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The Wessex Institute of Technology is a research and educational institute located in the South of England in New Forest National Park. The aim of Wessex is to develop knowledge transfer mechanisms to exchange information between academics and professionals in their respective fields. The institute accomplishes their goals through Research, Conferences and Publishing. Wessex was established in 1981.

The Wessex Institute of Technology collaborates with universities all over Europe to conduct their research. They organize about 25 conferences every year which gives scientists the opportunity to present papers on their research. The WIT has a publishing service at Ashurst Lodge in which they publish their conference proceedings. They also publish multiple journals every year and have a substantial elibrary.

Saving The World Through Technology With Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is not only an American entrepreneur, he is also an author and a philanthropist. He grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and began programming computers when he was only in the fourth grade. Once he made it to high school, he started his own database computer company. Pulier graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University where he majored in American literature and English. While Eric was at Harvard University, he also attended classes at MIT. See:

He founded the company People Doing Things after moving out to Los Angeles, California a few years after he graduated. The company tackled education issues and health care issues through technology. Eric Pullier also took charge in building the social network Starbright World, which was a private social network that allowed children who were chronically ill to be able to chat, post content, and make it easier for them to meet other people that have shared the same experiences that they have. amongst many of his accomplishments, which also included creating the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, he has also been the founder of a large number of other ventures and was a co-author for a book about service-oriented architecture.

Some of his philanthropic work (Click here for More Info) involved him creating a multi-media platform education platform in which to help educate people that have been affected by Multiple Sclerosis about their condition. Pulier is also on the board of directors for Xprize Foundation. The foundations holds competitions for people to come up with new and inventive ways to take on tackling a few of the most outstanding problems that humanity has. He is also a member of the board of directors for the charitable organization Painted Turtle, which has a yearly summer camp hosting children that have chronic or serious illnesses.