Campaign Financing and the End Citizens United

In the recent Supreme Court decision released in 2010 involving the End Citizens United and the Federal Election Commission is alarming. The decision surprised the entire American political arena. As such, End Citizens United seeks to oppose the viability of the court ruling due to the developing adverse effects of the decision in America. The Political action committee (PAC) End Citizens United aims at restoring democracy by fighting the law that allows for campaign financing.

Notably, each generation signifies significant changes to the American political atmosphere. The numerous controversial events that have since been presented in courts give way for a totally different political ground for the country, depending on their contributions to politics. The cases brought about consequences that had a great role in shaping the political culture in America. Such situations include the Brown and Board of education in 1954 as well as Dred Scott versus Sandford in 1957 among others. Citizens United seems the unforgettable Supreme Court case of the current generation. The ruling on this case raised various controversies in the American Political System. The Citizens United has greatly contributed to political pushbacks in the country. As such, various political bodies are on a move to defeat the End Citizens ruling while still trying to find means of changing the current court decision legally.

However, the case on the End Citizens United Court ruling dates back from 2008 during the Democratic Presidential primaries. It was when the conservative group, Citizens United tried to air a film to attack Hillary Clinton. Later, the Federal Election Commission established that the film which was 90-minutes long was a form of a campaign ad for the candidate. Despite the requirement of the then federal election laws on the identification of the sources of funding for political ads, Citizens United did not disclose this information. Citizens United presented a case to challenge the Federal Election Commission which was ruled in the favor of the organization. Two years down the line, the Supreme Court changed the federal court ruling on Citizens United and also overturned many other campaign financing case laws. The court ruling gave way for U.S Corporations to fully express their interests on the electoral process in the country. The government does not have control over the amount of money or the activities of corporations in influencing election outcomes.

End Citizens United is a foundation established in March 2015. It seeks to select campaign financing reformers to overthrow Citizens United.

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