The RealReal is the Real Deal

Retail is not dead, but it is suffering from an identity crisis. Brick and mortar stores and online retailers are looking for ways to balance consumer demands for both easy mobile buying options and value-added tactile shopping experiences. The RealReal, a premier online luxury consignor, is now taking it to the streets and showing everyone it can be done.

In 2011, Julie Wainright, entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer, honed in on a clear message from retail consumers. Once bargain-obsessed shoppers were fed up with cheap goods and fake merchandise and were embracing the idea that purchasing high quality items with more intrinsic worth could be more cost effective. Wainright saw her niche and knew she could open the luxury goods market to consumers hungry for value. The RealReal was born.

By eliminating sticker shock, The RealReal lures in customers by offering gently preowned designer fashions, jewelry, and home goods at prices much lower than full retail. Brand-familiar buyers can purchase a high-end handbag or diamond tennis bracelet on its website with complete confidence, knowing that each item is expertly authenticated. The same customers can then tap the resale value of the unused luxury items in their closet by consigning with The RealReal.

Looking to build on the success of the company’s on-line only platform, CEO Wainright wanted to entice the more hesitant buyer to the brand and knew only a complete luxury experience would be enough. The RealReal trialed its first pop-up shop in New York in 2016 and reportedly cashed in on over two million dollars in sales. It was a hit!

The RealReal cut the ribbon on its new, well-appointed SoHo store in November of 2017 and will take advantage of the burgeoning pop-up store concept to generate brand awareness in new markets across the US. Allison Sommer, the company’s marketing director believes 2018 will bring The RealReal a chance to impress consumers with the value it offers.

With seven million international members, The RealReal is proving to be the real deal.

Susan McGalla Represents Women in Leadership

Companies embracing both gender or ethnic diversity are witnessed to outperform. The varied ideas and multiple perspectives in the business contribute to companies’ growth. However, statistics indicate that only small fraction of C-Level jobs in S&P 500 corporations has women leaders.

Most women work hard to reach executive positions within institutions. However, others like Susan McGalla are among the lucky women leaders. Her upbringing contributed to her success. Susan was taught to work for what she desired. Being the only girl in her family was not an option to get what she wanted, but had to struggle harder to attain it. These are lessons Susan embrace to date, and have helped her succeed in life in achieving several executive positions.

McGalla climbed the ranks of leadership in the American Eagle Outfitters. During her enrollment in the company, all high-level positions were held by men. Before she left the company, she was the then president. Susan established the P3 Executive Consulting where she serves as the business strategy and creative development vice president for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Some women are not lucky to have the kind of opportunities encountered by Susan McGalla. However, numerous initiatives provide platforms for women to address their professional challenges and learn new business trends. They enable women to connect with others in their industry as well as offer strategies for them to plan their business.

These women networks have been supporting and connecting women. They work to prove that women are as capable as men and can as well perform and earn a high level position in any institution. However, these initiatives have not managed to address the resistance to change in women leadership. There is need to examine and identify the real solutions to increasing women leaders.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla, an expert in consultant in marketing, branding, talent management, holds a degree in BA from Mount Union College. She started her career at Joseph Horne Company before joining American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. in 1994. Susan held several management positions in the company where she later got promoted to the chief merchandising officer and the president positions.

The American businesswoman is a board member at HFF Inc. a company that offers viable real estate services. Susan is the University of Pittsburgh former trustee. She works at the Allegheny Conference on Community Development in the capacity of a director.

IDLife and the Wellness World

Logan Stout lives in Frisco, Texas. That’s the main reason Hurricane Harvey had such a big impact on him. The IDLife Chief Executive Officer and Founder simply couldn’t ignore the awful effects of this massive natural disaster. He, because of that, was at the helm of a project that aimed to provide its victims with supplies that could help them get their lives moving forward again. IDLife is a company that focuses on all varieties of wellness and health items. Stout is the kind of person who gets a lot out of doing selfless things for others around him. He even assisted victims by offering ample space in warehouses.

IDLife, just like Stout himself, is located in friendly Frisco. It’s on John W. Elliott Drive and has a convenient location within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex community. Custom nutrition is the main concept behind IDLife. IDLife is short for “individually designed life.” Stout established the company with the knowledge that all human beings are totally different. They all have their own specific nutritional requirements. That means that they can all benefit from nutrition options that are 100 percent customized. IDLife’s objective is to assist people who want to get on track to wellness and happiness.

Logan Stout is IDLife’s passionate head. There are numerous other industrious professionals who work for the firm as well. Laura Brandt, first and foremost, works as the President of IDLife. Other key members of the staff at IDLife are Chief Financial Officer Joe O’Connor, Director of Field Leadership Scott Unclebach and Executive Vice President of Field Development Darryl Smith. IDLife also has the assistance of a highly respected scientific medical advisory team. This qualified board is made up of esteemed professionals such as Louis Iorio, M.D., Shawn Dillon, M.D., Yolandra Hancock, MD. and Paul Sullivan. Iorio knows a lot about orthopedic surgery matters. Dillon has significant knowledge that pertains to metabolic syndrome. Hancock understands the complex world of childhood obesity and how it negatively affects people. Sullivan, last but definitely not least, has in-depth knowledge that involves the creation of high-quality products.

IDLife focuses on a wide range of products. It creates products that are suitable for weight control and management. The company creates products that can aid individuals who wish to increase their energy levels substantially. It makes products that can help people enhance their daily skincare regimens. It even makes products that can accommodate children.

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Sheldon Lavin Fosters the Growth of OSI Group to Global Status

Only a handful of people have the drive to scour their career path to global recognition. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group LLC, an internationally renowned meat processing firm. Currently, he also serves in an equal capacity as the president of OSI International Foods Ltd and still plays a significant role in the firm’s daily operations.

He developed a keen interest in the industry in 1970 when he arranged the financing for the first meat processing plant, managed by Otto Kolshowski family in West Chicago, Illinois. Branded initially as Otto & Sons, the facility later changed to OSI Industries. Sheldon’s continued affiliation with the company led him to assume a partnership deal that has since, seen him become the owner. OSI Group LLC today boasts of over 60 branches in 17 different countries.

“I have always envisioned myself as an entrepreneur. My academic background was majorly finance and accounting. Hence, I followed that path,” remarked Sheldon, in an interview with CEOCFO Magazine. “From the start; my tacit mandate was to elevate the company to be a world-class processing firm.”

Career Achievements

His high-profile entrepreneurial skills have received accolades from key industrial players. On February 20, 2016, he was the recipient of the highly coveted Global Visionary Award presented by the Vision World Academy in India. Speaking about his deserved feat, Sheldon Lavin said, “I am honored and humbled to receive a prestigious award as such, and I take pride in the efforts I have expended toward steering OSI Group to the global status it enjoys today.” Besides that, he is dedicated to the company’s welfare and the entire personnel fraternity.

Under his management, the company has also received several awards for environmental conservation and sustainability. According to Lavin, that’s a course that the next generation of corporate managers will hold in high regard. When inquisitions about his career successes, he said that his unspoken obligation is to be an inspiration to fledgling entrepreneurs, so they manage their respective company’s responsibly in a bid to push global commerce to higher scalability, while creating development opportunities for their staffs.

His Involvement in Charity

Apart from his business life, Sheldon Lavin involves himself in philanthropic deeds, in partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which shows passionate affinity to helping the less fortunate in the community. His vision for OSI Group is to carry on having profitable growth, expanding its services to high degree outcomes in all respects.

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George Soros has ‘self-made’ score of 10 according to Forbes

George Soros, an 87-year-old billionaire-investor was born in Hungary but later ditched home for America. Forbes recognized him as the ‘self-made’ man, with personal net worth of about $25.2 billion. He acquired his wealth through Hedge Fund management, a career he started after graduating from London School of Economics.While at the campus, Soros showed a lot of determination, he worked as a waiter and porter at the Railways and at the same time studying. After school, he went to New York and started his career at Wall Street, a place where he founded his first ever business of hedge fund in the year 1992 with a seed capital of $12 million.

With the help of his friend Druckenmiller, Soros made a fortune through British pound which acted as the base for his today’s prowess in investment industry through his firm Soros Fund Management. He also employed competent team lead by Dawn Fitzpatrick (as Chief Investment Officer), to manage his investments portfolios and head the company. George Soros has a United States’ citizenship and lives in Katonah in New York. In 2017, he was ranked number 29 in the Forbes Billionaires and number 19 in Forbes 400 in the year 2016.George Soros is also known for his philanthropic activities where he supports charities and non-governmental organizations. He has donated over $13 billion towards human rights groups who are fighting for reformations and better education as well as the health facilities globally.

George Soros also advances his agendas of helping people through his political supports. He supports leaders he perceives to be having real plans for the people. In America’s politics, George Soros is known for showing his support through his generous donations towards the candidates of his choice.Article published in Politico Magazine showed that George Soros used over $24 million back in the year 2004 with the aim of defeating President George W. Bush. George also supported Barack Obama in 2008 through his donations of $2 million.He also donated over $25 million to support Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful race for the White House as shown by official records of Federal Election Commission, the Politico article added.

George Soros also donated $7 million towards the support of super PAC, a group that supported Hillary Clinton called Priorities USA Action among other political groups.George Soros’ giving was seen as a catalyst for other rich people who followed suit; they include Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, and Haim Saban among other wealthy activists. George Soros also supported voters’ mobilization groups as well as candidates with policies that were in line with his beliefs. In 2015, he with other wealthy activists formed Democratic Alliance which a goal of support groups with long-term objectives regarding improving community’s welfare and climate.

Dr. Scott Rocklage a True Business Professional

Dr. Scott Rocklage is an entrepreneur that believes in helping others reach higher heights. Dr. Rocklage works with 5AM Ventures. He has been affiliated with this company since 2003. Dr. Rocklage has served the company in multiple roles including as a Venture Partner and a Managing Partner. One accomplishment that Dr. Rocklage is proud of is his strategic leadership responsibilities that led to FDA approval of three U.S. New Drug Applications (Omniscan™, Teslascan® and Cubicin®).


Dr. Scott Rocklage is a brave risk taker. He feels that you do best when you control your own future through entrepreneurship not by choosing to work for major companies. He works with entrepreneurs in a variety of professions and assists them in organizing shaping their ideas into solutions that will hopefully meat unmet medical needs. He encourages new entrepreneurs to stay true to what your business knows how to do well and not stray too far from your strengths. This is critical when times are difficult. Some feel it might be easier to try something that is currently trending. He also encourages new entrepreneurs to stay focused on the long term goal that you have established.


One strength Dr. Rocklage has is his ability to spot new trends. This is a strength Dr. Rocklage has developed over the past 30 years. He feels that one current trend is the explosive growth in being able to target unique ways to treat cancer. This has resulted in the extension of peoples lives. He feels that additional improvements will be developed in the near future, which he considers exciting. 5AM Ventures is one company definitely worth following moving forward.

Working Hard As A Woman Like Susan McGalla

While there are merits to being a social justice warrior, one of the best ways to succeed is through hard work and passion. Fortunately, Susan McGalla was very passionate about the business of fashion and was willing to bring forth many different ideas to the companies that she has worked for. Given that she enjoyed her job, she has shown not only a great work ethic, but a lot of insight that has gotten her leadership positions. She has also shown a lot of skill in marketing which has brought the companies that she has worked for greater levels of success.


Given that Susan McGalla has experienced a long career of success, she is qualified to speak to women as a role model and a coach. When she speaks, her message is different from other women speakers. For one thing, she makes sure that her speech is the representation of equality. This means she avoids pandering to women about the usual issues that they are faced with. She does not dwell on the problem for too long. She instead focuses on solutions that are practical. She is also someone who recommends that women find something that they are passionate about so that they can earn the money needed to succeed.


One of the reasons that Susan McGalla is a hard working role model is that she has been raised to consider everyone she talks to as a person. She addresses them as individuals and not as their gender. This is a lot like her father when he coached her. He did not give her any special treatment because of her gender. Therefore, she has learned to work and play alongside her brothers as part of the team. One thing that her father has made clear is that she is a person. She has taken this lesson with her throughout her life.


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Troy McQuagge Shows Professionalism and Passion

In 1982, Troy McQuagge graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Legal Studies. This accomplishment would take him many different places in his life. Yet he always seemed interested in insurance sales, starting out he worked for Allstate Insurance. Working for them for several years allowed McQuagge to become knowledgeable in his industry. He moved to UICI/Health market twenty-two years later. While at UICI/Health he broke many records, setting the standard high for himself. Eventually he moved over to USHEALTH Corporation where he became the President. With a passion for people, the sales industry was a natural place for Troy McQuagge.

When he joined the company, McQuagge focused on the company’s captive distribution agency. His focus and success of the project made him a shoe-in for the Chief Executive Officer position only four short years after his hiring. He made a promise at the start of his position that he would continue his record breaking sales and work hard to communicate with the board, thus creating a company that is sustainable in many different aspects, including social responsibility. Since he took office, the company has seen unprecedented growth for the individual health insurance market. USHEALTH focuses on taking care of the self-employed and small business industry.

Proof that he has done such a great job comes from winning multiple awards. A few of these include the 2017 Gold Award for National Sales Team of the year, 2016 Most Innovative CEO of the Year, and 2015 Fastest Growing Company of the Year. One of the most recent one is CEO of the Year by the prestigious One Award. This award honors both businesses and professionals from around the world, and eligibility can come from any industry- large to small. Given McQuagge’s track record it is not a wonder that he won this award and I am sure USHEALTH corporation looks forward to him winning many more.



Basics Worth Highlighting About Vinny Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a highly regarded financial analyst who has been in the industry long enough. From time to time he takes an initiative of uploading educational videos inclined towards condition of the financial markets, advice on investments as well as enlightening individuals on how to remain financially responsible. Currently Vinny holds office as AXA Advisors’ Senior Executive Vice President. Having over seventeen years of experience is something that has also made him quite effective in his administration roles.

How the Customer Service at AXA Impacts People’s Businesses

AXA requires you to register with them and acquire an I.D, after which you will have login details that will help you access customer care for inquiries when need be. Through AXA Advisors, you will get essential information that will serve as the primary tools to propel your venture to the next level. As well, they provide resourceful information on planning for your client’s retirement plans.


The Model Employed by AXA in Ensuring Growth of Businesses


As the enterprise grows, one inevitable thing is that you will attract talent. For you to maintain growth, you have to nurture a reliable team that will be ready to use their talents to impact the venture’s growth. As well, you also want to make sure that the business is safe from any unexpected catastrophe. It also applies to your family, and that is why in their concept, AXA provides you with alternatives through which you can sustain your employees, the venture and your family. Their all-inclusive package is not something you want to bypass you for whatever reason. They are good at customizing strategies depending on the specific business’ need.




If you are planning on making your latter days great, you must planabout it. It takes efforts to envision the life you want to live. With key tools like those you will get from hiring AXA Advisors’ services, you will have made an informed decision in securing your future. The available plans are suitable for people owning relatively small businesses regardless of the specialty. Definitely this is a bargain worth investing in.