Norman Pattiz Proves That Podcast Are Better For Advertisements In Comparison To Traditional Channels

Norman Pattiz teamed up with Edison Research to establish why podcast advertising has the upper hand in brand advertising in comparison to traditional forums. Edison Research used five brands for five different products in automobile, gardening and lawns, finance, hospitality and grocery categories.

They conducted a pre-study on an online channel that recorded how aware people were with the mentioned products. After three months of carefully planned advertising on PodcastOne, they did a post-study to compare the results with the initial responses.

The statistics indicated that all products gained increased awareness after the ads. People with interest in the particular grocery product before the study made up for seven percent among listeners. After the ads had aired, the number rose to 60 percent. The automobile and financial brands attracted a similar effect with the number by 60 percent and 37 percent respectively.

The restaurant used in the study gained 76 percent in interested persons wishing to check in for casual dining. Lawn and gardening’s brand product garnered an increase of six percent from the initial 16 percent.

The results proved to be conclusive in establishing that podcast ads are the future of marketing. This is because Edison Research ran three similar separate studies over the course of 2016, all of which generated the same results.

They employed similar methods in research, hence ascertaining that there was no shift in how people felt about the utilized brand products. The PodcastOne chief executive Norman Pattiz emphasized the benefits of podcast ads and attributed the positive results to the multi-level marketing measure used by the podcast shows.

Edison Research’s vice president Tom Webster expressed his firm’s gratitude in working with PodcastOne. He added to say that Norman’s notion about podcast marketing is accurate and has the backing of well-proven statistics.

Edison Research is a seasoned valuation firm that has previously worked with leaders such as Google, Yahoo, Disney, Samsung, Sony, Time Warner and top media houses.

Norman Pattiz is a media figure whose career is most inclined towards podcasts. He is the former chief executive of Westwood One and founder. He has worked closely with leading media houses to provide information on unexplored matters.

In 2012, Norman started PodcastOne to focus on much-ignored aspects in society. In 2002, President Bush appointed Norman in the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the States. Norman is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame since his induction in 2009 and a recipient of the Giant Broadcasting award from Library of American Broadcasting.

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