Eric Lefkofsky Build Tempus to Fight Cancer through Modern Data Collection


In the past, Eric was prominent for his investment in Groupon. The company that connects clients with sellers was estimated to be $2.2 billion in the e-commerce industry. This legacy changed when Eric delved into the battle against cancer, one of the leading medical problems in the health sector. Eric’s interest in investing in the fight against cancer rooted from his wife’s diagnosis. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. In a bid to contribute to the healing process for many victims,

Tempus is Born

Lefkofsky settled on establishing a facility called Tempus to serve a greater cause. Like any other affected family, Eric was broken by the wife’s diagnosis. He, however, chose to focus on the good which could develop from it. That is why he built Tempus. Since its establishment, the company has generated a software operating system for cancer treatment and therapies. It is a platform of technology capitalizing on connecting anatomic as well as molecular data with clinical resources from the health sector across the world. Lefkofsky the chief executive officer of Tempus, explained that Tempus collects all the cancer data related to give insight to physicians. The result then provides a more detailed, personalized treatment for patients.


A good example of the case study explained that a combination of chemotherapy and radiation could be adjusted for patients depending on the medical history. If the patients share a medical background and are within the same locality or across the state, their diagnosis would be based on one genetic makeup and the drugs they were put on. Lefkofsky, who is prominent for being a Forbes listed wealthy entrepreneur, had the choice of expanding his career in Groupon. He, however, chose to immerse his time and effort in finding treatment therapies for cancer and understanding the health sector. Read More Here .

About Lefkofsky 

Fondly known for his entrepreneurial expertise, Eric’s career in business began in a campus. He used to sell carpets to students when he was a freshman at the Michigan University. He graduated law school and joined Bradley Keywell, his friend from campus in starting the Brandon Apparel after borrowing money in 1994. Eric established an internet company called Starbelly for brand promotion around the same time. He traded it at $240 million. for more.