Sheldon Lavin’s Great Leadership at OSI Group

The current Chief executive officer of the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, ventured into the meat industry in 1970. Back then, OSI Group was under the name Otto & Sons running under the leadership of Otto. It was a family company. Sheldon Lavin got involved in Otto & Sons as a financial consultant at the company the later on formed a partnership with Otto & Son which eventually led to his leadership at the company as OSI Group.

OSI group is now one of the leading food processing companies around the world. The company expanded its outlets across Europe, North America, Australia, South Africa, India, Japan, and the Philippines. OSI group continues to grow through expansion and employing an innovative way of running the company. The company produces meat products that include; bacon, pork, hot dogs, Pizza, meat patties and poultry. The company recently ventured into vegetable and dough products production. The OSI Group supplies their products to various western fast food chain companies that include Starbucks, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway and Pizza Hut. The Company has over 65 facilities in 17 countries in the world. OSI has had numerous achievements and recognition on various international platforms. These include multiple awards for environmental management and health and safety management.

As OSI Group Chairman, Sheldon has also had incredible accomplishments throughout his career. In recognizing his dedicated and committed leadership skills, Indian Vision world Academy presented him with a global Visionary Award on February 20th, 2016.Sheldon sure deserved the award; he has spent a better part of his career life committed and dedicated to running the affairs of the OSI Group. Sheldon stated that he was very much humbled to gain such prestigious recognition. Sheldon also expressed how proud he was to achieve much in OSI Group.

At 81 and with numerous achievements in the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is still persistently pushing for a better company. He points out that the future is bright for the OSI Group Company as he is not slowing down. He continues to prioritize the quality of the company’s products and adequate production to meet the demand of the customers internationally. Apart from his work at the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropist active in making numerous contributions to different Non Governmental organizations. The organizations include; United Negro College Fund and The Evans scholarship Funds among others. Sheldon is also a committed husband and father of three children.

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