ClassDojo is the app that will transform education

For successful investments, different programs have been initiated to enlight people and equip them with education on how to use technology. However, this training faces a lot of challenges the main one being lack of enough capital. The Edtech investments, is one of the organizations which offer this education. The body is targeting to make $ 1.4 billion by the end of 2018. However, this amount of money is too high, and the organization may end up failing to meet this target.

The organization’s performance in 2017 has been excellent. Nearpod is also another organization whose performance was a success. The group is said to have raised $21 million in March. These funds enabled the body to prepare three hundred digital lessons. Investors have also shown an interest in joining successful platforms such as ClassCraft. Classcraft was announced to have made an early- stage amounting to $2.8 million to scale its tool.

The Edtech group makes education to its clients simpler. They also weigh their understanding by preparing a set of continuous test. Investors who are in need of market education, are urged to be close to the teachers to get enough knowledge. Teachers have used a lot of tactics such as making fun of subjects to make the studies simpler.

Sometimes the teachers face challenges in their work of educating the students. ClassDojo has therefore decided to listen to teacher’s problems as well as students. ClassDojo not only listens but also finds a solution to those issues.

A lot of plans has been adopted and implemented to enhance the education. Schools and classroom have been modernized. Nowadays, many schools are administering studies through online services.

Another company which made education to be more efficient is the Schoology. The company implemented the one-to-one iPad program. With this kind of program, teachers could easily give instructions to their students. This has made education more efficient and increased the understanding between the teachers and students.

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