Jason Hope: The Internet of Things Is The Future of Tech

While the events that have placed companies such as Juicero and Uber in the news are certainly newsworthy there are other things happening in the world of technology that don’t get nearly as much attention as companies that have more brand awareness. One of those stories concerns the internet of things. The internet of things is a technological development that has the ability to transform the everyday lives of people around the world. It has the potential to transform the way that people do business just as social media transformed the way that industries outside of technology industry. In addition to all of this the Internet of things also has the ability to become an integral part of the global economy and could potentially create jobs and a large amount of income for the professionals and businesses that are involved in the economy surrounding the Internet of Things.

To the average person the phrase internet of things might sound a bit bizarre. After all the word internet as it has been used in most of our lexicon refers to the global network of computers and phones that are connected to one another. The internet of things is the same concept.The only difference is that instead there being just computers that are connected to the world wide web the internet of things includes devices that are also connected to this network and that have the ability to go online These devices can include a smart refrigerator, a smartwatch, a pair of smart running shoes, a pacemaker or even a car. Perhaps the most visible development in the internet of things industry is the introduction of smart speakers such as Google Home developed by Google or the Amazon Echo developed by the ecommerce giant Amazon. These smart speakers are intended to be placed inside of the home and to be used as a source of easily accessible information that will make life easier for the home’s inhabitants by providing them that information on demand and allowing them to incorporate voice commands that can control other smart devices in the home such as a smart thermostat or a smart refrigerator.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is the future. Jason Hope has written that the Internet of things is a nascent industry that has the ability to be worth billions of dollars. According to Jason Hope the internet of things is not a trend that will come and go. In article that Jason Hope wrote for Tech.co the internet of things is a development that is here to stay and it will have a big impact on the tech industry. As an entrepreneur who is interested in technology Jason Hope has often written about the possibilities that the internet of things holds for healthcare and the economy.

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