Life Line Screening’s Belief of Prevention is Better than Cure

Life Line Screening or LLS is an organization, which is committed to provide health knowledge to individuals through reliable preventative screening. The organization identifies risks through screening, for instance, carotid artery disease, stroke, and abdominal aortic aneurysm. LLS undertakes safe, non-invasive and painless preventive screen. The organization has professional technicians who use standard hospital equipment to perform preventive screening action.

Preventative Health Screening

Life Line Screening performs ultrasound screening, a technique of imaging internal body structures using sound waves. The organization makes use of an ultrasound technology called Doppler color flow, which gives out accurate and reliable images.

Life Line Screening carries out finger-stick blood screening, involves taking a few drops of blood for screening. Further, LLS offers blood screening such as glucose screening, complete lipid panel screening, and elevated liver enzymes screening.

Life Line Screening performs limited electrocardiograph. This screening is done to identify atrial fibrillation, which is a common heart disorder that increases the risk of stroke. The organization conducts an EKG, which is quick and non-invasive.

How Life Line Screening Assists an Individual’s Wellness

Life Line Screening offers individuals the Life Screening Health E-Newsletter, which helps them to stay focused on their wellness. LLS assists individuals who want to change their lifestyles to achieve a better control of diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Other Involvements of Life Line Screening

The Corporate Wellness Program of Life Line Screening establishes a path for employees and members to take control of their wellness and health. Further, LLS does the above through educating employees on the benefits of health screenings, chronic disease prevention, as well as the significance of participating in the program. Life Line Screening empowers employees by assisting them to know about their recent biometric and ultrasound screening outcomes. Life Line Screening is confidentiality with the employee’s results by sending the outcome to their home.