Fashion with a difference, how Techstyle managed to merge technology and style successfully

Techstyle Fashion Group was established by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The company, as well as its affiliated organizations, deal with beauty, fashion accessories, and clothing. It is ironic that the forefathers of the company had very little knowledge about fashion. The success of the company so far has been based on their ambition to succeed in their ambitions and meet their customer’s desires. Both Adam and Don entered the business world at a young age. They met while they were both working for Intermix Media. Their friendship grew and in 2006, both Adam and Don started Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce organization that dealt with online shopping. The duo brainstormed on various new ways of having trendy and comfortable clothing advertised online. They managed to do this as they grew other successful brands. Since they were aware of what the current generation wanted regarding clothing, Adam and Don devised simpler ways of finding personalized clothing items for their customers.

JustFab was the first company that came about from Techstyle. JustFab allowed its members to receive monthly personalized athletic clothes and accessories. JustFab operates only on membership registrations. The company assists its members in mixing and matching various fashion pieces to ease the process of finding personalized style preferences.

To run such a business enterprise, funding is very important. JustFab sourced funding from Matrix Partners, a venture capitalist. Matrix Partners was also responsible for funding Intelligent Beauty. JustFab later came to rebrand in 2016, they changed their name to Techstyle. The name came from the tactics used by Adam and Don’s companies to mix fashion with technology. Given that Adam and Don also have a background in digital commerce, a tech-friendly name for the company was inevitable.

Techstyle has its headquarters in El Segundo, California. Their offices resemble colorful pieces of modern workspaces with a focus on fashion. By providing comfortable clothing to women who exercise by either running, working out at the gym or dancing, they are more confident to continue with their activities to keep fit. Confident and healthy people are the backbone to positive contributions to the society.

Techstyle stands out in their operations thanks to the company’s founders, Adam and Don, commitment to corporate social responsibility deeds. They insist that their focus is not only to make money but also to improve the lives of the community around it. They believe that all companies ought to embrace this idea. Techstyle takes part in community garden projects, to and donating to charity.

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