Dr. Jorge Moll on Medical Advancements and Business

Brazilian neuroscientist Jorge Noll has been in the field for about ten years. He had his higher education at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, achieving his MD in Neuroscience and then completed a residency at that establishment as well. Jorge Moll also obtained a Ph.D. from the Sao Paulo University in Experimental Pathophysiology.

Jorge Moll has been serving at the D’ Or Institute of Research and education are known as IDOR. Jorge Moll is the President of IDOR a well as a Member of the Board of Directors. Jorge Moll is also working as the Director of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the Neuroinformatics Workgroup. The latter is one of the highest ranked imaging and diagnostics labs in Brazil (Agenciaoglobo).

The direction of his career brought Dr. Jorge Moll to establishing the D’Or Research and Education Institute which is now one of the most popular ones in Brazil. Jorge Moll has a passion for helping people with cognitive and neurological problems and wishes to help alleviate them through his work.

Also, Dr. Jorge Moll is also working in education and research. He teaches students and takes part if studies in neuroscience. One of the latest studies that Jorge Moll was a part of was on the topic of altruism and what parts of the brain react to being generous and giving. The research created a lot of discussion among philosophers as the results showed that altruism is one of the most basic needs for a human and it comes from the same part of the brain as feeling hungry or thirsty, seeking comfort or pleasure, and the likes.

There are many other topics that interest Dr. Jorge Moll. Some of those are artificial intelligence and how it can play a significant role in medicine. Another subject of fascination are cognitive systems and how a brain, and a machine can work together to achieve something that is impossible otherwise. Dr. Jorge Moll also follows the developments in several medical fields such as gene therapy and regenerative medicine and is excited to see how what they achieve in the future.



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