Chris Linkas Encourages the Young Generation to Invest

Chris Linkas has served as European Head of Credit since April 2003. He also served in London as the head of 20 persons European Credit group which is popularly known for principal investments in UK-Euro regions which includes Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and France among others countries. He also managed the commercial real estate area as the head of Credit and real estate Fund businesses, an organization that focuses on opportunistic debt and real estate investments specifically in North America.

Chris has a passion for the business world and encourages the young generation to invest in the business in their twenties. Chris says that many youths put off their investing plans until they are financially stable which he terms as a wrong idea. He shares some reasons why a young person should thrive and blossom in investments and entrepreneurship. Chris Linkas states that despite money being tight, the youths have a lot of time which is an advantage, and talks of compounding which is merely the ability to grow investment by reinvesting the earnings ( Compounding helps an investor to gain wealth over a period and only requires time and reinvestments.

Risk management is also a key factor while investing. Linkas expresses that age is a factor that influences the amount of risk one can withstand. Young people can afford to take more risky investments since they have more earnings ahead of them other than aged people. He also encourages young people that experience is the best teacher and hence they should learn by doing. Young investors are flexible and have time to learn from their successes and failures since investing has a lengthy learning curve.

The younger generation can study, research and apply more technology and online investing tips. They can learn from various online trading and investments platforms which provide fundamental and technical analysis. Finally, Linkas touches on human capital which can be referred to as the present value of future wages. Investing in oneself by learning advanced skills is a crucial and valuable investment which has strong returns and also is a way of saving for retirement.