Avaaz: A Better World Is Just a Click Away

Billing itself as the world’s foremost online change agent, Avaaz.org has revolutionized activism since its inception in 2007. From human rights and climate change to corruption, poverty and ameliorating worldwide conflict, Avaaz has established itself as a clearinghouse of progressive reform over the past decade.

“The globe’s largest and most powerful activist network,” according to the UK’s Guardian, Avaaz (from the Persian word for “voice” or “song”) has inspired activists in at least 30 countries to unite for meaningful change. Causes Avaaz has championed include confronting Monsanto, pressuring governments worldwide on climate change, advocating on behalf of political refugees, and promoting peace in conflict zones. Avaaz supported Iran’s “Green Revolution,” by setting up proxy servers that allowed protestors to communicate and share video. The organization later supported a no-fly zone over Libya and aided the Syrian civil uprising, training activists and sending millions in aid for communications equipment and medical assistance.

Avaaz, with sites in 15 languages, was established to unite and empower idealists across the globe to make a collective difference in ways both large and small. From signing petitions and making small donations to citizen lobbying and public relations events intended to draw news coverage to important issues, Avaaz is intended to allow individuals to work together across borders and ideologies to make the world a better place. Using communication technology to draw together like-minded people, Avaaz aims to act as a megaphone, crowdsourcing advocacy for meaningful change on an international level.

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Mexican entrepreneur Omar Yunes wins Best Franchisee of the World

The best restaurants serve more than tasty food. They offer impeccable service by friendly, well-trained employees in an inviting atmosphere. When in Mexico, you have 13 options that guarantee these things and Omar Yunes owns them all.

Yunes won the Best Franchisee of the World award for his management and contributions to Sushi Itto. He owns 13 locations of the restaurant in Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz. His franchise locations comprise nearly 10 percent of the Sushi Itto family.

The Best in Mexico
He first competed nationally to earn the title of Best Franchisee in Mexico. The competition pits competitors across industries against one another based on business practices and innovations. His closest competition, Iván Tamer, owns franchises of Prendamex, a network of pawnshops. The national competition judges included representatives of Entrepreneur magazine, cross-sector entrepreneurs, the Mexican Association of Franchises, and Universidad Anáhuac representatives.

The Best in the World
At the international competition last December 5, in Florence, Italy, Yunes competed against the top franchisees from 34 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico and Portugal. Yunes purchased his first location of the Japanese food chain when he was 21. Since then, he built a chain of locations of the sushi shop and diversified his businesses to include Atma Real Estate, Board of Ideas and a Quizno’s franchise. Yunes earned a law degree from Autonomous Technical Institute of Mexico. He previously practiced law for Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).

The entrepreneur says the award actually represents the work of a team effort of he, his 400 employees, and the brand. Together, they positively impacted the brand’s network with knowledge, cost savings, employee motivation, earnings and improvements. The key improvements Yunes made to the Sushi Itto network were enhanced information management between franchise and franchisee, and creating control boards to track unit measurements, said Diego Elizarrarrás, BFW Mexico organizer.

Clearabee-Keeping it Neat

Clearabee has become known as the largest man and van style of rubbish clearance company in the UK. They are located in Birmingham just outside of London and they have never subcontracted any of their rubbish removal jobs. That means that you can rest assured that your rubbish will always end up at the proper waste disposal site.


Clearabee reached national coverage by the end of 2015 and they have been providing their rubbish removal services since 2013. Clearabee employs over 165 employees and has a fleet of 65 rubbish removal vehicles that serves London and all surrounding areas.


Clearabee came up with their beebag service which is a skip bag service in 2016. This service includes free next day delivery, same day collection and the option to put the skip bag in the most convenient pick up location to the customer.


Clearabee also has a Beeloyal program that they have established in 2017. The program offers a 10% account credit for all qualifying orders and the program makes rubbish removal service more convenient and affordable. The staff at Clearabee are all trained in rubbish clearance and extremely capable as well as friendly.


Clearabee offers online bookings anytime of the day or night and they are open 7 days a week. They will also provide rubbish removal services day or night as well as on the weekends. They keep it convenient and easy to use their service anytime that you may need it. Clearabee always offers 100% compliance and they will never subcontract.


Cassio Audi; A Leader in Brazilian

Brazilian investors often invest in assets like real estate and securities such as shares and bonds. Two classes of investors exist in the South American country, namely, private and institutional. Insurance companies, corporations, and pension funds are some of the investing institutions. Most of the investors hire professional investment managers for financial and investment advisory services. These investment managers manage also help their clients handle their assets and securities.

Brazil has a tremendous investment potential and is considered one of the world’s fastest growing economies with rich natural resources. Its annual export of commodities such as meat, coffee and raw sugar too has risen in the recent years. Consequently, the country has wooed many foreign and domestic investors recently. This increase of foreign business persons has provided greater opportunities for Brazilian investment managers. However, it also requires investment managers with financial leadership such as Cassio Audi to protect the interest of investors and help the economy.

Cassio Audi is a holder of MBA in finance and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is known worldwide for his leadership and guidance in financial matters. Having worked with huge multinational and national firms, Cassio Audi has an extensive experience in business and finance. He stands out as a prime economic leader in Brazil because of his skills in financial planning, project management, leadership and managing equities. He is currently helping Brazil achieve its investment goals by undertaking significant investment opportunities around the world.

Apart from a wealth of experience in investment, Cassio Audi has also had a hand in music. He played the drum for the VIPER in their first demo, “KIllera Sword” in 1985. VIPER is among the pioneer bands of heavy metal in Brazil. In 1987, he played the drums when they recorded their debut, “Soldiers Of Sunrise,” which is Brazil’s most celebrated heavy metal album.

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Cassio Audi: Brazil’s Financial Manager of Investments

Over the years, Brazil has been experiencing slow growth and a weak economy. New investors are being challenged in finding the best way to issue investments due to the economic status in Brazil. It is important that Brazilian financial officers seek advice from experienced business investors, in order to increase their profits. Financial officers are using their experienced tactics to help improve the economy, while promoting a more attractive venue for investors. The Brazilian Investment Management system has found a prime investor officer, who is working hard to improve the economy. Cassio Audi has over 23 years of experience in the financial areas of study, and his efforts are needed to improve the status of Brazil. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He has worked in many firms such as Brookfield Brasil Real Estate and Rossi Commercial Properties. Due to his highly qualified experience, Cassio Audi has been providing assistance, financial advice, and management systems for Brazil’s Investment Management services.

The Brazilian Investment Management is a specialized asset management system that is set up for securities. These securities may include bonds, shares, and real estate, to meet investment goals for the investors. Investors include insurance companies, education, and corporations. The Brazilian Investment Management services include elements of financial analysis to constantly protect and keep watch on the investments. The investment managers also have millions of staff to help with the investors in their day to day business strategies. Cassio Audi is among the staff to help manage the investments and also assist the clients. He is known to put the client first, and make sure that all needs are met. He holds dedication and love in his profession of investment manager, making him the main figure in helping the Brazilian Investment market.

Wengie Goes Casual Glam for School

Whether you are a girl on her way back to high school or college, it is a major hassle getting ready in the morning. Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to streamline your morning routine and look glamorous too? Well, Wengie is a genius at creating back to school routines or casual glam routines for back to school. This is a must see video for every girl who is makeup challenged or simply would like to learn more about creating a different look.

Wengie’s Glam Routine
Certainly, a lot of Wengie’s fans would love to know more about her makeup and skincare routine. She is looking fabulous in makeup and looks just as lovely without makeup. Wengie gets started in the video sharing the perfect way to create a base for all your makeup and get a flawless look. That’s right. It starts with applying a high quality primer to your skin. Wengie also clues her admirers in on the best way to create a perfect brow. She makes it look so easy. I definitely suggest watching the video all the way through.

About Wengie
Are you in the market for a beauty guru to give you the inside scoop on looking fabulous? Well, welcome to the Wonderful World of Wengie. She is the talent behind the top Asian beauty channel in Australia.