everything they can to not only speak on the issues of human rights, but to also participate in the fight in order to make sure that liberty and justice is experienced by people in some of the more tyrannically ruled countries. While there are activists that have only a theoretical knowledge, there are some that have experienced some of the injustices of the world and are looking to get rid of it because of their experiences.

Among the human rights activists that have experienced injustices is Thor Halvorssen. He is one of the people that have not only experienced injustice, but has also come from parents that have experienced injustice partially because of what they know and stand for. With a father that has been imprison and a mother that has been shot, Thor Halvorssen is one of the people that have experienced first hand the consequences of human rights violations. Therefore, he is very passionate about bringing forth justice in an unjust world. Click here to watch video.

One thing that is admirable about Thor is that he has a lot of energy that he is willing to put forth towards the cause. He is also someone that has a genuine love for humans and people. This is actually a required trait in order to have a desire to fight for the rights of others. He is also someone that stands against injustice, no matter what side is doing the injustice. He is neither a right wing or a left wing type of person. He wants justice for all, no matter what political affiliation they associate themselves with.