Dentist By Day, A Wine And Fashion Guru By Night – Dr. Akhil Reddy

A wine connoisseur
Outside of his day-job, a successful dentist Akhil Reddy has an uncommon interest in wines. His passion has enabled him to possess some of the world’s highest-quality wine bottles. Besides the more expensive options, Dr. Reddy acknowledges that this is a high commodity not available to everyone’s financial situation. Therefore, he shares a list of five-star French wines under $30.
Ch√Ęteau Haut Bernasse Le Clos Monbazillac
This bottle will cost $15. Dr. Reddy classifies it as a high-quality wine that could go for two times the price if it was based solely on taste. It originates from the southwest France and packs “sprightly acidity as well as the marmalade and honey flavors”
Asda Beaujolais
This deal takes it to the next level with a cost of $5! The dentist recommends this cranberry-like flavor to accompany a steak dinner.
La Parde de Haut-Bailly
Ranking higher than the previous two wines with a price of $25, this bottle is one that has seen the most improvements. Dr. Reddy compliments the taste of this wine that is one of the smoothest experiences in food and dining.

A Fashion Guru
One might assume that dentistry and wine expertise might take all of one’s time, but this doctor disagrees. When he is not helping his patients or buying affordable, high-quality wines, Dr. Reddy is coming up with ways to look fashionable under a lab coat. As his profession mandates that he always has a bland, white coat, he had to come up with ways to mix things up.
Business Casual
This look will enable one to enjoy the comfort of not having a tie. By taking advantage of stylish sweaters, sports jackets, and regular t-shirts, one can achieve a relaxed appearance while staying professional.
Turtleneck with Khakis
Moving on to less traditional looks, Dr. Reddy shares a way to showcase more than the lab coat will allow. This can be done with a classy turtleneck that accompanies one’s khakis in a smooth overall appearance. Making sure to obey the dress code at all times does not mean one will always wear the same clothes!
A Dress Shirt
According to Dr. Reddy, this look will give away an “effortless vibe”. Meaning, one will appear very casual even though they are staying professional. Ultimately, people can choose combinations that work for them as long as they are comfortable.

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