Greg Secker Is Far More Than a Businessman

Greg Secker is the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation which seeks to improve the quality of life for people all across the globe. His foundation specializes in promoting both education and leadership opportunities for those who may not have received such an opportunity otherwise. He has held many different jobs throughout his career such as a trader within a financial institution, entrepreneur, philanthropist and public speaker. The job he is most proud of however is his job to be the best father that he can be. Throughout his career Secker has developed many programs that people can use to improve their own trading practices. These include Learn to Trade, which is an educational guide for people of all skill levels with respect to trading and SmartCharts Software which allows you to complete a great deal of research before making trades. It is with tools like these that Secker hopes to help people to get the same opportunities that he was so fortunate to have received throughout his lifetime. Greg Secker has also mad quite a name for himself as a motivational speaker all across the globe. He has partnered with billionaire Richard Branson to start the Global Success Summit which is held each year in South Africa. This summit has attracted big names such as Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of tech giant Apple. The Greg Secker Foundation also runs many programs that reach out to those who are less fortunate such as The Christmas Basket Brigade and a Youth Mentoring Program. The Christmas Basket Brigade provides food and gifts for families in need during the holiday season while his Youth Mentoring Program which seeks to set young people on the right path from a very early age. Secker believes that children are very impressionable and if given a good role model can do amazing things. Greg Secker is far more than just another businessman, he is a caring father, and a philanthropist who wants to bring out the best in people across the globe. Secker realizes he has been afforded many opportunities that very few people have had and so he hopes to share these opportunities with as many people as possible.