Fabletics: Making a Difference

Changing any market is a difficult thing to do. For the longest time, it was up to companies to make things better for customers. Unfortunately, the larger corporations didn’t care about customer satisfaction as much as they should’ve. Now, companies go the extra mile to ensure that every customer has a wonderful experience every time they visit or buy online.

This shift in consumer behavior comes from the power of the crowd. More people are crowdsourcing their purchase decisions. As more people transition into digital lifestyles, researching businesses before buying is increasing in popularity. These days, online user reviews are the most trusted form of advertising.

Some companies haven’t figured out how to embrace this change. Others, like Fabletics, are capitalizing on the consumer trend. The easiest way to join the craze is to develop review-centric marketing strategies. Thanks to Fabletics’ relationships with its customers, it’s grown more than 200 percent in the last four years.

According to Shawn Gold, a TechStyle Fashion Group (Fabletics’ parent company) executive, much of the success the company’s experienced is thanks to user reviews. Online reviews are the new form of word-of-mouth advertising. It’s free and very beneficial to any company that wants to embrace the change.

Fabletics uses a subscription mechanic that offers a personalized service. Fabletics believes in forming a real bond with customers. This bond allows its designers to create products that members are more likely to buy. Thanks to those relationships, Fabletics was able to find a top spot in a market that was already dominated by activewear powerhouses like Nike, Under Armour, and Athleta.

The company’s success doesn’t stop there. Fabletics’ co-founder, Kate Hudson, also has her own mission. Known for her brilliant acting and fashion style, Kate Hudson’s taken on the challenge of America’s health problems.

She’s wanted to launch an activewear brand for a long time. When TechStyle approached her about the idea, she immediately knew what direction she would take the company. Other brands focus on making money or making people look good. Fabletics is about inspiring women to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Fabletics creates lines for all sizes of women from XXS to 3X. It took a few years, but recently, the brand announced its expansion into plus sizes. Not a lot brands make plus-size lines and those that do usually charge about $250 for a pair of leggings.

Lime Crime’s New Vibrant Hair Color Line

The Lime Crime company has recently released a new line of gorgeous semi-permanent hair dyes. They have been developing their new hair color lines for over three years and previously released a line containing 13 original shades. This line was so popular that many colors sold out within the first two weeks. One feature that consumers loved about this product line was the way that it faded into pastel colors over time. The company’s new color line, Unicorn Hair, contains 8 colors that fade in a similar manner.

Consumers are raving about this company and their fantastic products. The Unicorn Hair product line is so far proving to be very popular.

The shades that are available in the Unicorn Hair product line are Bubblegum Rose, Valentine, Aesthetic, Tweet, Mint Ice, Kawaii, Cloud, and Moonchild.

Bubblegum Rose, Valentine, and Aesthetic are all “full-coverage” shades. This means that they contain vibrant and long-lasting pigments that stand out beautifully.

Bubblegum Rose is a vibrant shade of pink, Valentine is a bright crimson, and Aesthetic is a classy shade of mauve.

Tweet, Mint Ice, Kawaii, Cloud, and Moonchild are all “tint” shades. Tweet is a bright yellow tint, Mint Ice is a shade of sea foam aqua, and Moonchild gives off a shimmering purple glow. These tint colors create a pastel effect that is more subdued than the full coverage colors, but still absolutely stunning.

The loyal followers of the company and brand are already in love with the new Unicorn Hair product line. Many other companies have not yet been able to release dyes with the same high pigmentation levels seen within the Unicorn Hair product line. For this reason, the company is rapidly drawing the attention of beauty enthusiasts around the globe. Additionally, customers love the way that all of the company’s products are certified 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It is safe to say that followers of the Lime Crime beauty company can expect great things in the coming months. You can follow Lime Crime to get exclusive updates and product information on their twitter @LimeCrime or check out their website, http://www.ilovelimecrime.com/

Lime Crime Taking Over Fashion With Hair Dye

In the world of fashion makeup and trying to stand out, it’s hard to know which company provides the best makeup out there. If you are looking for a good company that stands out, Lime Crime is the best one out there for numerous reasons. First of all, Lime Crime started off as a small brand that now is hitting all the stores and reaching out to women everywhere to feel inspired and express their feelings through makeup. Doe Deere is the woman behind this brand, and she is trying to come up with new ways to provide new fashion to her fans.


She recently launched a brand new hair dye added to her makeup line. This hair dye line is extensively popular for all kinds of reasons because it gives a new edgy extension to what the brand has already done in the world of makeup. Their Unicorn line is filled with amazing colors and shades that are perfect for different styles and emotions you may have. There are about 13 different hair color shades, and they are as wildly unique as you’d expect from somebody like Doe Deere. She is inspiring women with these ideas and designs to come up with your very own color. This is the hair dye line to use if you are looking to combine colors and find the right look for you.


This part of the brand has been in the works for more than three long years. It took Doe several years to bring it to light and to the public mainly because it was such a long journey to create such unique colors. They provide hyper-performance and semi-permanent hair color that has a professional texture to it to help provide the hair what it needs to shine through. It’s all a part of the unicorn line and gives a new set of colors to your mind. It is also ammonia and bleach-free. It’s a great addition to the Lime Crime brand that is going to showcase what else Deere is capable of with her team by her side.


Join the trend and get Unicorn-ready.