Erik Lefkofsky Advances Cancer Research

Just last year, Erik Lefkofsky started a technology company that focused on an operating system to fight against cancer. This company came to be known as Tempest. About 40 percent of adults in the U.S. end up facing a cancer diagnosis. This is an astronomical number, and it is only going up year after year. Luckily, there are companies like Tempest out there working to increase the survival rates of those who have been diagnosed.

One characteristic of Tempest is that they have changed the focus. Instead of simply attempting to apply the same treatment to everyone with this disease, they understand that cancer isn’t that simple. Their goal is not to apply the same exact treatment to every patient, but personalize it to fit the needs of the individual by gathering their molecular and clinical data.

A major hurdle that this company has faced in their research attempts has been the costs of data analysis. Gathering certain information has definitely been a struggle. The cost of their research in 2003 was about $100 million. Thankfully, technology is advancing and the costs have been reduced drastically since then. Since so much research has been done already, this should drive the cost even lower.

Erik Lefkofsky is one of the most inspirational people of our time, and definitely doesn’t get enough credit for it. He has donated millions of dollars to cancer research and knows his way around the business world. His ventures into Groupon, ECHO, and Uptake are just small examples of his character. The fact that he has co-founded so many companies shows that although he has already found success, he is going to continue working hard for a cause larger than only himself.

The reason he founded Tempest was to jump-start cancer research and take a different approach. His plans for Tempest would include ,”analyzing a patient’s genetic code in the context of molecular therapies,” in his own words, as well as modernizing cancer treatment. The results in his investment of time, money and energy have shown to be successful. Tempest is working with patients that have different types of cancer and has already helped doctors provide better personalized care to patients according to their individual needs.

The Pediatric and Research Passion of Mark Holterman

Since 2011, Dr. Mark J. Holterman has been a Professor of surgery and pediatrics at College of Medicine at the University of Illinois. He is based in Peoria, Illinois. Dr. Holterman went to Yale University with a major in Biology. He later attended the University of Virginia where he earned his Ph.D. Holterman is an attending pediatric surgeon at St. Francis Medical Center and at Advocate Christ Children. Previously, he was working at Rush University Medical Center as an attending pediatric surgeon. He is a member of The America Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Surgeons. At the University of West Virginia Health Sciences, he attained a general surgery residency before attaining a fellowship in pediatric surgery at the University of Washington Center. Dr Mark Holterman, MD, also became the chief executive officer of Mariam Global Health in 2012 up to date. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at OSF Healthcare.

Dr. Holterman Research work

Mark Holterman, efforts for the past 29 years has been channeled towards career building as well as the commitment to research work as a medical practitioner. His efforts have earned him various awards key among them the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA), Innovative Research Award. ADA has been operational for close to 60 years supporting research efforts aimed at looking at diabetes issues. The association does this through grant funding together with a committed team of research programmers efforts such as the Core Research Program. The program rewards researchers whose efforts will impact one on diabetes etiology initiatives and those that investigate the effects diabetes etiology on treatment methods. Furthermore, researchers who apply their own theories in clinical settings using humans as subjects get rewarded with up to $200,000 every year for three years. Visit to view Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile.

Vietnam Efforts

In his efforts and research in pediatrics, Dr. Mark Holterman supports the improvement of pediatric medicine for Vietnam children through International Pediatric Alliance for Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). As a member, the IPSAV-VN promotes several medical personnel programs to Vietnam, as well as medical supplies and internship opportunities to Vietnamese practitioners. The scholarly efforts are aimed at helping dedicated Vietnamese medical professionals advance their knowledge and skills from medical institutions in the US. The skills and exposure they get are to be used to improve healthcare practices in their country.


Lifeline Screening Tips for Preparing for the Screening

People these days do not care about their health as much as they should. Of course, it is an opinion that doesn’t apply to everyone, but it does, unfortunately, for the majority of world population. People lead stressful and hectic lives, often compromising on their health. It is where the need to go for regular screening comes in. Many people often go for health screening as it helps them in detecting any symptoms of underlying health issues so that the corrective measures can be taken well in advance. Health screenings can potentially save lives as it detects problems at a much earlier stage and it also helps the doctors to control the disease from spreading or going completely irreversible.

Lifeline Screening is a company based in Austin, Texas, which started its operations in the year 1993. Over the years, the company has done almost 8 million screening, which speaks for itself. The company offers health screening for the variety of diseases and has a team of medical experts and specialists, who would guide you to understand the importance of testing and why you should go for one. At Lifeline Screening, you would also be able to consult as to which health screening is ideal for you, and why. Many factors would be considered to conclude as to which set of health screenings you should go for, depending upon your weight, medical history, family medical history, genetics, lifestyle habits, and more.

If you have gone for medical checkups and health screenings earlier on, you must be aware of what are the things you need to do to prepare for the health screenings. However, if you are scheduled to go for screenings at one of the many Lifeline Screenings, it is imperative to know what to do to prepare for it. The first thing that you should do is not to consume alcohol by any means. Some of the screenings require that you fast for a minimum of 12 hours, and in such cases, Lifeline Screening would inform you about it before your appointment. Make sure that you go wearing something comfortable avoid pantyhose or turtleneck t-shirts. Also, do not put on any oil or lotion on your body and do not take any health supplements before the screening. However, you can take your regular medicines that are prescribed by the doctor, but it is a good idea to notify the doctor who would be present at the screening about it.

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Dr. Jenifer Walden: The Most Admirable Plastic Surgeon in Texas

Dr. Jenifer Walden is a 45-year-old plastic surgeon who is based in Austin, TX. She is an excellent media commentator who founded and heads Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center that is also located in Austin.

She began her career in Manhattan when she joined the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Sherrell Aston who she looked up to for a long time. All those years of working hard were not in vain; in 2014, she was among Harper’s Bazaar’s list of 24 top Best Beauty Surgeons. However, this does not rightfully capture her huge success for she has achieved so much more!

The accomplishments of Dr. Jenifer Walden

Nothing has been enough to limit what this phenomenal woman can do. She has done a lot and with envious skill and talent. For more info about us: click here.

As a Media Commentator

Numerous media outlets have listed her as one of the best commentators that have lived. These include ABC News, E!, VH1 and even Fox News.

As a Plastic Surgeon

History has seen pseudo and unmotivated plastic surgeons, but again, it has also seen other rare talents like Dr. Walden. She has been doing it for ages, and her experience has only allowed her to reach out for perfection.

She has worked in many health centers including the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and Upper East Side in New York City. It was during this time when she got involved in numerous clinical trials that saw the reintroduction of silicone breast implants.

In 2015, American Way recognized her as one of the most talented plastic surgeons that America has ever seen.

Walden has developed tools that have proved to be quite helpful in plastic surgery, and she also works as a consultant for several aesthetic companies across America. These include Venus Concept, Sciton Inc., and ThermiAesthetics.

Dr. Jenifer Walden is an inspiration not only to young aspiring surgeons but also to every ball of fire out there.