Jason Hope Wants to Make Life Easier for Everyone

Usually, when someone says they want to do something nice for the world, there’s a catch to their offer. It’s like when pharmaceutical companies say they’ve discovered a new strain of medicine, but it has over a dozen side effects. People these days are too wary about beneficial offers.

Most of the companies making promises of better life are trying to heal people of some disease or condition. Those companies are focused on fighting the effects of the disease but aren’t addressing the root of the problem. In most people’s opinion, the root of nearly every health problem is aging.

As the human body ages, it begins to break down and opens that patient up to a number of unhealthy conditions. For the most part, if science could figure out how to stop aging, that would solve a lot of humanity’s healthcare problems.

As luck would have it, there are plenty of organizations out there trying to combat the effects of aging. Most of them are doing it from a place of vanity and arrogance, but there are a few who genuinely want to help improve the quality of life for everyone the planet.

It should go without saying, the applications for anyone medicine that effectively combats the effects of aging are limitless. Such a discovery would change the fabric of modern society and healthcare. People wouldn’t have to worry getting old or getting sick. There’s one organization out there, in particular, who’s getting close to breaking the code.

SENS Foundation was co-founded by Aubrey de Grey about eight years ago. He’s put in about $10 million of his own money, and Jason Hope, futurist and philanthropist, put in $500,000 of his money in 2010. Jason Hope got turned onto SENS after he began looking into the horrible effects of getting older.

Everyone dreams of staying young forever, but there’s a real health concern behind people’s vanity. SENS is not trying to make people look young forever so they can be supermodels all their lives. For SENS, it’s strictly about health and ending suffering.

Since becoming part of the organization, Jason Hope has talked about SENS on several occasions. It’s currently one of his greatest ventures. Jason Hope has always been excited by technology and the future.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

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