David Giertz on Social Security

Former president of one of the largest insurance providers, David Giertz, says a major flaw in the financial advisory sector is the non discussion of social security with their clients. Not advising about the benefits of social security could be bad for both client and advisor. Research has found that most people did not discuss social security with their financial advisor as part of their retirement planning. Giertz believes the reason behind this is the fact that the social security program is so complex, having 2,700 rules, many advisors may be overwhelmed by this benefit. The best advice Giertz can offer these advisors who may be leery is to jump in and learn the rules and incorporate them into the retirement plan discussions. This will lead to a larger retainment of clients, and the best return for the clients.


David Giertz has over 30 years of financial services experience. He served on the Board of Directors for the Girl Scouts of Broward County, the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, Chair of Board of Trustees with Millikin University, and even chaired the Budget and Finance committee there. He began his career at Citigroup where he spent a decade as a Financial Services Advisor, moved up to Area Director and was again promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales. Even then he exceeded corporate goals consistently.


More recently Giertz was the President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization, where he grew the companies profitable revenue from $11 billion to $17.8 billion and lead the companies Private-Sector Retirement Plans, Life Insurance, Annuities and Mutual Funds. He is a Certified Business Coach with WABC and even reached a world class Gallup associate engagement score. He has developed a culture of coaching by certifying over 100 leaders as Business Coaches. https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051

Foresite Capital Management President and CEO, Dr. Tananbaum

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is the founder and first CEO of Foresite Capital Management who has invested in more than 20 ventures which have excelled. The companies major in the healthcare industry and some examples include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. His dedication of time and money in the industry is the main reason that they are doing well. When he was a manager at GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, he got tips and lessons that helped him manage his companies well.

He got his education from Harvard Medical School (MD) and MBA from the Harvard Business School. When he was at Yale University, he got his BS and BSEE. He is an excellent alumni giving advice to the campus boards and committees in Yale School of Engineering and Harvard University.

Jim’s company, Foresite Capital, came into being when he analyzed his skills and abilities. The experiences that he had, led to him identifying the success factors for his business. His ideas were in science and innovation so he needed a strong team that would enable it to grow. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

His typical day is spent with his employees and in meetings with clients strategizing on how to make the firm to succeed. He likes saving time too for his family so that he can have dinner with them on time. He loves working out so he ensures that he gets an hour so that he can go to the gym. You can visit Medium to know more.

Jim’s ideas come from other people who are smart, capable and persistent. He gives these people a chance to manifest and propose ideas to him. The good ideas will be able to make a great impact on the healthcare industry and the world as a whole. The main thing that excites him is the way investors in the health sector can mitigate a huge problem by getting the best solution.

Dr. Tananbaum has plans to increase his investment and grow stakes in his company. This will be made possible by his active and open mind that he believes will continue contributing to the healthcare sector. He will give quality products and more innovations for safe drugs. As a result, there will be medications that are competitive and genuine.

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/profile/jim-tananbaum/

Why You Should Speak With a Consultant of Equities First Holdings Today

Equities First Holdings offers its borrowers with opportunities of borrowing loan amounts at some of the fairest and most practical interest rates that are available for the to take advantage of in the market. Unfortunately, many lending institutions aren’t necessarily offering loan terms at the fairest prices. By speaking with one of the consultants of Equities First Holdings, you’ll get a clear picture of what you can expect when signing a loan contract through the.

Equities First Holdings offers solutions of lending for both businesses and individuals who have a high net-worth. Businesses and high net-worth individuals can take advantage of loan terms that are available for them to take advantage of through any other lending corporation, thus, encouraging both types of entities to apply through them for their needs of borrowing any particular amounts of funds that they may be needing. It’s imperative for prospective borrowers to have an awareness of just how much of loan amounts that they’re seeking, what they’re wanting to borrow such funds for, and how they are planning to go about paying the loan amounts back.

Equities First Holdings is a lending corporation that understands that there’s a myriad of unfair lenders in the market of lending today. By speaking with one of their highly trained and knowledgeable consultants, you’ll receive a “snapshot” of what you can expect from obtaining a loan through them. They’re an organization that offers one of the best programs of lending today, thus, assuring you that you’ll be getting a great deal. High net-worth individuals are a group of people who have had difficulties of obtaining loans in a turbulent market of lending. By speaking with a consultant, a high net-worth individual can obtain a loan at a great rate, one that will enable them to reach any particular goals that they may have set. If you learn more about them : Click Here.

Texas Banking Community Continues Strong Growth


John Holt, President and CEO of NexBank Capital recently spoke at the Texas Bankers Association Annual Strategy Conference in New Orleans. The topic of was “Reinventing Community Banking Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.:” It is a forum for leaders of the banking industry to share perspectives on the industry and the challenges they are facing. They discuss opportunities in Mergers & Acquisitions and growing their businesses organically.


John was recently re-elected to the Texas Bankers Association’s Board of Directors. He was appointed Chairman of the Community Bankers Council and will continue to serve on several committees there.


NexBank Capital Is a company that offers services in the Commercial Banking Sector, Institutional Banking Services and Mortgage Banking. They are the 4th largest bank in Dallas, and the 13th largest in Texas. They currently have a lending limit of $87.7 million. The company’s mortgage banking business reached $3.5 billion in 2015 and $5.0 billion in 2016. They are an SBA Preferred Lender.


NexBank was named one of the best-performing U.S. Community Banks in 2016. The bank ranks 2 by Bank Director Magazine for top 25 residential real estate lenders. In the third quarter of 2016, they received the Superior Bank rating with a score of 300, a perfect score.


In addition to NexBank Capital’s commercial and business banking they offer comprehensive banking services to individuals as well. The bank helps individuals manage their cash flow and develop strategies for wealth accumulation. They have a number of deposit and cash management options available



The Views Of CEO And President

It was at the Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference of the Texas Bankers Association that John Holt presented his views. He is the President as well as CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. He was a panelist at this 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference of the Texas Bankers Association. This was held in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The topic of discussion was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” It was discussed by the bankers’ panel. This was an event that was held on November 7, 2016.


Basically, this Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference can be considered as a forum. Here, bank leaders and advisers along with consultants get together to share their varying perspectives on the opportunities as well as challenges that face their community today. This way the participants explore several strategic opportunities through a range of M&A activities. A number of organic growth, as well as branching activities, are also explored here.


NexBank Capital, Inc. is a company providing financial services to its clients. It has three core businesses. These include Commercial Banking, besides Mortgage Banking as well as Institutional Services. NexBank Capital is providing financial as well as banking services that are customized for their clients. It caters primarily to institutional clients in addition to financial institutions along with corporations all across the nation.


NexBank Capital, Inc is known for its timely and dependable execution of funding services. They have professionals who are qualified and dedicated to ensuring that financing reaches them at the requisite time so that the long-term growth and other plans of their clients do not get affected in any way. They partner their clients through all stages of the project so that a wide range of funding is available for all the stages of a project, beginning with planning and going right up to completion stage.