The Accomplishments of John Goullet as an IT Staffing Professional

John Goullet has been recognized for more than two decades as a leading provider of IT staffing services. He graduated from the Ursinus College and was awarded a master’s degree in computer science. John Goullet first practiced as an IT consultant, and his focus in the IT staffing business started in 1994. He is a skilled entrepreneur, and he established many successful businesses. The most prosperous enterprise was Info Technologies, which was focused on sourcing the best IT professional for the Fortune 500 companies. The value of the firm was more than $30 million after five years. Its rapid growth was influenced by its excellent understanding of the corporate world and ability to solve the clients’ problems. The firm was named by as one of the fast developing businesses.

Info Technologies existed until 2010 when it was made part of Diversant LLC through a merger. The company also offers reliable IT staffing solutions. It is the largest enterprise that is held by African-American in the IT staffing industry and is a licensed Minority-Owned Business Enterprise. The expertise of the firm is in various staffing solutions, and they include boosting the IT staff’s capability, direct hiring, and creative solutions. The company has been ensuring satisfaction of clients and partners by using its outstanding policies in offering services. It has also been ensuring that it consults customers in all business transactions, and this is essential in creating healthy relationships with them since they feel like business associates.

The information and technology sector is currently affected by the scarcity of excellent talents to offer services. Diversant LLC is an experienced company that offers unparalleled IT experts to various businesses in the United States. The company carefully interviews the individual that it hires. It examines their academic accomplishments and natural IT talents. This strict employment process allows it to offer professional who have ample IT skills and can develop customized software that addresses the technical needs of the clients. The company has gained the trust of the customers and the IT professionals across the country since it has the skills to match them efficiently.

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