Highland Capital Management: The Most In-Demand Company Specializing In Financial Solutions in the U.S.

Highland Capital Management is widely considered to be one of the leading financial solutions providers in the U.S. Since its formation in 1990, the company’s founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada, have strived to provide high-quality services to its diverse range of clients both locally and internationally. With other two decades’ worth of experience, the enterprise prides itself in going above and above to provide an array of essential services such as long and short equity, real estate, health care, high yield credit and much more.

Initially, Highland Capital Management specialized in managing secured bank loans and fixed income markets to meet the current needs of its customers. As the enterprise progressively grew, it only deemed necessary to venture into additional services emerging in the current market.

Leadership Structure

Highland Capital Management to operate under the insightful leadership of its two founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada. With over three decades’ worth of experience, Mr. Dondero has proven to be an integral asset in the company courtesy of his extensive expertise in high yield investing and equity markets. Since the company’s formation in 1990, Dondero is credited with overseeing the development of award winning products such as REITS, hedge funds, private equity funds, CLOs and much more. Aside from playing an active role in such duties, Dondero is also credited with coordinating the development of the Protective Life to over $2 billion in market valuation.

On the other hand, Mark Okada currently serves as the company’s co-founder and Chief Investment Officer. The Dallas-based investor brings on board invaluable ideas and a crafty skillset necessary in effectively operating Highland Capital Management. With over $18 billion in assets under his keen management, Okada possesses crucial credentials necessary in providing diverse investment solutions to customers.

Services Offered

• High Yield Credit: Highland’s position as a prominent institution gives it a unique edge in providing credit-based products and solutions that complement the high-yield credit market. As a testament to their proficiency, the company is undeniably one of the largest custodians of bank loans with over $13 billion in bank loan assets.

• Long and short equity: Highland is adept at offering alternative equity strategies aimed at minimizing volatility, while also offering consistent performance on smart investment strategies.

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