Jed McCaleb Architect of the Stellar Trajectory Of BlockChain

The ultimate pie in the sky! A universal pay system that accomplishes a few things that are seemingly contradictory to a “centralized” pay system. If you’ve been paying attention to the news you may have been inundated with the “bitcoin craze”. Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Stellar, predicts blockchain technology will result in a “universal payment network”.

Jed McCaleb is a long time bitcoin pioneer and programmer. Part of his success, is his identification of a problem and found an innovative and viable plan to manifest it fruition. One has to ask how? Well that’s where the magic begins. Jed McCaleb has Stellar on a trajectory that could solve one of the biggest challenges of the modern world!

As a programmer, Jed McCaleb programmed and designed the highly addictive strategy game, The Far Wilds. Though he no longer has time to run the game play, there is a team in place to carry of the legacy of the game and its dedicated following. He also made eDonkey200, a peer-to-peer network for file sharing. It in itself was a first of its kind to utilize multi-sourced downloads by introducing hashed P2P file sharing. It also was the first to implement large scale DHT. He also created the first Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox. Jed McCaleb uses his love for open systems and passion for building to truly help solve a real problem that affects all of us in some form.

Clearly Jed has a grasp of the inter-workings needed to make such a huge undertaking an attainable and sustainable goal. He truly believes the gaps and outdated infrastructure in the financial institutions is a major hindrance to the true potential of human output. He hopes this will enable all humans to participate fully economically. Jed steadfast belief is that we should consciously leverage technology to improve the overall human condition. The mechanism used is technology and digital financial literacy. Need more information? Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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