ClassDojo-Helping Kids to Enrich their Learning Through Communication

ClassDojo is a new way to experience the classroom by opening up the lines of communication. ClassDojo is an advanced app that allows parents, teachers, and students to communicate with each other. ClassDojo is helping to encourage students to work hard, be kind, and to help others. It is also giving students a voice. It is also an app that is helping parents to stay connected with their kids throughout the school day.

With ClassDojo it is possible for parents and teachers to message each other throughout the school day without having to exchange telephone numbers or make calls. ClassDojo is making it possible for school leaders, teachers, and principles to connect together and to create an awesome community together.

The ClassDojo app is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and on any computer and is always a free app for teachers to use. ClassDojo is used by 90% of schools in the US and 20% of the ClassDojo team has a teaching background.

ClassDojo has many features that make it not only unique but easy to use. The classroom feature allows teachers and students to build their culture within the classroom and they can share feedback and progress with each other.

The messages feature lets teachers, parents, and school teachers message each other in order to stay in constant contact and teachers have the option to set certain times aside for “Quiet Hours.”

Stories allow streams of media to be updated instantly from every school day and Class Story helps teachers to share with the families connected to their class. Student Stories gives students the freedom to create their very own unique story such as a timeline or portfolio comprise of everything that they have learned and the Big Ideas feature helps student to enrich their learning even further.

ClassDojo Is Changing The Schooling Community For The Better

There is quite a large market for educational tools, many of which offer various ways of teaching different subjects or helping students learn more effectively in general. ClassDojo’s platform for education takes a different approach to improving the quality of education for students, and it does this by greatly improving on communication available between parents, instructors, and students. By using ClassDojo, parents are able to constantly communicate with teachers to get feedback on what happening in school for events, activities, and most especially their child’s progress. Parent involvement and engagement with their children during their education is important for making sure they develop and learn properly, and ClassDojo goes a long way in enabling parents to provide encouragement and feedback to their kids as well.

Teachers that are participating in ClassDojo can easily monitor their students through the application to provide feedback and notes, while also adding to the class board, adding things such as pictures, videos, stories, and more. In this manner, students can connected and view moments that have passed in the classroom throughout the entire school year.

Communication has always been lacking in the school environment and this is largely what inspired Sam and Liam to found ClassDojo in the first place, to make education a better experience for kids. As former teachers themselves, the duo want to improve the educational system without taking advantage either, which is why they developed and support ClassDojo completely free of charge for anyone who wants to participate. All that is required to join up today is an invitation from a classroom’s instructor and to download the platform on any compatible device, such as smartphones. As technology continues to advance, ClassDojo will improve on the platforms features as well as expand their reach further.

Many teachers have already experienced the great level of communication and changes to student attitudes towards education from using ClassDojo in the classroom. ClassDojo has been so widely accepted in fact that classrooms through more than two thirds of all schools in the country have started using the program since 2011, and they have plans to expand the platforms reach even further in the near future.