Brian Bonar Recieves Honor From Cambridge Who’s Who

Brian Bonar was named this June in the Cambridge Who’s Who as its executive of the Year in Finance. Brian is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial. Dalrada Financial Corporation is a financial services company that provides business solutions to small and medium-sized companies.

The services they supply include staffing, human resources, administration, payroll processing and a host of other services that are necessary for a business to have. By having these necessities outsourced it gives the businesses that are customers of Dalrada more time to focus on their core business mission.

Being named in the Cambridge Who’s Who is a special honor for Brian because only two male and two female members in each discipline are named each year to these recognized executive positions.

The executives that fill these spots are chosen by Cambridge’s selection committee based on the executive’s accomplishments professionally, their leadership abilities, and their academic achievements.

According to Spokeo, When you look closely at Brian’s career you can clearly see why he was chosen by Who’s Who. He has over 30 years of management experience in his profession as a financial professional. Because of his depth of experience he has served as Dalrada’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. These positions make him responsible for a host of employee, employee benefit, and aftermarket products.

The Main function of Dalrada is to act as a company Marketing Liaison, supplying the company’s clients with an extensive variety of employee and management programs that are designed to increase the clients business efficiency.

These products include risk management insurance, workers compensation packages, financial management packages, and business management services.

The Company’s name, Dalrada, means the Stone of Destiny. This stone was an ancient British relic fought over by many nations, revered for centuries and it was used by British Monarchs as an important part of their enthronement ceremonies. It has always embodied perseverance, valor, dedication, and vision which are the same values today that Dalrada Financial holds.

According to myth, the Stone of Destiny originally was brought from the holy land during the crusades and was what Jacob, the patriarch of the Israelites, used as a pillow in Biblical times. It was then transported to Egypt, Sicily, then Spain and finally taken to Ireland where Saint Patrick blessed it for use in crowning the Kings of Ireland.

It was also used in the coronation ceremonies of the Kingdom of Dalrada and became the traditional coronation stone of Scottish Kings and Queens until it was stolen by King Edward 1st of England. In 1996 the Stone of Destiny was finally returned to Scotland and installed in Edinburgh Castle.

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