Daniel Taub talks about peace in the Middle East

Daniel Taub, the former ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, believes that there cannot be peace in the Middle East region as long as the countries that are pushing for peace treaty realizes the right approach to peace in the region cannot be through force. Daniel Taub was the ambassador between 2011 and 2015. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

In his four years of work in London, he witnessed the things that Britain was trying to implement as a way of showing the Middle East country that it should promote peace. According to Daniel Taub, the use of pressure which Britain was trying to use would never work.

Daniel Taub witnessed various organization and groups in Britain tried to push the country through bans and boycotts on its goods and services. What they did not realize is that instead of making a step forward they were just strengthening the resolve of the Jewish community to reject the pressure that was applied.

When the MP for Bradford declared that the region would not accept anything that was related to Israeli, he received a lot of condemnation from the Jewish community especially those in Israel. The condemnation was so huge that Daniel Taub decided to travel into the area in a show of solidarity with the Jewish community.

Daniel Taub says that Israel has never opposed peace agreements. In fact, it has a peace agreement with Egypt. The United States facilitated the peace agreement. The United States did not apply pressure in trying to solve the conflicts. It looked at the interest of Israel and facilitated them achieve what they wanted without the involvement of conflicts.

The United States promised to supply Israel with oil as well as assist it in security matters. In another, case the UN was forced to deploy peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon to prevent terrorists from accessing Israel before Israel agreed to leave the region.

In the Gaza case, it took the assurance from the United Nations that the Hamas group would not be given the opportunity to buy arms via the Sanai for them to agree to withdraw from the area.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub served Israel for a four-year term as the ambassador to the UK. His main achievement was to facilitate trade between the two countries. More Jewish goods were selling in the European market than ever before.

Daniel Taub helped Israel establish a strong and unique relationship with the UK.

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