Andrea McWilliams – Her Political Brilliance and Contribution to the Society

Andrea McWilliams is one of the popular and influential political fundraiser and a master lobbyist in the Texas area. She has a great reputation in the political scene and is known for her actions that are always prompt no matter what issue it might be. Over the years, Andrea McWilliams has been involved in many different political campaigns, not just in Texas, but in Austin and other states as well. Andrea McWilliams currently owns the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants that she co-founded with her husband, Dean McWilliams. Her husband too has experience in the industry and uses their expertise to take their dream forward.

Andrea McWilliams believes in giving back to the community and has worked hard to provide to those who are not as fortunate as them. She not only contributes financially, but also takes active part in projects by leading non-profit organizations in the country. Some of the top organizations that she has been associated with are Rise across Texas Challenge, Texas Lyceum, Austin Children, Ballet Austin among many more. In 2007, she also contributed towards the restoration of cancer research package that was worth $3 billion that helped the community immensely. She was also one of the important people to have passed the $100 million incentive for building technologically advanced power plant in Texas.

Andrea McWilliams has been awarded multiple times for her contributions to the community. She has been named in the ‘All Stars’ of Austin America Statesman Fortunate 500 list many times. She also received the ‘Profiles in Power Award’ given away by Austin Business Journal. The Girls Scout of central Texas also honoured with ‘Woman of Distinction’ award. In 2012, she received the ‘Austin under 40’ award. She is the perfect example of someone who have not just made a name with her political career but also devoted her life to philanthropic work.


Andrea Mcwilliams: The Most Influential Political Figure in Texas

Andrea McWilliams is one of the most influential figures in the Texas political scene. She is renowned for her careful attention to detail, perfect oratory skills, and her unmatched persuasiveness. Andrea McWilliams has been recognized by national media for her excellence as a lobbyist and political fundraiser. Andrea started her career at just 21 years when she served as the chief of staff. Over the years she has spent in her career, Andrea has been able to hone her skills significantly.

Andrea McWilliams is currently the co-founder of McWilliams, a governmental affairs consultancy firm she founded alongside her husband. Andrea McWilliams and her husband have made a team that has risen to become one of the most politically formidable, and trusted locally as well as nationally.

Andrea McWilliams is also known for her selfless philanthropy and passion for giving back to the community. Andrea has served many non-profit organizations which include Preservation Austin, Arthouse, and Pease Park Conservancy just to mention a few. Andrea has also served as the president of the Inherit Austin. This organization was founded to assist in preserving Austin’s cultural and architectural past.

The list of accomplishments on Andrea McWilliams resume is quite long. This has seen her recognized by her society with numerous awards for her accomplishments as well as contributions to the society. The Girl Scouts of central Texas awarded her the woman of Distinction. Andrea has also been awarded the Austin under 40 Award. This year, she is yet to receive the Austin Fashion Week Style Setter award. Another addition to her already amply decorated portfolio.



End Citizens United’s Push To End Dark Money In The Elections

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee formed in March 2015. It is committed to countering Citizens United’s agenda and changing the campaign finance system. Grassroots donors fund the PAC. End Citizens United seeks to rectify the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United vs F.E.C. This decision transformed the conduct of American elections. Additionally, it provided special interests groups, including billionaires with the opportunity to spend untraceable and unlimited resources in the elections.

According to End Citizens United, there is need to change this decision to prevent dark money from being used in politics. The PAC plans to show voters, the press, candidates, and elected officials that the citizens are not comfortable with individuals that are seeking to buy the elections. This move is important in creating a broad coalition that will focus on campaign finance reform and persuade lawmakers to take action. End Citizens United’s mission is to fight against big money in politics and do away with the rigged political system by electing supporters of financial reforms. The elected champions are expected to work on overturning the verdict made by the Supreme Court. End Citizens United will achieve its objective by electing pro-reform candidates and using grassroots membership to campaign against the use of such money in politics.

True to its Mission, End Citizens united set out to play a considerable role in 2016’s election by providing millions of dollars to Democratic candidates vying for elective positions. Two months after it was launched, End Citizens United raised $2 million. According to Richard Carbo, its communications director, the PAC’s target for the elections cycle was over $25 million. End Citizens United endorsed 11 democratic candidates, including Colorado’s Sen. Michael Bennet. The entity remains optimistic that through its innovative strategies, it will succeed in overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Carbo asserted that his PAC is different from other PACs that have been focusing on campaign finance reform. End Citizens United addresses the political side of the reform agenda by supporting the election of different Democratic candidates. Through such candidates, the entity is able to initiate reforms by changing the existing laws. It aims to pass the campaign finance reforms at both the local and state level. A section of campaign finance experts has criticized End Citizens United’s objectives. The main reason for this skepticism has been the requirements of passing a constitutional amendment. It requires approval from two-thirds of the House and Senate, and ratification from three-fourths of the states. A policy director at Sunlight Foundation, John Wonderlich, said that the threshold for a constitutional amendment was too high. The process of amending the constitution is also rigorous. This is because since 1922, the country has never passed one constitutional amendment. This information was originally reported on MSNBC.