Eric Lefkofsky….An Innovative and Inventive Enterpreneur

Eric Lefkofsky was raised in Southfield, Michigan. He sttended the University of Michigan and graduated in 1991 with honors. He received his Juris Doctor in 1993 at the University of Michigan Law School. He owns many corporations and businesses. One is particularly outstanding as it focuses on bettering his community. It is called the Lefkofsy Foundation, which was established in 2006, as a charitable trust. The foundation has a sole purpose of supporting charitable, scientific and educational organizations and causes around the world. The Lefkofsky Foundation has helped to fund well over fifty organizations to date.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is the inventor of a concept called “Accelerated Disruption” The definition of this is when business developement is moving at the speed of the next technological advancement. According to Mr. Lefkofsky there are critical startup concepts such as:

1. Promoting an idea in the face of industry and investor resistance.
2. Choosing the right industries to innovate.
3. Understanding the concept of pain in an industry and turning it into a competitive advantage.
4.Getting the best out of your people through smart automation.

These are just a few of the intelligent ideas that Mr. Lefkofsky has on the edge of inventing and incorporating new ideas and putting them into motion.He has started many differnet businesses over the years and here are a few of the ones he started and founded.

1. In February 2005, Lefkofsky and Keywell created a freight logistics company called Echo Global Logistics.
2. In June 2006, Lefkofsky and Keywell founded MediaBank, a media-buying technology company.
3.In January 2007, Lefkofsky co-founded and provided $1,000,000 in funding for
4. In February 2010, Lefkofsky and Keywell announced their new firm called Lightbank with plans to develop new companies in the Chicago area.
5. In August 2013, Lefkofsky became CEO of Groupon.
6 In July 2014, Lefkofsky co-founded Uptake, LLC.
7. In November of 2015, Lefkofsky stepped down as CEO of Groupon and resumed his role as chairman click here.

As the well rounded man that Eric is, he serves as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He is also Chairman of the Board of Trustee’s of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

As is obvious, Eric of website, Eric is a highly intelligent man who brings a lot of brilliance no matter where he goes and what he puts his hands on turns to a perfected success.

All you need to know about Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky aged 47, is the co-founder and CEO of The company deals with the impact technology in helping the health sector. The entrepreneurial as well as a philanthropic man based in the United States. His career has seen him invent many companies that have succeeded a lot in the United States, among the organization he has to his name is an advertising company, Media Max, Echo Global Logistics and Inner workings. The companies have since seen a large growth and increase in the number of offices across the state. He is currently a co-founder of Uptake Company.

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He went for his higher education at the University of Michigan where he graduated with a degree in law. His long time experience in the entrepreneurship industry has seen him have the best qualities of outsourcing, leadership, entrepreneurship and human resource. It has rounded him to make an impact in the big organization.


He concentrates on helping the people through the various organizations. Among the beneficiaries are the human rights where Lefkofsky Family Foundation has donated funds to Human rights watch and the Anti-defamation League. The two firms have seen more than $100,000 grants.


The organization has further supported the art and culture industry where Lefkosfsky has donated a lot of funds to various museums like the Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary. He further gave $100,000 to the organization assigned the planning of Chicago’s Olympic in 2006.The firm has also helped Aspen Art Museum located outside Chicago.


Moreover, they have helped the education sector where both the learners and the tutors. The company gives donations to the organization with that aim of improving the lives of the teachers through their charitable unit Money think. The beneficiaries in the industry are the new leaders and Educators for Excellence. Also, they grant sponsorship to the younger children and the disabled. He has also helped the health and technology fields.


Eric Lefkosfsky was part of the persons that helped the Fond Five Technologies explain how disruptive businesses are made to flourish. He believes the technology offers a better chance for all the companies to have their idea taken by the clients and hence develop the business. The more the company is technologically advanced, the higher the chance of its survival.


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