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On January 23, 2017, the Human Resource Management structured a decree that was meant to close the gap between the ladies and the gents in Pennsylvania. There were certain activities that were banned in order for the rule to take effect such as;
• asking the job applicant to share their previous salaries
• authorizing prospects to reveal their salary history before getting the job
• using the candidate’s salary history without the individual’s knowledge
• punishing candidates who do not reveal their previous salaries

The scope of the law will be felt to employers that are also headquartered outside the Philadelphia city limits and affects anyone in business in the area no matter if in third person or first person. In case of a violation of these regulations, the fine charged is $2,000 per the occurrence.

Various companies such as Comcast Communications threatened to take legal actions against the city for assault of their First Amendment rights. The Chamber of Commerce took formal action by filing a court motion on April 6, 2017, two months before the law was scheduled to take effect in late May.

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The Eastern District of Pennsylvania opted to respond to the filing by staying in the law since many advocates saw that the employee rights would face a worse battle than previously. The city then filed for the lawsuit to be dismissed to avoid injuring the businesses. The government was able to respond to the legal action since the city did not provide the identity of the enterprises that the law would affect most. A new filing may be up-front but could bring more challenges as the chambers will have to identify companies based on salary history of their candidates.

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What Karl Heidick Brings A Client In A Litigation Process

What Karl Heidick Brings A Client In A Litigation ProcessContrary to a popular and misguided belief, litigation is not the same as a lawsuit. A litigation mostly entails an agreement between opposing parties outside of the court. In other cases, litigation also involves including a jury and a judge in the case’s procession. Litigation is a much bigger process that encompasses a lawsuit. Every activity executed before, during and after a case is in the litigation procedure. That includes arbitrations, pre-suit negotiations, appeals, and facilitations.

It begins when a person or party chooses an attorney to represent them against an opposing entity. The attorney carries out an investigation and writes up a letter to address the opposing party. That is when the phrase “You have been served” comes in handy. In the case that a negotiation fails, the representative attorneys advance the case to become lawsuit which earns a presentation before a jury and judge. Litigation can take a short while or many years to finalize. It is critical to retain a litigation attorney in case of appeals and other post-lawsuit issues.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney situated in the greater Philadelphia area. According to an online review by one of the attorney’s former clients, he is an exceptional lawyer who takes up one’s problems as his own. Amanda stated that Karl Heideck made a great listener who understood the family’s emotional state and delivered even more than he promised. Karl’s career focuses on risk management and regulatory and compliance issues. He engages in legal writing, corporate legal matters, problems about products, legal investigation, commercial cases and employment issues. He has honed his experience in the issues for over ten years since his graduation. He has a degree in literature and English from the Swarthmore College before pursuing a bachelor in law from the Tempe University, in the Beasley School of Law. Currently, Karl Heidick is a contract attorney working with Hire Counsel since his appointment in 2015.

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