Securus Technologies Seeks to Eliminate Dangerous Prison Contraband

The ability for prison inmates to secretly communicate with the outside world poses a danger to ordinary citizens and threatens public safety. Ex-corrections officer, Robert Johnson, knows that danger all too well. In March 2010, Johnson was the victim of an attempt on his life in his home in South Carolina. The attack in which Johnson was shot six times in the stomach and the chest was ordered and paid for by an inmate using a cell phone that had been smuggled to him in prison. Johnson survived the attack, but there have been other examples, such as that of Kendarius Edward, a nine-month-old baby targeted because of a dispute with his uncle, whose murder was contracted using a contraband cell phone. Fortunately, new technology is being used to detect and disrupt contraband cell phone usage.


Deployed in several correctional facilities in the U.S., Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution (WCS) uses cellular technology to block outgoing cell signals to contraband cell phones. WCS works by broadcasting a powerful signal that mimics the frequency range of national cellular carriers to attract the contraband cell phones. Once connected all calls are intercepted allowing the prison staff to monitor and determine what calls are allowed to go through and which calls to block. The system maintains a list of allowed numbers and numbers that are unauthorized.


Deployment of systems like Securus’ WCS continues to increase as the government makes way for correctional facilities to leverage contraband interdiction technology. The FCC, which regulates the broadcast frequencies uses by cell phone providers voted in March of 2017 to simplify the process prisons are required to follow to obtain and deploy the technology.


Fortunately, the story of Robert Johnson doesn’t end with his horrific shooting. He now works as a consultant for Securus Technologies where he promotes and advocates for the adoption of the technology that could have possibly prevented the attempt on his life.


ClassDojo Changing The Way Teacher And Parent Conferences Are Conducted

For many decades, school systems have used a traditional way of establishing and maintaining communication between teachers and parents. The way that has been used almost exclusively is the physical face-to-face meeting between the teacher and parent. While this way of communicating between teachers and parents has many benefits, there have been many changes in the way schools operate both in the classroom and at the administrative level.


One of the biggest changes has been the use of technology. With the vast array of technology innovations that have been introduced over the past few decades, technology has become an integral part of the classroom and school administration. The use of technology has transformed the way education is introduced and delivered in classrooms. Also, the way school systems utilize technology has changed the way education is managed on the administrative level.


Although a lot of progress has been made regarding technology use in the classroom and in school systems, there are still various areas where technology has not been utilized or utilized sparingly. One of these areas concerns the communication between teachers and parents. Most school systems still depend on the traditional teacher and parent conference.


There is nothing wrong with a physical meeting between teachers and parents to discuss the progress of students in the classroom or to discuss aspects of the school system. However, the use of technology would be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teacher and parent communication.


A technology company that is helping to provide technology based solutions for teacher and parent communication is ClassDojo. The company has an app that is utilized in thousands of schools across the country that is helping teachers in the classroom along with school administrators.


The app is used by many school systems to bring classroom tasks and administrative tasks to the digital age. With the app developed by ClassDojo, teachers are able to place many classroom related tasks on the app network platform that is accessible throughout the school. One of the tasks that the app helps with is communication between teachers and parents.


ClassDojo has raised 21 million dollars regarding the app to help provide added features and functionality to the app. The app has been well received in the schools where it is currently being used.